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  • the raven cycle as a netflix series

Sea worshiping God by kenkenta314 “Sea torii” of Torii big fish shrine of legend
About 300 years ago (1693 BC) evil magistrate burned the hand to the district people was an invitation to revel okinoshima in collusion.
It was left behind a drunken magistrate on the island. Filled come the sinking island in the tide, surprised magistrate asked for help to the dragon-like.
Then, the magistrate had survived riding on the back of the fish coming out big fish (Naminouo) is. Inspiring the magistrate took the name of the fish
Built a “big fish shrine”, it was built also Torii in the sea of about 2-chome from the shore (about 200m). Thereafter, it is carried out safety and good catch prayer of the sea,
Life of district residents also became rich. The torii is a torii between the Metropolitan okinoshima, even now is practice to erected in every ‘30
It has been reported.

A mobile siege tortoise, used by Alexander as he besieged Halicarnassus in 334 BCE. The machines allowed about a dozen workers each to be protected as they filled in the protective ditch that ringed the city, and to thus allow offensive siege engines to approach up to the walls.

(Brian Delf)

Terracotta theatrical mask, female character, centrally parted hair drawn back over ear and fans out in luxurious ringlets over her shoulder, eye and nose carefully and regularly shaped, possibly representing a courtesan of New Comedy; little more than the left side of the face preserved. .Hellenistic.300 BC-50 BC Made in: Cyprus

The British Museum

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An 18th century drawing, by the Chevalier de Folard, of the helepolis designed by Epimachus for the siege of Rhodes in 305 BCE. Note the pulley system used to move it forward.

When the siege failed, the helepolis was abandoned, and the metal plating used by the people of Rhodes to construct the Colossus.

It’s National Cherry Month so why not discover four surprising facts about this sweet and sour fruit? All facts below are taken from the article in The Oxford Companion to Food:

  1. The sweet cherry was described in about 300 BC by the Greek writer Theophrastus.
  2. In medieval art, cherries represented a sweet, pleasing character, and the delights of the blessed.
  3. The number of cultivated cherry varieties, worldwide, is now estimated to be about 900 sweet and 300 sour.
  4. The Montmorency cherry originated in the valley of that name in the Île-de-France, where a Fête de la Cerise (or Cherry Festival) is still held annually.

Image: Cherries in love, by tOrange.biz. CC-BY-2.0 via Flickr.

If you’d asked me in 2015 what the next big thing to return in 2016 would be, “conspiracy theories that were disproven around 300 BC” would be near the end of the list, right above the use of codpieces as status symbols and right below ROM Spaceknight

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