3000 plus

My first date with Car Daddy is tomorrow, I’m so excited 😍. He sent me the money for the meet before the date which is kinda dumb on his part (for scammer babies) but I’m more than showing up tomorrow lol. We agreed to $400 for this meet, I wish I kinda rounded it up to $500 but it’s okay since we are going shopping at Barneys and around downtown. He lives in a rich neighborhood so everywhere is in walking distance. The date is going to be 4 hours long, with shopping and lunch. We’ve discussed the arrangement a while ago on the phone and agreed to $3000/month plus gifts, shopping and additional allowance when needed, but I messaged him last night and told him that I did some calculations and that might have to be upped which he said that’s fine we will discuss since nothing is finalized. I’m really trying to lock him down into the arrangement after this date but I can tell he wants to take his time since he’s new at this 🙄. He’s already spent over $1000 on me in over a week. So might as well cough out some more. In the meantime, I need to find more POTs, SA is getting a little stale for me

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I love that The Orville, a show taking place roughly… what was the year they gave in the first episode? It was the 2500s right??? Anyways, I love that they reference things like Kermit the Frog, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and that New York City is still a thing several hundred years in the future.

But then again, Futurama had NYC still around in the year 3000 sooooooo. 

Plus, The Muppets and Star Wars are definitely gonna be like Shakespeare. With us 400-500 years into the future. There’s no way that they aren’t.