Day # 245. I was foolin’ around with wax crayons at work when I realised that if, on one side of the paper, you colour with the crayon, & on the other side you draw or etch something, the wax will transfer to the page facing the waxed page.

So, I drew Jack White on page A, on the opposite page, B, I drew stripes, flipped the page over & I covered the entire back of page B with cross hatching. The wax transfered all over Jacky in a very cool replication of the hatching.


Day #223, Will There Be Enough Water - The Dead Weather cover.

All guitar & vocal tracks were performed by me; I sampled the drum track from the original song. Speakers or headphones will help while listening to this what with the my taking advantage of the channels.

This has been the most work I’ve put into a video: what with the editing, syncing the video & the audio together, placing the clip of first solo & re-syncing it with the audio; then after finishing & uploading I went back & put a new version with a louder lead track. The music was super easy: I looped the original drum track, the rhythm guitar has three chords played in the same order & I just played around with the G pentatonic & improvised a solo the whole way through. The backlighting in the bath-room was an un-expected bonus (which I think made the video so much more cool!)

I hope all of you like it!