Mail July 22nd

anime time…

・Jigoku Shoujo
・Isekai Shokudo

I watched these
3 animes… so interesting …
I tied my hair like this while watching anime ~ Ottamage~lol

make up

become this ↓

I’m someone who can’t hold back …(´・3・`)

even though it’s holiday
I put such a make up like this。

I think I’ll do a SHOWROOM now ー …

magic sofa

even though it’s such a sudden SHOWROOM live
but more than 30000 people is watching it ~ …(;q;)thank you

my little sister also came
she talked about how I was at home lol
we also talked about Kamikyoku shibari
she even helped me to take chocolate mint ice cream

I had such a good time ! I’m really proud to have little sister like her !


after SHOWROOM live
I fell asleep on sofa  z z z lol

for 2 hours… Oh My God …

when I fell asleep
I had a dream that I go out to play together
with Hayasaka chan(*´A`*)

i have literal object permanence when it comes to my opinion on children. right now in the presnce of 0 children or 0 mentions of children i could not be more neutral. when im around a cool baby who like smiles at me or is bein funny & is maybe wearing a cute hat im like :))) “i want 30000 babies” but then if i hear one (1) singular child cry on a plane i think “Having children is a societal expectation thrust upon women by the patriarchy therefore i”

  • Me: you should watch this show.
  • Them: let's watch the show.
  • Me: okay but wait you have to like, commit okay you have to pay attention and appreciate the details and the plots and not hate it and- I know the beginning starts out silly and it's like a silly show but I PROMISE I just love it a lot just listen and love it too but you might not actually maybe don't watch it never watch it