Book of the Atlantic
  • Fade in: Undertaker stabs Sebastian in mid-air. Record scratch. Freeze frame.
  • Sebastian (voiceover): Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation, stuck on the Atlantic, mobbed by zombies, trying to catch some kid while a grim reaper stabs me.
  • Movie: Rewinds. Angels give Sebastian a wedgie in 300 BC.
  • Sebastian: Not that far back.
  • Movie: Forwards. Ciel calling for help inside a cage. He's answered by a demon in hooker boots.
  • Sebastian: There we go!
Day6 at parties


•  despite what you think, he won’t be that geek with a book in his hand at the back of the room
•  cannot and will not go to a party by himself “come on Brian we’re gonna turn up”
•  he wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything that’s “in” so you’ll see lots of baggy sweaters and ripped jeans (jae it’s 90° wyd)
•  pretends like he’s not having the best time of his life while watching Wonpil crank it on the dancefloor
•  gets hit on by like 8 different people, but refuses to dance with anyone of them unless they brought him a slice of pizza


•  you’ll see him pulling up with the crew in his mom’s car *vintage* with sunglasses and all
•  loses the other guys like halfway through a dance battle and ends up winning $300 bc everyone bet against him
•  challenges Wonpil to a dance battle and you swore you’ve never been to a more lit party…*somewhere in the JYP building* “mark something is wrong”
•  goes hella hard whenever Nicki Minaj is playing and almost loses a rib, don’t ask
•  you’d think he’s drunk like a couple hours in, but he’s babysitting a beer bottle bc he’s gotta drive everyone home :)


•  listen he’s too stressed out from studying and writing new songs, Jae would have to drag him out to have a fun time
•  wants to stay by everyone’s side the whole time but decides to go and chat up that one cutie who’s been eyeing him
•  turns out they just wanted Dowoon’s number…….sigh *cue emo Brian reciting Drake’s lyrics*
•  goes to the bathroom like 10 times to check his hair but regrets it “ok I’m gonna pretend like I didn’t just see 7 pairs of shoes in that stall”
•  ends up watching cat videos with the party host bc yolo


•  there are approximately 9.7 people who are in love with him ever since stepping inside
•  everyone is blinded by his smile but they don’t know what he’s smiling for and tbh…I don’t think he’s closed his mouth in the past 20 min
•  ends up killing it on the dancefloor, but is beaten by the undefeated champion, Sungjin
•  can’t catch a break bc everyone’s trying to chat him up and use sexual pick up lines, poor boy is scarred “Well what else am I supposed to do with groceries, throw them away??? Ofc I’m gonna eat them :(”
•  he’s about to leave but gets lit af when “hero” comes on and the sprinkler is his go-to move


•  he barely has any party vibes before someone goes and asks for his number
•  tries to remain polite but tbh, something must’ve been put in his drink bc he’s feeling extra sassy and he’s having none of your bs
•  “for the last time, I just wanna dance and no, I don’t want your number. Frankly, those shoes are last season so don’t offend me”
•  for some reason is doing jello shots with a 40 year old by the pool and is having the best time
•  *accidentally* trips Sungjin into the water bc he almost spilled his drink on him while Nicki Minaj was playing, RIP 

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iamnotoneofthem  asked:

My world is set in what would be BC in our world - around 300 BC, give or take. But how do I make that clear without having real life cultures that existed at that time? I want the readers to know we're not in your typical middle ages setting, but even further back in time, but can only come up with no technology/inventions that were made later.

There is quite a difference between the tech of, say, Ancient Greece or China and the Middle Ages (5th-15th century AD). What you’re going to want to do is pick out a few elements of the Middle Ages that people heavily associate with that time and leave it out, even if it would technically fit. In the same way, focus on elements of ancient times, the Iron Age, that people really associate with that time period and play those up, while also implementing your own things.

One of the largest macro differences would be that during ancient times, in many ways the world was more connected. Before the Dark Ages and The Crusades, there was international economic trade in a way that there wasn’t again for many centuries…and that there certainly isn’t in our fictional portrayals of the medieval world. 

Here are a few examples of things that you could use to set your ancient civilizations apart from standard medieval settings:

  • Dictatorship and democracy rather than monarchy and, especially, feudalism.
  • Leather or iron-banded armor instead of scaled or steel-plated armor (almost complete lack of alloys)
  • There were two types of irons: meteoric iron and terrestrial iron. Meteoric iron can be shaped without smelting and was used for hundreds of years before the Iron Age, so it would be common. Terrestrial iron wasn’t popular until they figured out an easy way to make furnaces hot enough to melt it. 
  • Steel swords and armor did exist, but it was far more expensive and not common. Most weapons would have used wrought iron. 
  • No gunpowder, so no cannons or the like.
  • Writing on vellum, tablets, and papyrus rather than parchment or paper
  • Limited in food options, as crossbreeding plants had not yet taken shape
  • Overwhelming polytheistic governments as opposed to monotheism. Christianity (and all its European governmental forms) wasn’t a thing yet.
  • Architectural trends (Think Pantheon not cathedrals; no arches or buttresses).
  • Art was not the same. (Sculpting, weaving, and other hardform art was more common); Far fewer leisure societies
  • International roads were just becoming a thing (thanks to Rome), but the infrastructure for moving large groups of people wasn’t unheard of. 
  • When you’re talking about sizes of population (and armies), you can talk in millions and hundreds of thousands in a way that wasn’t true of the Middle Ages. When you’re looking at the Persian army, two million + isn’t incorrect. Whereas, many medieval armies couldn’t boast more than 50,000.
  • Geometry was invented during that time.
  • Cartography, on a large scale, was just becoming popular.
  • You can also look over a list of Ancient Greek Technology or Ancient China Technology and compare it to Medieval Technology

Hope that’s helpful for you. Happy building!


I guess I have a thing for transmission troubles and hot springs? 🛠🤒Or just blending the gritty with the charming? 🤷🏼‍♀️
Back in September we were driving down the Alaska Highway when we had to slow down for a herd of Bison. So cool. Then our transmission froze up and died right there. Serendipitously we were just down the road from Liard hot springs, located in a lush boreal forest with black bears scampering about. We soaked for several days before getting towed to the closest town, Fort Nelson, BC, 300 km away. Ouch.
Today as we left Spencer’s hot springs in Nevada, pulling onto the Loneliest Road in America we had an indicator light come on and when we hopped out we immediately smelled the leaking tranny fluid. It’s overheating and boiling out we assume.
Ugh. Geez, Nevada, I was so excited to put my new state sticker on our map. I’m a little conflicted about that celebration now.
But, all I can do is roll with it. Tranny should be under warranty, my brother lives close and I’m looking forward to seeing him and ….. it always works out. We just gotta keep on truckin. 🙏🚛🔮#life

Anubis was the guardian of all kinds of magical secrets. In the Papyrus Jumilhac, he appears as the leader of the armed followers of Horus. His ferocity is a match for the violence of Seth. In magical texts of a similar date, Anubis is named as ‘Lord of the Bau’. Whole battalions of messenger demons are under his command. In the magical papyri dating to Roman times, Anubis acts as the main enforcer of curses. The gracious deities of the cult temples are scarcely recognizable in the pitiless gods and goddesses encountered in everyday magic. (…) A story in Papyrus Jumilhac (c. 300 BC) explains the custom by relating how Seth once turned himself into a panther after attacking the body of Osiris. Anubis captured and branded the panther, creating the leopard’s spots. The jackal god decreed that leopard skins should be worn by priests in memory of his victory over Seth.
—  Geraldine Pinch