Book of the Atlantic
  • Fade in: Undertaker stabs Sebastian in mid-air. Record scratch. Freeze frame.
  • Sebastian (voiceover): Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation, stuck on the Atlantic, mobbed by zombies, trying to catch some kid while a grim reaper stabs me.
  • Movie: Rewinds. Angels give Sebastian a wedgie in 300 BC.
  • Sebastian: Not that far back.
  • Movie: Forwards. Ciel calling for help inside a cage. He's answered by a demon in hooker boots.
  • Sebastian: There we go!

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kwamimusings  asked:

For the palette challenge, I would love to see Chat with 200 and/or Ladybug with 202, if you don't mind.

These were really interesting and fun to do; thank you for the challenging request!!

Artwork ©: alazic02

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Blue Lily, Lily Blue // Cover Redesign

“Mornings at 300 Fox Way were fearful, jumbled things. Elbows in sides and lines for the bathroom and people snapping over tea bags placed into cups that already had tea bags in them. There was school for Blue and work for some of the more productive (or less intuitive) aunts. Toast got burned, cereal went soggy, the refrigerator door hung open and expectant for minutes at a time. Keys jingled as car pools were hastily decided.”

An Unpublished and Possibly Unique Macedonian Coin

This silver tetradrachm was struck in Salamis circa 300-295 BC during the reign of Demetrios I Poliorketes of Macedon. The obverse shows Nike blowing a trumpet and holding a stylis, alighting to left on a left-facing galley prow. The reverse shows the inscription ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΥ and Poseidon, nude except for a wreath of reeds and a chlamys wrapped around his left arm. He is striding left while hurling a trident from his upraised right hand; monogram of AYN to left, Σ to right. Unpublished in the Standard References, including Newell, possibly unique. This coin is extremely fine, well struck and centered; engraved in very fine style and very well preserved for the type.


Very Rare Ancient Greek Countermarked Coin

This tetradrachm is from the ancient city of Sinope, Paphlagonia and was struck circa 330-300 BC. The obverse shows the head of the city-goddess Sinope facing right, wearing a turreted crown, at the back of her head is a countermark of a helmeted head of Athena facing right. The reverse has the inscription ΣINΩΠEΩN – A/M/H with Apollo seated on an omphalos, holding his lyre with his left hand and a plektron with his right; on the omphalos is the reverse of the countermark showing a head of the young Herakles facing  right, wearing a lion’s skin headdress.  The tetradrachms of Sinope were not issued in great numbers and are very rare indeed.

A coin that has been stamped or marked with a design after it was originally struck is termed ‘countermarked’. Countermarks were sometimes applied to certify a coinage for circulation in an area, to revalue an issue or to guarantee that the coin had been tested for proper silver content. The mark could also have been applied to show the coin had been accepted as a gift to the god.


The consumption of psychoactive substances played a decisive part in the cultural history of Meso and South America. This so-called mushroom stone from the late pre-classical period is an impressive example of how select members of society gained access to the world of the gods by means of psychoactive substances.

The figure probably illustrates the formal fusion of the divine mushroom and the chosen person. It was made using the pecking technique, whereby a chisel made of harder stone was placed against the stone and driven by a hammering apparatus.

The figure was certainly at the centre of cult activities during which mushrooms were eaten in order to come into contact with the world of the gods.

Meso-America (El Salvador), 300 BC-250 AD

museum rietberg


Hi everyone~~ I don’t really see anyone posting so I guess I’ll start!

 I’m emily, and im really Not Cool tm. i’m currently a high school senior, and am relatively new to the kpop genre (i really only started last april). 

Topp Dogg was the first group i got into, so i’m really grateful for starting off with a good group. I post about the smaller groups on this tumblr.

please don’t be afraid to talk to me! i’d really like to make some new Topp Klass friends!~

I follow from meowzaa and have a bts side @beautifulnamjoon.

things i would sell my soul for
  • the raven cycle as a netflix series