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22.05.2017: (a bit long update, sorry for my absence, life was pure stress these past weeks…) Pictures are from 2 weeks ago when I had a “free” uni week because I passed the last 2 exams and didn’t had to go to the resit ones. I used those uni-free days to go back home to visit my family and friends, which was really nice, except from the fact that I had to study for the biopsychology exam the following week, and prepare a 3-hour long class lesson/presentation thingy, everything for the same day…. I’m telling you, I was dead after that day last week with the quiz, presentation and the exam in the evening. Anyways, now I’m back again in the Netherlands and was quite productive working through some bio chapters for the next upcoming biopsychology exam in 3 weeks. Today I really need to work on my 3000 word- paper/literature review due in 2 weeks, for which I still haven’t started yet because everytime I freak out and just become more and more confused… 
So if anyone has some good writing advice, especially psychology literature reviews - please please please feel free to write me or something, you would be my absolute rescue!!!! 
Have a nice day you all, I’ll be more active on here again from now on, 
xx Amber :) 

After two years I’m rereading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 🐇❤
I’m having quite a hard time to motivate myself to start writing my last 3000 word paper for this quarter 🙈 Luckily it’s on Lolita (once again), so I kinda know the book by heart 🙊❤

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if you don't mind what is this research you need to do?? i have my 10 page freshmen paper and i really hate it,

not at all. It’s about politicians and their activity in politics, what are indicators that indicate their activity and I need to make a research on that, make hypothesis and see if it’s true or not and idk what not, and i’m stuck, plus I need to reach a minimum of 3000 words ;;;; I finished one paper also recently, it was 12 pages rip. I feel your pain :/

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The Hate’s Mutual


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Well I’m back with another fic for you guys because I felt really pressured to write again after I released my first story(the Ashton one) and if you haven’t already read it but want to then here is the link. A lot more people than I expected actually enjoyed it so I just thought I’d try keeping my reputation that way by writing another.

I’m sorry its so long! I got really into it.

Rating- NSFW (WARNING! this shit gets pretty rough so be advised!)

Pairing- Calum Hood/Reader(y/n)

Summary- You and Calum have hated each other for as long as you can remember, but there’s definitely no denying the sexual tension between the two of you; and there’s no stopping the events to come when the two of you are assigned to be partners for a project.

Word count- 5,505


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me writing a 3000 word paper: writes a sentence….checks word count… writes a sentence… checks word count… gets a snack… checks word count…. takes a nap… checks word count again… checks word count again… che