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Wow! Guys, I am completely speechless! Thank you so much for the follows, it means so so much. I’m happy to be able to give you guys some more awesome rugs! There are TWO downloads. Please download both to get all 10.

They are base game recolors of The Rose Rug. It will not replace it in game.

  • 10 Designs
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  • Made with S4S

Credit: Society6

TOU:  Do not claim as your own work, do not reupload, do not upload to pay sites.

First Picture : DOWNLOAD

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That’s right, guys :3 I’ve reached the next milestone!

As always, thanks for supporting me <3 (especially verzisnsfwblog and prismicdrive ^^) I love you :D

So what’s the deal about this raffle? If you reblog this post, you get a number. If you reblog it again, you get another number. On july the 20th I’ll use a random number generator to choose which the two lucky winner will be, so the more you reblog, the more chances you have, that’s the meaning!

The two winners will have the opportunity to request me almost anything (I’ll draw girls too.) as long as I feel confortable doing so (you know, some kinks out there…). So, happy raffle and thanks again!

Last thing, I’m experimenting with new techniques (as you can see)!

I’m planning to do some streams too, while requests will be accepted and done in August. I got my PayPal too, so I’ll be accepting some commissions here and there from September onwards.

Hello Everyone!

As part of/in addition to my upcoming follower gifts, I wanted to do a follow forever. I’ve never done one before, and I thought it would be a fun and easy way to show my appreciation for the simblr community. It’s entirely possible I forgot some people (I almost somehow forgot medleymisty, the most perfect simblr/person/being in the universe? It happens, man), but this is mostly complete for right now! As the name suggests, even if these blogs fall inactive I continue to follow them, so some haven’t been updated in a while, but every simblr on this list is great and definitely worth a look! They’re in alphabetical order, with my current simblr crushes in italics.

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H-L: historicalsimslife, holosprite, i-like-teh-sims, inkwisteria, its-me-voidberg, jaxxis, jazzhasasimblr, justanothersimsblog, keenpea, kosmokhaos, legendofsim, lesyasun, littlenettleheart, littlemicrocosims, llunarlakes, lumialoversims, lynekosims

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R-S: rayscho, risastorm, romeo-and-simulet, rosessupposesmanythings, runwiththewolfes, samantha8982, sammsimblr, serindeppity, sevelii, shambalasims3, silly-daydream, simacaroni, simblroonies, sims3medieval, simsandgiggles, simsl3gacies, simstrology, smallsimmer, soloriya, spoopsims, stardustedsims, stsims, subpoint, supersinclairsaga, swirlgoodies

T-Z: tainoodles216thegingersnapdiary, titosims, treason-and-plot, whimsywaltz, winterspixels, wispasims, wonderblobs, yoonhaon, zauma

Thank you so much to every one of you for making the simblr community a bright and happy place!

<3 Izzy

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Wow! I’ve just reached 300 followers, which is 299 more than I thought I’d ever get! Thank you all so much for following me. It really means a lot! xx

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I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing

Warning: I’m not even sure what to put here, but I cried while writing this, so do with that what you will.

Weddings always made Dean uncomfortable; nothing screamed “chick flick” quite like a crowd of people weeping and hugging. The clothes were forever boring and stifling, always leaving too much to the imagination to be inspiring.

‘But nothing brings out desperate women like a wedding,’ he thought, fondly recalling the bridesmaid encounters of years past. He was swiftly torn from his reverie, however, when he felt tugging at his throat. Sam stood infront of him, his large hands fumbling to straighten the bow tie nestled against his collar, “The smirk you’re wearing tells me I need to remind you that this is your wedding.”

Reality slammed in around Dean; nervous anticipation gripped his stomach as he looked around himself. He stood at the end of an aisle constructed outside, flanked on either side by folding chairs sparsely filled with the important people he and Sam still had left. Surrounding the makeshift ceremony area, vases of striking flowers were placed, each one a contrasting combination of pale white buds and dark buds. To the left, a reception was set up, a small cluster of tables gathered around one long table. Evening lights were spaced all around the entire perimeter,patiently awaiting dusk to illuminate every corner with soft light. Somewhere nearby, beyond Dean’s view, Baby was parked, her sleek black cab offering him little comfort.

“I know where the hell I am, Sam,” he snapped belatedly, bringing a knowing smile to his brother’s face, “just because I chose you to be my best man doesn’t mean I’m stupid.”

“Nervous?” Sam asked, the corner of his mouth twitching to conceal his amusement.

“As a whore at Sunday mass,” Dean replied, a finger slipping into his collar to tug at his shirt. His brother chuckled, reaching out to playfully slap his hands away from his neck.

“Everything’s going to be fine, Dean,” He said, patting the crisp folded edge of the shirt back into place. After only a few moments, Dean’s hands lifted to fidget with the shirt again, stopping mere inches away when he heard the opening chords of the song chosen for the aisle walk.

I could stay awake, just to hear you breathing
Watch you smile while you are sleeping
While you’re far away dreaming

As the ceremony began, people shuffled to their seats, quiet murmurs filling the air as each person settled themselves into the proper chair. Sam gave his brother a pointed look, his eyebrows raised as he gestured towards the end of the runner with a jerk of his head. Dean nodded stiffly, turning to face the large white tent a few yards away. The knowledge that his bride was hidden just behind the folding entrance made his stomach clench, his fingers tingling with a sense of anxiety.

I could spend my life in this sweet surrender,
And just stay here lost in this moment, forever,
Well, every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure

The procession was short, with only a petite redhead strolling down the aisle. Charlie sauntered down the center of the space, a delighted, yet mildly smug, smile upon her face. Her dress was a modest black number, shorter in the front than in the back; something Dean often heard Sam call “asymmetrical”. Dean couldn’t fathom the appreciation of such a style, but then again, he couldn’t fathom the bright 'ooh’s and 'ahh’s the collection of people made as Charlie took her place opposite of Sam. He couldn’t focus too long on anything other than the tent, his nerves raising small bumps along his arms beneath his jacket. Once Charlie was properly positioned, the chorus of the song picked up.

I don’t wanna close my eyes,
I don’t wanna fall asleep,
'Cause I’ll miss you, babe,
And I don’t wanna miss a thing

He saw you, then, as the draping flaps of the tent pulled back, you’re frame slipping out from behind them. His whole body went rigid, his hands fisting at his sides as he stilled himself for your approach, the afternoon sunlight enveloping you in it’s golden embrace.

As you began your agonizingly slow walk towards him, Dean became breathless. Your hair was perfect, styled in a fashionable yet careless way, mimicking the personality he had fallen in love with. Your face was seen next, the striking yet subtle make up accentuating those eyes of yours; the ones that saw past the blood staining his hands to see the beating heart within Dean.

He felt the prickling of tears beginning behind his eyes as he watched you, his body violently stiff with the effort of controlling the emotions locking his jaw.

Lying close to you,
Feeling your heart beating,
And I’m wondering what you’re dreaming
Wondering if it’s me you’re seeing

His gaze raked over your dress, a mesmerizing creation of  pristine white silk peeking out from beneath ebony lace, the dark swirls beginning just below your neck and reaching all the way to the ground. Around your waist wrapped a simple black sash, decorated only by a small chain of hunter green jewels  glinting about the center. When Dean saw his favorite color looped around you, a lump formed in his throat, and he tried desperately to swallow it down. His eyes lingered on the tiny chain for a moment, before something else caught his eye; the peek-a-boo veil flowing from beneath the crown of your hair matched the dress. It was pure white, emboldened by the same black lacing of the dress hemming the edges. As he looked closer, he could see small emeralds glittering against the dark threads.

Then I kiss your eyes and thank God we’re together
And I just wanna stay with you,
Just stay in this moment forever,
Forever and ever

Dean’s tears were threatening to choke him now, his chest and throat closing in an iron vice of emotion. Millions of thoughts flashed through his mind as he began to lose control of his soldier’s composure.

'She’s so perfect. I am the luckiest man alive,’ was quickly followed by, 'I don’t deserve her. She deserves someone better, someone less tainted than me.’ His skin crawled with a cold sweat, his back slick beneath the tuxedo despite the cool breeze coming off a nearby lake.

'What if this is a bad idea?’ He thought, experiencing not his first case of cold feet this week. His gaze skirted away from you for the first time since you began your walk, flitting about the congregation as panic set in. He could feel Sam’s confused glare burning against the side of his face, but he ignored him as his mind began to seek a method of escape, 'I’m no good for her, I’ll just fuck it all up. She’ll suffer if I let her do this, I need to stop this, we need t-’

Dean froze, his heart thundering in his ears as he struggled to breathe. He knew his eyes had to be playing tricks on him, but he turned his head anyways. His gaze settled on you just as you began to mount the steps to the alter. As he watched you gracefully ascend towards him, he discovered that his eyes were not, in fact, playing tricks on him. Hidden beneath the many layers of your beautiful wedding dress, your thrashed hunting boots were revealed in quick flashes as you came to stand beside him.

'Cause even when I dream of you,
The sweetest dream will never do,
I’d still miss you, babe,
And I don’t wanna miss a thing

All at once, the vice around Dean’s chest released, allowing a ragged breath to squeeze through his raw throat. His nervousness dissipated, leaving only a sense of relief, and adoration for you, in it’s vacancy. He watched as a smile lit up your face, your eyes sparkling as you looked at him; he couldn’t help but grin back. Together, you turned to the man who agreed to perform as minister.

Castiel smiled fondly at both of you before he began the introductions, pausing only when the time for saying the vows came; you went first. Dean faced you as you recited your vows with your talent for every day poetry. You started with the story of your romance, then recounted stories of danger, adventure, and close-calls. As you spoke, your words shifted in pitch while each story wove into the next, the man before you just as captivated by your voice as the crowd just behind him. By the time you were finished, he was afraid everyone could hear his heart pounding, and could see the tears standing in your eyes. You leaned forward, carefully slipping a silver band onto Dean’s fourth finger.

Now it was his turn.

I don’t wanna miss one smile,
I don’t wanna miss one kiss,
Well, I just wanna be with you,
Right here with you, just like this

“Well, I-I didn’t really…uh…'write’ anything down,” Dean had tried to write his vows, for many, many hours, before giving up, “but I do have something to say.” With his heart hammering against his chest and his pulse surging through his palms, he took your hands into his own, looking upon your face with a grave intensity.

“I never thought I’d be one to fall in love. I always believe that, when you live a life like ours, you weren’t really given that option,” He paused then, memories of always being afraid of falling in love. He was always scared of the fall, knowing that, as a hunter, no one would be able to catch him, at the end of the day. His throat tightened at the thought, and he had to clear it twice before he could speak again, “but, from the very moment I met you, I knew I was wrong. You showed me that even hunters deserve to have love. But did I deserve love?” He shook his head slowly, disagreeing with his own thoughts, “No, probably not.”

Dean looked away, his brows furrowing over troubled green eyes, flashes of his previous demons struggling with the memory of his mistakes in his mind.

I just wanna hold you close,
Feel your heart so close to mine,
And stay here in this moment,
For all the rest of time

“But, over time, you’ve also shown me that I deserve to have love and be loved,” He lifted his piercing gaze, his pale irises finally wet with harbored tears, “and, today, I vow to always deserve not just anyone’s love, but to always deserve your love,” as he spoke, a single tear broke free, sliding down his face only to be lost in the stubble along his jawline; his hands shook as he slid a matching silver ring onto your hand, “and I vow to always give you the love you deserve.”

He didn’t dare look away from you during the moments that followed, but he could hear Sam politely stifling his sobs and sniffles as Castiel asked you if you would take him to be your husband. Dean held his breath, fearful for a moment that you would deny him, only to hear you whisper 'I do’ with a soft smile. Then Castiel turned to him.

I don’t wanna close my eyes,
I don’t wanna fall asleep,
'Cause I’d miss you, babe,
And I don’t wanna miss a thing

“Do you, Dean Winchester, take Y/N, to be your beautiful wife, to fight beside, to protect, and to love, to the end of this life, and beyond the next?” The angel asked, his lips quirking as he spoke the oaths written specifically for the two of you.

Slowly, Dean looked over you once more, his eyes coming to rest on the toes of your scuffed boots peeking out from beneath your skirt.

The sweetest dream will never do,
I’d still miss you, babe

Another tear fell as he met your eyes again, his face twisted with the emotions finally spilling from him.

“I do.”

And I don’t wanna miss a thing

“You may now kiss the bride,” Castiel said with a smile.

And Dean did.

Happy 300 followers, babies! This is part one of what I am calling the ‘Wedding Series’, a three-part series that will include first-hand insights to the thoughts and emotions of your favorite Supernatural man! This one is obviously about Dean, and features the song ‘I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing’ by Aerosmith. Please feel welcome to critique this piece in my ask box! And, as always, remember that…

I love you.

I need you.

I’ll protect you.


Welp, I’ve done it. I finally hit 300 followers and I’m extremely excited. It’s awesome to be a part of this community and meet new friends! So, since it’s you guys that got me here, I’ve decided to do a Follow Forever thing again! You should check out every blog listed here because they’re all fantastic. Every bolded blog is a big favorite of mine :) 

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Well, thank you all again! If I forgot anyone, please forgive me. I don’t have the best memory in the world :) I love all of you very much, though and have a good day! 


300 + followers Competition!!

Let me explain the rules baby!:

~ When you reblog to win, you must put the name of the character you want! 

 ~ If you want a shot at getting another character, put both or all names on the reblog! 

 ~ Participants will be chosen at random! 

 ~ You can change the names, looks, and the information about the character BUT I will not be making another reference sheet for you~ (Sorry!) 

 ~If someone has a problem after being chosen, I will choose another winner for that character! 

 ~ I will choose when the Reblogging has stopped for three days! 



 Have fun!


When I created this blog, I never imagined myself getting this far. It is trully ASTONISHING. To me, at least, as I have always been insecure about my portrayal of Satsuki. Nevertheless, I thank you all for following && supporting me, while I have been here!

Without further of my babbling, here’s my follow forever list.


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If I have missed you, I’m sorry. I love all my followers equally. These are the people closest to me, though. xx Anne.

I look at all the blogs I follow and realize, wow, 300 is nothing to most people, but I LOVE YOU ALL AND IMMA CELEBRATE IT ANYWAY! (plus look at this awesome banner by code-name-you and tell me I shouldn’t) Also I’m probably doing this wrong but oh well. 

I never thought I’d have more than the 26 followers I had when I changed to a book blog.So thank you all for following and sticking with me! 

Without further ado…

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Rock on, beautiful people.

300 followers gift!

Thank to you all!

The Phantom of the Opera | April 15th, 2015 | Moscow | luinaluna’s master

Andrey Schkoldychenko (u/s Phantom), Tamara Kotova, Eugeny Zaycev, Yuri Mazihin, Sergey Sorokin (u/s Andre), Ekaterina Lehina, Oganes Georgiyan, Elena Charkviany, Valeria Migalina.

Great quality, recorded from the 2nd row. Andrey’s 12th performance. Ekaterina Lehina’s birthday.


Download here

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                    300 FOLLOW FOREVER GIVEAWAY!

Since I hit 300 followers this week I thought is was about time that I do a giveaway. So the winner of this will get a theme edit and 50 icons made by me. There wont be any runner up winners, sorry foe any inconvenience that makes.


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300 followers gift -  Hello everyone,

I know i’ve reached 400 now and i’ve done alot of custom content for my other gifts so i’ve decided to do something different. I’ve decided to set up a small 5 easy step editing in photoshop for the editing newbies. I will explain this more in my FAQ but heres a image and the direction of a simple correction of image to make your sims 3 pictures pop

Any questions as always my ask box is open

Love xoxo

Honestly I have no idea how I’m suppose to do this thing; but having 300+ followers is seriously making me blush and happy! I have to do one of Ask Stingue but here is mines! These people tagged makes me happy and I thank them for liking/reblog my arts or finding time to talk with me or keeping a big smile on my face~!

The reason for loves ; Most of them are young artists, humoring blogs, roleplayers, fiction writers, fandom, OTP-Battleship, husbie/wifu, and needs to be loved with care!

The Love and Smiles groupies!

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