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12/30/15 11:48 PM

My pencil case! I wanted to post this since I managed to find it (I’m rearranging my room and found it in my old backpack). I took this everywhere during college even when I didn’t need to. I am obsessed with making sure I have enough pens and pencils should anyone need them. Below is a detailed list of what they are and where I found them.

  • LIHIT LAB pencil case in Black: It’s a cheaper alternative to the Kipling 100 Pens Case. It’s very sturdy and it is such a great organizer for all the pens that you want to carry. HERE
  • Monami 153 Ballpoint Pens: I bought these on a whim. My friend in South Korea told me about these pens and how smooth they were and that they were a great investment. I like these because the nib/tip of the pen is small so it prevents me from writing too big and makes sure that I keep a steady hand even when I rush. HERE
  • Monami Plus Pen 3000: These are a version of the Staedtler Fineliners. They’re cheaper and do an excellent job. Again, the nib/tip is small so it’s great for people who want to improve their handwriting and make their notes more precise. The only thing I worry about is that the nib/tip might wear out faster than the Fineliners. HERE

  • BIC Xtra Sparkle Mechanical Pencils: I bought these at Target because I don’t really use pencils except when there is a test. They’re handy and it does the job.
  • Pilot G2: I only have one because I really like these pens and don’t want to use them all up. They are amazing! The ink doesn’t randomly stop and the writing is so smooth. They are my favorite pens! HERE

  • Zebra Midliners: I bought the 3 pack from Amazon but only use the Cool (?) color set. I liked how they were bright enough but also dull enough to not cause a headache. The colors allow for the text to be read clearly and they add a nice splash of color as well. I also bought these due to my friend who kept pushing me to do so.  HERE
  • Staedtler Fineliners (10 Pack): Self-explanatory. These are amazing! They write so smoothly that I forget to relax my grip. What I like about these pens is the triangular barrel. They allow me to relax my grip and not worry about if it will write clearly and precise. I love them!  HERE

  • MERSUII Pens: I didn’t actually buy them but a friend did. She didn’t like them because the nib/tip was too small for her. I really like these because they don’t take up room and are really great when you need to use index cards and need to save space.  HERE

~ So my first actual study related post
What’s in my Pencil Case (left to right)
- Muji Medium Pencil Box - Muji Double-sided Black Marker
- Monami Black Plus Pen 3000
- Fiihfio Natural Story 0.38 Black Gel-ink
- Scholar Black Felt Tip 0.4
- Pentel E.click Pacer 0.5
- Pacer Lead 0.5
- Two Mini M&G Highlighters
- Paperclip
- Scissors
- Dust-free Eraser
- Double-sided Nail File
- 15cm expandable to 30cm Ruler


7:40 PM || 8.9.15 Here are all the pens, pencils, and markers I use to take notes most of the time!

I like to use all of the items listed up above at school for quick notes but since I just got the fineliners and midliners this summer, I’m planning on keeping them at home so I don’t lose them. I’ll probably just use them to rewrite notes at home! 

Guys I think I’m being lowkey hacked again

It may just be because I’m a tad sleep deprived, but every now and again a new blog will appear on my dash and i’m certain I didn’t follow it. There’s a whole bunch of One Direction posts that I’ve apparently ‘liked’ but I sure as hell know I haven’t. Is someone just sitting on my tumblr somewhere occasionally liking a random post about Louis Tomlinson, or following blogs with names like “political sex kitten” in the hopes of driving me slowly up the wall with paranoia?? Is this Harriett or Caleb playing an incredibly long game?? Is it the government?? Or has my tumblr finally become sentient? Help.

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