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okay now i know i’ve already giffed this scene like 3000 times and already done this exact rant but it’s come to my attention that maybe people aren’t aware of my feelings re: the greatest kiss of all time? This kiss changed my goddamn LIFE. My acne? gone. My crops? watered. My gpa? raised. My depression? cured. My suicide? postponed. this is my rant about this kiss from a year ago but here I am, still screaming about it!!! The tenderness?? The way they lean it???? That look of total bliss as they pull apart?????????? The soft hand in her hair??????? i am so upset okay okay okay anyway this is the most iconiquè kiss of all time. know this

Okay, I need to get back to studying, but I just had a realization I need to get out of the way.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a goofy space puppet show that’s aimed at adults. Yes, kids can and should watch it, and plenty of us did as children, but at the end of the day this is a show that uses a medium typically reserved for young children that does not have young children as the prime target audience. 

And it doesn’t act like it has something to prove because of this.

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I’m sorry but pascal wehrlein is the farthest from being a fuckboy, he’s miss congeniality. and danric is too 2012 emo to be a fuckboy. Hulk, on the other hand, is the EPITOME of fuckboy. Look at the hair, the wardrobe choices, his shirtless pictures. everything about him screams fuckboy.

Another choice fuckboy would be Lewis Hamilton. look at his social media. just this week he posted a picture to Instagram of him with two middle fingers up, and then posted a picture of him posing with golf clubs captioned “that last post wasn’t for you guys, I love my team!!!!” like excuse me no one thought it was for us but you had to point out how much you love your millions of fans. also don’t get me started with the fucking baby tigers.

anyway here are my classification of each driver on the fuckboy scale.

Lewis Hamilton: extreme fuckboy
Nico Rosberg: not a fuckboy, too posh
Kimi Raikkonen: not a fuckboy, too old. Was definitely a fuckboy 10 years ago.
Sebastian Vettel: has the fuckboy mentality but not the looks
Felipe Massa: never was and never will be a fuckboy
Valtteri Bottas: no. too smol and sweet.
Daniel Ricciardo: too emo, but has fuckboy potential
Daniil Kvyat: not a fuckboy. too goofy and owns no more than 3 shirts.
Max Verstappen: definitely a fuckboy, will only get worse with age.
Carlos Sainz: absolutely not a fuckboy. too beautiful
Kevin Magnussen: has fuckboy potential but has seen the dark side too many times to fully convert
Jolyon Palmer: too posh and too full of anxiety to be a fuckboy
Fernando Alonso: was probably a fuckboy in his Ferrari days, which will now be referred to as “the Ferrari Effect.” Now he’s too old and sassy.
Jenson Button: too old to be a fuckboy, but there’s something there.
Nico Hulkenberg: 100% pure fuckboy
Sergio Perez: absolutely not. never.
Pascal Wehrlein: too beautiful, too nice. I’d never give miss congeniality to someone who is truly a fuckboy.
Rio Haryanto: never. too pure.
Romain Grosjean: too fatherly to be a fuckboy but someone has to tell him to stop popping his collar
Esteban Gutierrez: are you kidding me? never a fuckboy, but has the possibility of suffering from The Ferrari Effect in the future
Felipe Nasr: he’s like 25 and his hair is already thinning, not a fuckboy.
Marcus Ericsson: has about 50% fuckboy potential

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I got a few prompt requests about what if Tadashi’s leg braces broke mid fight and the team + Hiro had to step in to defend him, so here this is. I haven’t done an armordashi comic in a while and I realLY WANTED TO DO ONE so the prompt requests were perfect. (For those who are new: In armordashi AU, Tadashi survived the fire but is paralyzed from the waist down, though Hiro built him some leg braces to help him walk again, and he then basically becomes a hero along with everyone else)

Maaaaaan I have so many feelings towards the team working together to keep the two nerd bros safe, even Hiro tries his hardest for Tadashi because he doesn’t wanna risk almost losing him again. Of course that’s not to say Tadashi can’t pull some Captain America with his shields, with or without his legs. He’s a tough cookie.

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