y’all this matt mercer lip sync from a-kon is BEAUTIFUL


Masamune and Kota Dance with Voice (short version). There is a twitter campaign (click here) if the video tweet has more than 300 RT and 10,000 view on Youtube until 4/20 full PV will be available.

LOOΠΔ Solo + Unit MV View Count

as of 170626 9:00 PM KST

Vivid / Heejin — 1,034,862 views

Around You / Hyunjin — 300,538 views

Let Me In / Haseul — 475,201 views

Kiss Later / Yeojin — 556,916 views

Love & Live / LOOΠΔ 1/3 — 515,873 views

Everyday I Love You / Vivi — 394,875 views

Sonatine / LOOΠΔ 1/3 — 262,584 views
*Rain 51db Special MV to be released once Sonatine reaches 300k views!

Eclipse / Kim Lip — 778,622 views

Singing in the Rain / Jinsoul — 72,115 views

Please try to stream the girls’ mvs each day! ❤️ 


You guys, this Stripper!Dean Destiel vid has less than 300 views right now and thAT IS A CRIME!

Let’s pretend Onision only gets paid 50 cents per 1 thousand views. Let’s also pretend he ONLY uploads 1 video per day out of his 3 or whatever channels, only gets 300 thousand paid views a day (150k from the new video and 150k from every other video he has ever posted. Obviously a lot of people use adblock but we’ll use those people as all the other added thousands of views I’m not counting). Ya’ll do realise at the ABSOLUTE bare minimum (ABSOLUTE) he is earning 150 bucks a day, right? Youtube isn’t a regular job either, he’s getting paid every day per week. At the absolute bare minimum, not including his wife’s income and merch sales, he makes $1,050 per week, or $54,600 per year. Even at this complete under judgement he is earning thousands more than the average salary per year in the United States. He doesn’t need your money to “survive.” He’s manipulating you.


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Good afternoon folks, and welcome to today’s statistical map, where we take our second look at Youtube views this ESC season. I’ve talked here about how useful YT views and likes can be to predict success at the contest - and indeed, some of the songs with the biggest hype (Belgium, France, the perennial Sweden) tend to see that hype reflected by huge viewing numbers. (As always, before someone points out the 100 m viewers of we use the videos playlisted and uploaded by the official Eurovision Song Contest channel - the version racking up the views is not the Eurovision version.)

Last month, five songs had cracked a million views on the official ESC account - since then, ten more have done the same, and 8 songs have racked up 1.5 million views or more. This is just shy of the 19 songs that had over a million views on the night before the semi-finals began last year - a number that I feel is likely to be excelled this year.

What I find really curious is the geographic distribution of views. Excepting the withdrawn Russia, the top 5 songs by views comprise 4 Western European nations (Sweden, Belgium, San Marino [have they been streaming non stop in the Serene Republic?] and France), with only Macedonia making an incursion for the east. The bottom 5 by views, on the other hand, is entirely eastern and post-93 ESC members: Slovenia, Croatia, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Georgia, though it must be noted that Bulgaria previously had over a million views on their lyric video and unleashed their visual video quite late.

In typical ESC years, there is usually more balance between West and East, with a number of Eastern nations doing incredibly well. 2017 seems like the year of the West, however: only 4 post-1993 nations (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Serbia and Macedonia) have cracked a million views compared to 9 pre-1993 ESC members. It’s particularly surprising for me to see Poland and Ukraine, whose videos usually get a lot of views, not making much of an impression this year.

Of course, there is more than one way the YT data is useful - and it is important to look not only at the sheer number of views but the rate at which the number of views is expanding. Many songs can gain a large number of (often domestic) views when first released, which then peters out - whilst other songs may start off with fewer views but see their figures increase steadily over time with repeat listeners and new viewers

Instead of east-west, we see something of a crude north-south divide, with most northern nations having a below average increase in views (108.5% being the average increase) and most southern nations having an above average increase. There are always exceptions, but these are surprisingly very zonal: the three Baltic nations are amongst the very few northern nations with a faster than average view increase, with Estonia’s almost 300% increase in views being the highest of them all, whilst most of the slower-than-average; whilst most of the slower than average view counts are for countries in the Balkans and the island nations of Malta and Cyprus.

A full data table can be found below!

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anonymous asked:

Can I just say you are a treasure for writers and readers alike? I think this blog is very precious and amazing and it gives the opportunity for readers to showcase their favorite work and authors to gain more readers! Someone put me on your fanrec Friday list and I instantly got 300 more views on my story and I'm so glad people are reading my work but more importantly I think it is definitely necessary to say thank you to you for all the work you put into this fandom so thank you so much!

Thank you so so much for this comment! 💙💙

It makes me so happy to read the comments on A Normal Lost Phone- literally every one I saw was of people talking about how accepting they are, or sharing their stories, or thanking Jack for being so kind. Also, jack was worried people wouldn’t see it because the schedule was a little different, but it’s been up for 6 hours and has almost 300,000 views!! So I think people will find his tear-jerking message at the end :)

BIGBANG Becomes First K-Pop Group To Hit 300 Million Views With "Fantastic Baby" MV

BIGBANG Becomes First K-Pop Group To Hit 300 Million Views With “Fantastic Baby” MV

External image

BIGBANG has broken their own record on YouTube!

On June 22, their music video for “Fantastic Baby” surpassed 300 million views.

Last January, BIGBANG became the first male idol group to make it past 200 million views, but they are now the first K-pop group ever to surpass 300 million views.

Congratulations, BIGBANG!

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