300 years alone

Can we take a little moment to appreciate these wonderful few seconds near the end of Rise of the Guardians?

Jack Frost has been alone for 300 years. Alone unoticed and unheard of. Children did not believe in him and he remained but a mere expression. He was a ghost and everyone simply walked through him. This hurt Jack to the brink of him losing hope…..But…..

One little boy bought hope back into Jack. He believed and he SAW Jack. The first person to see Jack as he stands. The true Guardian of Fun. His first physical contact in over 300 years. His first hug since his sister most likely hugged her own brother. Look how dear and cherised these two are in those seconds alone. Their bond is strong.

Look at how Jack gently grips his hand around Jamie’s shoulder and dips his head, as if to say I will never leave you. I’ ll always watch over you as long as you believe in me. He doesnt want to let go and his face… he is truly relieved and relaxed to gain trust and belief again once more.

Look at the gentle background ambience too. Time seems to have slowed down. Everything has come to a slow standstill as two boys share a loving embrace.

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It was early morning, a smooth blanket of snow covered the roofs of viking houses and chilled the strong winds. Hiccup walked up the wooden path from the village docks, looking back to see the ships sail away. Stoik and the other vikings were travelling south, trying to trade for some food as their catches were unlucky during the warm months. 

The brunette slumped onto his hard bed, sighing deeply before looking over at Toothless who was sleeping soundly. “I wonder where Jack is?” He mumbled to himself. He’d been thinking about the teen for a while, seeing as how there was snow fall but no Frost to accompany it. Surely Jack would have popped in for a visit if he was in the area, right? Hiccup sat up and stretched his arms above his head, trying to convince himself that his ‘friend’ would see him soon.

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Winter was very nearly over. It was a shame, really, because Jamie loved the cold, and it brought a strange sense of comfort, though he could never understand why. The warmer air made him uncomfortable, and made him long for the colder seasons, and a part of him wished the cold would last longer, but he shook his head slightly, smiling somewhat.

“Everything has it’s time,” he mumbled to himself as he passed by the lake, and he paused, a faint memory flickering in the back of his mind. He tried to grasp it, but the memory struggled out of his reach, and he sighed slightly, slowly, hesitantly taking a step down onto the frozen ice - sturdy, at least.