“Come on, big guy, you have to come out sooner or later,” Stiles was begging at this point. Was it ironic that the human in this situation was the one begging for attention? Probably. Will Stiles mention that to Derek? No, because he values keeping his face intact.

For all his placation and begging, all he gets is a solid huff from the wolf currently hogging all of his bedding.

He had come home like any other day, dropping his backpack with a much too heavy thud when he had found the wolf sized lump curled on his bed. He had to admit, the first few times this had happened - he cooed and ‘ahh’ed at the werewolf who had taken to finding comfort in the ode de Stilinski. Now? Not so much. 

Sure, Stiles’ heart melted every time he witnessed Derek’s in full shift and tried not to break the magic of how much more tactile the man became when less hindered by his human shape. But this was the third time this week Stiles would be remaking his bed for non-jizz related reasons and that shit took effort. Not even being chased by monsters winded him quite as much as getting a fitted sheet on his mattress did.

“Der, you can’t just hide in my covers forever.”

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300+ followers give away

Hello, my dear, lovely followers. I love you so much. I’m so grateful for everything. 

Well, it’s give away time. 

It will end on 8/25/2017  ~ ♡

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give away is ended ~


This is absolutely crazy!!! Just the thought of 300 lovely human beings following this little guilty pleasure/hobby of mine is just mind-blowing!!! And so, I want to thank you in one of the best ways possible: through sincere recommendations of other blogs!!! These people are inspiring, kind, cool, hilarious, and have overall 1000000/10 blogs :)))

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Everything under the cut :))))

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300 Follower Milestone celebration

requested by @inthenameofodin

Pairing; Ivar x Reader 

Warning: SMUT 

Word Count: 1649

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House Aesthetics (/*_*)/

I’ve recently reached 300 followers, so as a thank you to all of those who have supported me and followed me I’d like to give something back.

Fules of a sort:

  • Please reblog this post :)
  • Maybe give me a follow?!?
  • send me your hogwarts house, ilvermorny house, mbti type or star sign (all of them or two minimum) for an aesthetic via my ask box!
  • If your set of answers have already been done then I will simply send you a link to the previously done aesthetic!



  • Anybody can enter once you’re following me! New followers always welcome, but please don’t just follow for a prize then unfollow after you win >.> You must be following either @asha77art ( Art blog) OR this blog, I will check.
  • 1 reblog counts as two entries, and 1 like counts as an entry too, so there’s a total of three entries per person. Winners will be chosen from a generator. 
  • I will count the entries on March the second.
  • I will also pick three runners up, they will receive a pixel drawing.

What I will draw: 

  • Partial nudity / NSFW
  • Furries
  • OC’s ( with reference )
  • Pairings 
  • Fandoms I am comfortable with

What I won’t draw: 

  • Heavy NSFW 
  • Mecha 
  • Anything I’m uncomfortable with

Thank you again for following, and good luck!


Zaokas 300 Follower Give away!

G-great googley moogley! 300 followers! It’s been just over a year since I started this blog, and everyone’s continued support means so much to this dorky little penguin who posts goofy screenshots! To show my appreciation, I’d like to give a little something back with a little give away!

The Rules:

  1. You must already be a follower of this blog in order to qualify
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  5. The Cutoff date for the giveaway will be Tuesday 28th of November 2017 at 17:00GMT

The Prizes:
First place: £20.00 gifts from the Mogstation or an Amazon Store Gift card of equal value.
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Best of luck to everyone! Thank you once again and don’t forget to reblog to share the love! \ovo/.


Guys… It finally happened. I have 300 followers… I’m so happy! Everyone in this fandom is so great, I really want to thank each one of you!

This is a niche blog, dedicated to a relatively underground character! But here we are! Now let’s hope for the best, Fethry totally needs to be part of the Ducktales cartoon…

I wanna to ask something… Can you draw Fethry for me? It can be a stick figure, i don’t mind… I just wanna something commemorative! So, draw Fethry somewhere in the image bellow and reblog!


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count:544

Warnings: Dean’s kind of an asshole.

A/N - This was for my 300 followers and was requested ages ago by @grace-for-sale - Buck-Dean 18 Platonic! ;) - 18)  ‘just accept the fucking help!’

Originally posted by helvonasche

Carrying the takeout food for dinner, you twisted the key and enter the motel room. There, sat in the middle of the bed, twisted in an awkward position, was Dean, stitching himself up.

You threw the keys and the food on the table, running straight in his direction. ‘Oh god, Dean! What happened? What are you doing? Here, lay on your side and I’ll do it.’

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21.7.17 | thanks for 300 y’all!! now that my summer classes are over i’m thinking of maybe doing a tips post for those? if you have any specific questions about college intercession classes let me know :+) || studygram