3000 years of celebration

Creepypasta #875: Y3K

Length: Medium

New Year’s Eve. Year: 3000. 11:59pm.

I’m at a bar. Everyone’s celebrating New Year’s. I’m watching a projection of the countdown like a loser. I’m not synced like everyone else. My mom was a technophobe. She didn’t allow the doctors to give me an iCore implant at birth. I hated her for it. When I was born, 96% of Earth’s population had the implant. Now it’s over 99%. They’ve treated me like an outsider my entire life. 

The whole world basically functions as one brain now. A constant flow of information from individual to individual. People hardly use their mouths to speak. But I have to. I hate the way they look at me when I start flapping my gums. Like I’m less than them somehow.

iCore monitors and regulates all your organ systems. It alerts you when there’s something wrong, if it can’t fix the problem itself. It usually can. I’m basically a ticking time bomb. I have no idea what’s going on inside me. Every stomach ache could potentially be the death of me.

10 seconds on the clock. Everyone starts counting down. I chug the rest of my beer. I just want this to end so I can go home. None of the girls here will even look at me. They know what I am.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

I raise my glass to the new year. Nobody cheers. The projection briefly shows the number 3001, then blinks out. The building’s climate control suddenly whirs to a stop. It’s dead silent. The man sitting beside me seems to be frozen in place. He’s still holding up his glass, smiling. I turn around in my seat. Everyone’s frozen. Their bodies shake slightly, quietly.

The man beside me shrieks. I shoot out of my seat, my heart in my throat. He’s still smiling, but his eyes are wide with fear. Blood suddenly gushes from every orifice of his face. They all start to scream. I try to run passed them to the exit. I’m terrified. Their blood covers me. Some begin to convulse and fall to the ground. I trip over a body and fall into a soup of squirming, bloody bodies, screaming in agony. I’m screaming too.

Most of the human race died that day. I’m looking for others like me. Those who don’t have the Apple iCore implant attached to their brainstem. It’s been 6 months. I haven’t found anyone yet.

Credits to: markarjo90

This is my 3000th post so here’s a doodle of our 3000-year-old Pharaoh to celebrate that!! \(>∇<)/ I was going to draw some puzzleshipping but thanks to @tarashima, I got this idea and realised it’s way more fitting! \(^∇^)/ ♥

Idk I might fix the lineart and colour it better when I have more time XD now i just want to post this quickly so that i won’t miss the chance to use my 3000th post for this lol