302 units

302-Inktober Day 29 - United

They were in the medical station when they talked about it. Ganondorf was having the burns on his arm treated by a medic when Zelda popped the question.

At first, Ganondorf could not believe what he heard. ‘You… want to marry me?’ he questioned.

Zelda looked off to the side, gazing out at their people as they scrambled frantically to rotate each other in and out of the battlefield. ‘It would,’ she mumbled at first, ‘It would help boost the morale of our people to see that this alliance might actually be a long term thing,’ she reasoned.

Ganondorf raised an eyebrow. She sounded uncertain, but he played along. ‘I suppose you’re right. I’m sure everyone in Hyrule - no - on all of Ordos would be relieved to be dealing with something other than a civil war every other generation. Besides…’ Ganondorf’s eyes raised up to the skylight as a barrage of felfire meteors flew across the sky, ‘we have to all work together if we want to beat the Legion back,’ he added. Ganondorf looked back down at Zelda. ‘But I have to know… is this… am I who you truly want?’ he asked.

Zelda hesitated for a moment. ‘I want… I want the people of Ordos to live in peace…’ she trailed off.

Ganondorf felt a pit in his stomach. ‘Oh, I see…’ he sighed, ‘I understand, you will do what-’ He stopped when Zelda turned her eyes to him.

The princess walked over to him. ‘You misunderstand me. I do want you. I want you because for the first time - from what I can remember from all my past lives - I see something truly wonderful in you,’ Zelda exclaimed, staring intently into his eyes. ‘The words you spoke so passionately to me? As we waited all night in that desert for backup? You told me that you would give your life for your people! That all you wanted was for your people to no longer live in squalor and desperation!’ she cried out.

Zelda reached for his hands. ‘At first I did not believe you, but those words lingered with me since then,’ she murmured, ‘and every day since the both the Legion and the Void have fallen upon our home, I see the truth in your words through your actions, I mean…’ Ganondorf could see her eyes becoming watery, and Zelda looked to the side to wipe some away.  ‘You could’ve gotten yourself killed today, because of me…’ Zelda stopped when he squeezed her hand.

Ganondorf with a smile. ‘It’s alright. I get it,’ he sighed, ‘You don’t have to get into the waterworks. I know it’s not your thing,’ he added with a laugh.

The princess sniffed, cracking a smile herself. ‘Thank you, for sparing me of that,’ she laughed back.