Grimentz Old Town - Valais, Switzerland

The Village of Grimentz is in the Southern Part of Switzerland. The town has an altitude of 1564m. Its streets are lined with wooden houses, and red geraniums. The region has 30 different types of Geranium growing here. Nearby, there are over 100km of hiking and cycling trails, catering to all abilities. In winter, the ski slopes range up to an altitude of 3000m. Tobogganing is also a popular activity, and some hiking trails also remain open in winter. 

hi guys i am doing an important thing

so some of you may have noticed (or maybe not bc tbh i have no clue if anyone ever reads anything i write anymore lol) that i haven’t been around as much recently.  that is mostly due to me running out of storage on my phone and having to delete the tumblr app…..but i am trying to still be somewhat present!! just not as convenient to post pictures…maybe i’ll redownload soon.  anyways, that isn’t the point of this post.

over the last few years, i have seriously struggled with running and natural life progression.  my body has transformed into a woman’s body, and my running has suffered accordingly, though i’m not sure why.  i couldn’t really understand what was happening – my diet was “healthy-ish,” i looked fine, but the fire in me was out.  i wasn’t running fast, i didn’t do everything with intention the way i used to.  i wasn’t ALL-IN on running or health or anything at all.  and i don’t think i can ever really be all-in the way i once was ever again; i have friendships to maintain, a job to work at, people to love, life to live.  but, i can certainly be more in than i have been. 

i took a good look at myself this summer. why was i running if i wasn’t good anymore?  why was i unhappy with my body if i looked good by societal standards?  why was i down on myself and lacking confidence if i have a great support system and excel at things i set my mind to?  let’s take these one by one.

running has been meh.  i graduated and am retired from the NCAA.  i never have to worry about where i stand on the varsity cross country team, whether i’ll set a personal best in the 3000m steeplechase, or the 6k, or the 1500m.  but running makes me feel more human than i feel without it, all vulnerable and weak and strong and terrible and euphoric all at the same time.  so i still go out and run, whether its seven miles at a good clip or thirty slow minutes just to feel the feelings.  i ran a 10miler this past weekend – it was hot, i hardly ran 30mpw in preparation for it, did not do a SINGLE workout, went out in 33 minutes through the 5mile, and promptly died for the second half. walked through a couple water stations, struggling to stay sub7 for the remainder of the race.  at mile 7, i distinctly remember thinking “damn, so this is what happens when you run a race you haven’t trained for.”  but i finished, in 70 minutes, and immediately was thinking about what i want to run next.

eating has been HORRIFIC.  manhattan is the world of takeout, the world of eat-what-you-can-when-you-can.  i don’t prepare a solid half of my own meals, which is horrifying. i was eating real food for the first half of the day, but then approximately half of my calories were coming from things that weren’t really “food” at all – multiple bowls of oatmeal/cereal, bread with peanut butter or jam, clif bars, nature valley bars, lenny and larry’s cookies, actual cookies, SO MUCH FOOD PRODUCT and hardly any food.  i am visibly softer than i was even a couple years ago, let alone three years ago when i was truly in the shape of my life.  my protein bar habits were formed when i had an eating disorder and wanted to enjoy the feeling of eating chocolate while also eating a “meal” and therefore not having to do both…but that led to me recovering from the eating disorder and still eating multiple protein bars before bed.  i’ve been feeling out of control.  as someone who developed anxiety, depression, and disordered eating DUE TO a lack of control, this is very scary to me.  

so, i’m going back to basics.  i am embarking upon an endurance-athlete-version of whole30.  it’s appealing to me because it’s completely unlimited in quantity – i can ALWAYS eat to my satisfaction. but now, i am eating real foods and finally cutting these habits out of my life that i have been TERRIFIED to cut out.  i can pretty confidently say that eating a chocolate chip clif bar every single night before bed for the last four and a half years qualifies as obsessive-compulsive habit.  tonight will be my first night not eating that clif bar.  this morning was my first morning in over five years in which i didn’t eat my oatmeal with peanut butter and cinnamon.  this is about my health, sure, but it is about so much more than that.  this is a healthy, good thing that also happens to force me to break habits not because they’re bad habits, but because i need to know that i have the power to break them.  

whole30 is not easy – it’s really really hard and i already know i’ll break it in at least one way, because i am young and human.  i won’t sacrifice an occasional night out with a moderate amount of wine or my trusty vodka soda.  but that’s really the only thing i’m planning on being lax on.  i’ll make modifications as i need to for my running, but as of right now i want to see if i can survive without grains aka OATMEAL (gasp!) and peanut butter (GASP!!!) and added sugar (GASP!!!!!!).  oh yeah, and also running – i’m going to train.  it’s happening.  i want to let this do its thing, and then i’m going to get my shit together.  this lack of confidence and general depression i have been feeling is not “because of running” or “because of food,” it is because i want things and have somehow allowed myself to believe that i do not have the power to have them.  well, that’s bullshit.  i am still convinced i haven’t seen my fastest days, my healthiest days, my happiest days.


Crystal clear night sky above Mauna kea Observatory, on the Big Island of Hawaii. One of the world’s best spots for astronomical observations, it is also the most sacred land for the native nation. At 4205m (13800ft) it is the highest point on the entire Pacific Ocean. In fact the dormant volcano is 10,200 meters tall when measured from base (in the ocean) to peak! While the peak is a popular destination for tourists sunrise to sunset, it is closed to visitors at night due to safety (high altitude hazards) and the disturbance of car lights on the telescopes. The stargazing fans and astro-tourists enjoy the night from the more temperate altitude of the visitor center at 3000m (9000ft). In fact we see more stars from this level compared to the peak due to increased oxygen level! In this #timelapse the Milky Way’s galactic core in Sagittarius sets above one of the twin Keck telescopes (each with a 10m mirror), operating a strong yellow laser for its adaptive optics system which removes the atmospheric turbulence from the image. On the right is the 8-meter Japanese Subaru telescope. In the second half of the video the moon rises in the sky. Follow me @babaktafreshi for more of the world’s starry nights. 

My friend and I played a premade botlane. The enemy team had an ADC, that struggled to get a good connection during the game, which I’m very familiar with–my Wi-Fi can go from 30ms to 3000ms in seconds. The support on the enemy team, a Janna, said out of nowhere to “Report Lucian, he has high ping.” It kinda got me mad, so I called her out and the Lucian thanked me for standing up for him. We didn’t attack him the whole game. We just focused Janna until she tilted into the next dimension.

Confession by @yoko-dere

Art by @winglesselgniw

Athina is from Athens, Greece and she’s a professional runner. Born from an Ethiopian mother and a Greek father, she is in love with running since childhood.

We met one month ago in Athens and what a pleasant time I had. While photographing her in the Panathenaic Stadium, the place that hosted the first modern olympic games in 1896, I was fascinated by her passion for running.

She broke the national record of 3000m steeplechase and her biggest dream was to participate in the Olympic Games, this year. A hard injury made this impossible and she will have to wait for another 4 years.

I rarely heard people talking with such enthusiasm about their passions. No suffering will stop Athina and she will keep running on the way to her dream.


This clip captures the beauty of riding in the High Atlas Mountains, close to Marrakech. A place, rich in culture and history - Containing a wide range of topography, ideal for cycling. From the intense atmosphere of Marrakech to the silent peaks up to 3000m.

Day 3 - Ghermu to Tal. Another 12km day. This is based on the main trek, most days we would take alternate routes which would add an hour or two on, so how long we ACTUALLY walked is undecided. We’ll assume it was far more each day, let’s say 57kms?

Another slow start to the day. I had this notion that I was going to be this super organised hiker, be up early every morning and hiking by 7am. But lets be honest, is that really the Louise we all know and love? We all aimed to leave at 7, but in reality we ended up meeting a fellow trekker and chatting till about 10am.
Time to meet Viktor, a swedish solo trekker. Adding a new country to our universal group. The main thing you should know about Viktor is that he is a fast trekker. We’ll come back to this over the next few days.
He’d injured his leg the previous day, so he was on a forced rest stop and was going to be a day behind us.
As we said goodbye we were all a little sad because he was a pretty cool guy and we assumed we wouldn’t see him again, as he’d stay a day behind us.
PLUS he was heading off on a few side treks which were going to add a solid 5 hours extra onto his hiking day.
I want you all to remember this information for the future posts.

Now the first classic Lou failure occurs.
I’d made sure to get the really important trekking items in Australia to make sure they were good quality. I sourced some pretty great, cheap second hand boots. They were a bit older but seemed to be in good nick.
Alas the glue holding the shoes together was not in such good nick. The entire sole was coming off  both of my boots. Exactly what you want to occur on day 3 of an intense mountainous hike which is going to send you up into the snow.
I ran around town finding some superglue to hold it on until I could make it to the next major town Chame, 41km’s away. 4 packets later and my soles seemed to be holding on.
Nervous about whether the glue would hold, we FINALLY set off.

Today was harder to hike but sooo much more beautiful. We’d hike up and up and up. Step after step after step, reach the top, admire the view and then straight back down. Over and over again for 7 hours. The town of Tal is 1700m above sea level, which meant we had an ascent of 650m, but in reality we probably ascended several kilometres. Luckily the altitude problems only start kicking in by 3000m or so.

We learnt our lesson from the day before and decided to avoid lunch. I survived a 7 hour day of hiking on a hearty breakfast and some bananas to keep me going.
It may sound crazy but it’s actually way better, PLUS! MY BOD LOOKS AMAZING POST HIKE! (Well it did. When you finish hiking your body is still in exercise mode and you CAN’T STOP EATING! You try, you physically chain yourself to your bed, but your stomach sneaks out of your body, unlocks the chains, drags you down the street and force-feeds you)

Each day the terrain changes so much, you would think that 2 weeks of hiking in a 200km radius the sights would be relatively similar. You’d get used to them. But no. The annapurna circuit takes you on a tour of the entire world.
Day 1 was classic asia, busy roads, loud towns and then hiking next to a river surrounded by jungle.
Day 2 we went full tropical, banana farms, rice fields and finally started hitting the mountains.
Day 3 we hit New Zealand (or at least what I imagine it will look like)

The cheapest way to travel the world, just come to the annapurna circuit, it’s a cheap flight from Perth and then you can get by on $20 a day.

As i said today was tough, the rain set in in hour 6, we rounded a corner and knew we were getting close, the first hard day was almost over. My shoulders where happy, my camera gear was really weighing me down. Plus I’d finally switched to my zoom lens, it’s a 1.5kg lens, 20cm long. So when i carry my camera around my neck this lens hangs down and whacks into my leg with each step. By the end of the day my legs where covered in bruises.
“We’re close guys” Bob shouted as Erica and myself slowly rounded the corner.
“But first we have to climb that” our gaze followed his finger as he pointed below us. We had to descend a few hundred meters and THEN ascend probably another 400.
The first set of the many switchbacks to come.
When it’s so steep you hike back and forth, back and forth on switchbacks so you can actually ascend without falling down the mountain.
The rain had set in, i had a quick handful of chickpeas to give my legs some much needed energy and away we went. One foot in front of the other, trying to navigate slippery rocks. At points literally climbing up boulders.
This ascent had the added bonus of some incredibly itchy plants all along the path. I unfortunately stepped back into one and the prickles went straight through my pants into my butt.
For all those who know me well, they know this is a pretty standard practice of mine (you may remember the incident with my foot and a cactus). Apparently I attract prickles into my more tender body parts.
So up we kept hiking now trying to slyly scratch my butt without the other trekkers noticing.

After what felt like a lifetime, it finally evened out, one of my fellow hikers was further ahead and a shout went up as they reached a view point of the town.
“Louise you are really going to like this”
They know me so well already. I love becoming that person in a group.
Sure enough I plodded up, standing under a stone Kani (an archway marking the entrance to a new town) and looked out at this beautiful valley nestled in amongst the mountains with a river snaking through. It was at this moment I felt like I was staring at a vista from New Zealand.
It wasn’t just the thought of seeing such a beautiful town, but also the knowledge that our first hectic day of hiking was almost at an end.

When I finally put my bag down in our guesthouse I felt like i’d forgotten how to walk properly. Without the weight I thought my foot was going to miss the ground and I was going to float up into the sky.
I peeked out of my window and saw another snow capped mountain, still a fair way in the distance but slowly getting closer.

Another night of dahl baht, another evening of glorious chats, another day of beautiful views.
What even is life.

Bình minh trên đỉnh Fanxipang

Có những trải nghiệm, dù bạn có mô tả chúng kỹ tới đâu, người khác vẫn sẽ không thể nào hiểu được. Đơn giản vì mỗi chúng ta có những cảm nhận khác nhau dù là về cùng một sự việc, hay đơn giản hơn là người đó chưa bao giờ trải qua trải nghiệm tương tự để có thể thấu hiểu những gì bạn đã trải qua. 

Tôi đã từng leo Fanxipang cách đây 2 năm. Đó là chuyến đi thú vị và mạo hiểm nhất mà tôi đã tham gia cho đến bây giờ. 4 nam 2 nữ, 3 Á 3 Âu, chúng tôi cứ thế leo miệt mài, để đến khi thấy ánh đèn leo lét nơi lán trại, mới hiểu thế nào là “ánh sáng hy vọng cuối đường hầm”. Trong cái lạnh thấu xương ở độ cao hơn 3000m đó, bỏ mặc hết sự kiêng dè ban đầu, chúng tôi gối đầu vào nhau ngủ ngon lành. Cũng trong cái lạnh ấy, tôi ngồi ngắm sao cùng chị, tranh thủ ghi lại những khoảnh khắc mà không biết đến bao giờ mới gặp lại được. Chị khẽ thủ thỉ với tôi “I’ve just peed on my shoes”. But who cares, my dear? Tiếng chúng tôi cười giòn tan, hòa lẫn trong gió-sương-và tiếng trống lửa trại xập xình của các bạn đoàn bên.

Tôi thèm lắm những chuyến đi như thế. Đi để biết mình bé nhỏ như thế nào so với đất mẹ, đi để biết rằng những gian khó đời thường chỉ là cơn gió thoảng qua …


Athabasca Glacier

Jasper National Park, Canada

What a site to behold! This place is one that I desperately wanted to see. Surrounded by mountains with glowing light from behind left me feeling small and peaceful. Athabasca Glaicer sits at 9,843ft or 3000m high! It is easily reached and if you want to you can pay $45 american dollars to take a bus out onto it. I opted out of this option as we were on a budget and I didn’t want to go without Adventure Buddy. It’s receding more and more every year so make sure you visit!

© Michelle Gefre | Trail the Sun


Is it Real? Submission 5 - Weird Sea Creature discovered 20,000 feet under the sea
External image

The Dumbo Octopus is absolutely real!

Sorry it took so long for me to get to this, @marine-enclosures the past month or so has been hectic.

I think I’ve made a post on these cute cephalopods before but that’s ok.

Typically found between 3000m to 4000m they prey on small animals found on the ocean floor. They can use their “ear like” fins for mobility. There are 17 known species of dumbo octopus and they are known for being the deepest dwelling octopuses.

Here’s a cute video of one spotted by a deep sea exploration team durring a live stream:

These little guys are one of my favorite deep sea animals!