Final Segment (S02E03)

A sitcom-style sketch, My White Goddess, presented as a skit on the Jackie Gleason Show, complete with the post-show curtain call. We began to summarize the sketch itself but The Editor has decided this series of images is a better, funnier encapsulation of the sketch. The things they are saying are not particularly funny or even intended to be funny; the deliberately bad jokes are presented in the style of an unintentionally very bad sitcom. So, there’s not a lot there. They’re super adorable together in this skit, however, even with the somewhat tasteless costuming adorning Gypsy. 

Another very noteworthy element of this segment is the ‘My White Goddess’ theme song, sung by ‘The Kevins,’ according to the credits. This is certainly a reference to the multiple overdubbed Kevin Murphys singing the various parts of the theme together. In only his third episode so far, Kevin Murphy’s angelic voice is already on prominent display. 

Anyway, after multiple lengthy fully-transcribed segments, we like how this one presents itself with imagery alone. The Editor hopes you agree. 

me writing a 3000 word paper: writes a sentence….checks word count… writes a sentence… checks word count… gets a snack… checks word count…. takes a nap… checks word count again… checks word count again… che

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Reach Pilot Helmet 3000% more accepting of cat ear accessories. 30000000% less awkward than Reach EVA helmet. (Prototype EVA helmet from Ghosts of Onyx only 50% less accepting of Cat ear accessories however) Yes?

those numbers seem about right. i think?


got tagged to do six selfies of the year transformation thing by my dude @quxnce!
this year has been fuccin crazy my dudes! i moved 3000 miles to NY to start my senior year at a school where i knew no one and in a city i wasn’t v familiar w!!! i’m so lucky to have the opportunity to b here but it did come w some drawbacks and i miss my friends in corntown a lot :(……
anyways! i tag: @angelmientus @emoritz @sweetcharity @mohritz @youngbonnie @c0ndoleezarice

Error: Phil.exe

Title:  Error: Phil.exe

Genre: dark (or angst as it’s apparently called; I just don’t think it’s accurate though)

Summary: Computer viruses are a code that copies itself and destroys a computer system and its information. At the most, someone could loose their device. But the virus called Phil.exe wasn’t interested in corrupting a computer and then dying along with it. It was a sentient virus, and it had bigger plans that expanded beyond the computer world. All it needed was a host.

Word Count: 1500+ (this is just an introduction; I normally will aim for 3000-4000 words)

Additional Note: This comes from the virus!phan au which was designed by @maddox-rider! This is my own interpretation of it; it may not line up with other stories later but I will try and keep it close to what she has designed. Go check out her art!


I was tagged by @himchansthickgf thank u!!! This was really hard and I went through all fucking like 3000 SOMETHING photos in my phone and ended up picking these. They’re in order from oldest to newest. The short hair one is a little before kcon and then the one before that is my graduation. These r my fave selfies of 2016.

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that dragon maid anime would be 3000% better if the dragon stayed a dragon and the main character would have to learn how to deal with having a 20ft tall lizard roommate.

طب أنا كنت قربت ابقى عاملة
لحوالي 3000 حد هنا على تمبلر، وقعدت اعمل أنفولو لحد ما وصلوا لـ 1800 أهو
مبسوطة بنفسي

معظمهم بلوجات ماحدش عمل
فيها من أكتر من سنة وساعات أكتر من تلت سنين كمان

فالمحصلة مش فارقة كتير
actually :D

كان هدفي الأصلي إني أرجّع تمبلر مكان خصوصي حميمي هادي، أكون متابعة ناس معينة عارفاهم وفاكراهم وبشوف بيكتبوا إيه، وبقرا معظم الحاجات. مش صور كتير بتعدي بسرعة ومابتاخدش حقها من الاهتمام، وكلام كتير كتير وخلاص.

هحاول أقلل العدد أكتر بكتير عن كدا.. بس مش عارفة أقف فين..

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I remember playing a game with a reaper who blamed us bc we lost even tho he did less than 3000 damage but lol whatever :^) (I was even playing ana and I got 6000 damage so what's ur excuse and gold healing so what's ur excuse) :^))))) I'm glad I have my gold gun now I'm done playing comp for ever