my goal to pay off $3000 of my credit card is going good so far. i have like $760 paid off and it’s only been like 2 weeks.

honestly I’m so proud and excited 😊 fingers crossed i can keep this up 🤘🏼

money can be such a debilitating factor in my life and mostly bc I’ve never learned how to save properly or noticed how I was incurring debt. yeah I make a low wage, but whole families get by on less!! i’m ready to get this under control


Royal Modes of Transportation - British Royals Spam for 3000 Followers

1902 State Landau

Queen Mary & Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester in the carriage while Prince Edward “David”, Prince of Wales kisses his mother’s hand - Mid-1930s

High school party
“I’m gonna smoke out of my little pipe”
“No Man U gotta try this bong is called lung crusher soul destroyer Milky hulk 3000 and you hit it thru ur butthole”
“No that’s ok thank you”

Get to Know Me: tagged by the bro @punk-polygems!

Name: Gen/Bonnie 

Birthday: Oct 20 

Gender: masculine female sexy beast 

Relationship status: married to my bed 

Zodiac sign: Libra 

Siblings: Lil sis, 5 yrs apart 

Pets: Zelda (Russian blue/tabby/wild mix), Bagheera (gold/black Maine coon), Swagmeister 3000 (red/blue male betta) 

Time: 12:45 pm 

Type of phone: asshole iPhone 5c 

Love or lust: yes,, 

Lemonade or iced tea: ice T 

Cats or dogs: cats 

Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi 

Day or night: Night 

Make-up or all natural: what?? I have to choose?? 

Last song I listened to: Amalgam extended (steven universe soundtrack) 

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Edit: WOW I can’t remember how old this is but I wanted to post this anyways (shrug)