301: enemies of rome

Thoughts on Spartacus in "Enemies of Rome"

I’m glad the dude with the dead horse brought up that whole “We need food and clothes” stuff again. Because it touches something that always bothers me about Spartacus. How much really is the rebellion about Spartacus personal Vendetta? Does he get that he has to take responsibility (up to a certain point) for the rebels that join him in the cause? And that “the cause” at some point becomes something way bigger than just slashing up throats everywhere? 

This scene was excellently paralleling what had been happening in the beginning of Vengeance, even down to the point that Spartacus values equipment for battles (be it weapons or horses in this case) over food, shelter and other necessary things. This is exactly the conversation that has happened before, yet Spartacus gives the same ol’ speech as ever. A malnourished warrior will not stand on a battlefield, though. Spartacus seems to be fed by the feelings of vengeance alone, and arguments that “freedom has its price”. But the price people are paying is vastly different for each person.

I’m curious if WotD will give us further insight on this, and I wonder if Spartacus and his morality will be questioned. Which is exactly where I see great potential for a possible split up of “The Generals”.