After almost 100 years, the ACLU is diving into grassroots organizing. This is the agenda.

  • Since 1920, the American Civil Liberties Union has done one thing: lawyer up. The ACLU spent the past century tracking claims of unconstitutional injustice and bringing backup in the form of lawyers, wherever they’ve been able.
  • Now, after almost a hundred years, the ACLU is finally stepping out of the courtroom and into the streets.On Saturday, the ACLU launched “People Power,” a new grassroots organization that will turn newly activists into community leaders to fight back against President Donald Trump’s agenda. 

  • At a crowded stadium in Miami, with over 2,300 viewing parties watching live across the country, the ACLU’s leaders and top lawyers inaugurated a veritable army of volunteers to become a national grassroots network. Read more. (3/12/17 9:00 AM)

In the words of Lee Jooheon, “Let stop, calm down”.

The rules clearly stated that songs/albums released between 12 - 6pm KST would chart. The album released a few minutes after 6pm so it doesn’t count. People are saying Pristin’s album was released at 6 too, but apparently it was released on mwave before 6 so it counts. 

DO NOT COMMENT HATE TOWARDS PRISTIN. IT IS NOT THEIR FAULT. STOP RUINING THE MONBEBE NAME. We’ve always been known as such a nice fandom, don’t ruin that.

Don’t be disheartened, we will chart tomorrow at 12pm KST. Until then DO NOT STOP STREAMING. If you can, leave your phone on overnight streaming on the melon app. The key times to stream are between 12 - 6pm KST so if you can’t stream all day, at least try between those hours.  

Also we are already doing so unbelievably well on YouTube. We already have over 300,000 views. Keep streaming there too. Log out of  your youtube account. Watch the beautiful MV, go click on another video and watch, click around and go back to beautiful. Make it seem realistic. Don’t just leave on a playlist for hours on end. 

We will get this win, you just need to believe in yourself and all the monbebes out there.

As of right now I am 6 away from my first 100 followers, and my psych2go article is nearly 300 away from 2000 views. I honestly feel so blessed right now that I am shaking and kind of in a state of shock.

Seeing people comment and like and reblog/share my work-both the writings I do here on Tumblr and on Psych2Go- throws me each and every single time. Like I’m not sure if I believe that it’s really happening or that I am worthy of such support from everyone. I think it’s because this is just something that comes so naturally to me- wanting to create and write and share something so important to me with all of you- and the fact that I’m actually doing it just makes me so happy beyond belief. Even if it’s something as small as this, it’s like the world to me.

This is a dream come true for me: to be able to write and create something that means a lot to me and that I hope and pray for in each piece that reaches someone- and it does each time. It reaches someone and people gain something from my work and continue to support me and give me the opportunity to keep creating. And that is all I have ever wanted.

So to everyone who has supported me on this tumblr with prompts and love for my silly writing;
And to those who have supported me with my recent and continually-growing psychological writing;
Thank you. You truly make my life feel blessed. And I only hope to keep growing and sharing in this experience with all of you.

Zootopia / Robin Hood Fanfiction - TAKE A STAND: Chapter 16 Double Dare

(Hey Guys it’s Garouge here AKA Crewefox with another chapter of Take a Stand! Wow so there’s 3 big milestones with this chapter ok…this fic has hit over 50k views, over 300 reviews and has topped over 80k words!!! Thank you everyone and a big shout out to story.writer.2015 for his drunk Bogo suggestion for this chapter. So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter.)

Here’s the fanfiction.net link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12105029/16/Take-A-Stand

Chapter 16- Double dare.

Marian Wilde was a very sociable vixen, it was very rare that she would go home and watch TV after finishing work. On Mondays she would attend the Sherwood book club, on Tuesdays she taught a I.T for beginners class at the local community centre, Wednesdays she’d be at the MMA gym where she was the eldest member of the class and most ruthless for her weight division, Thursdays was cooking club and the rest of the week Marian would be out with friends or helping out in the neighbourhood. So on this Wednesday evening when Marian pulled into the driveway of her modest Sherwood home she had no idea that her happy life was about to become a lot more complicated. Marian unlocked the front door and walked into her home wearing her MMA sparring attire which consisted of black thank top and matching black shorts with a lilac stripe running down them, she tossed down her gym bag by the stairs and went into the kitchen to make herself some tea. But as soon as she entered the kitchen she knew something was quite right as she walked into the unlit room, she played it cool as she walked by the light switch on purpose and went over to the kettle to fill it up, all the while sniffing the air. Someone else was in the kitchen with her, the intruder smelt of engine oil and more disturbingly blood. Marian acted natural as she filled the kettle before settling it back down on it’s stand and switching it on, she then calmly went over to the knife block and pulled out the biggest blade, she turned around and confidently said “I know you’re there, you can’t hide from me. I bet you thought a little old vixen like me would be easy to rob, didn’t you? But have you never heard the old phrase ‘A cornered fox is…”

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wow wow wow

this is so good!!!!

bts coming up with converse high like
  • bts: I really like girls in converse. high tops. OMG we should totally write a song about that
  • suga: no
  • bts: yes
  • suga: noo
  • bts: majority rules we like girls in converse highs
  • suga: nO
  • -
  • bts: omg girl I love girls in converse high~
Prompt Challenge: Day 70

Explain three things in your life that you would never give up on. If you would like to choose the fiction route then write about a character explaining three things they refuse to give up on. 300 word minimum.

View the competition FAQ, here!
Submit to the March submission page, here!
For competition rules and information, visit the original post here.
You can also submit your own prompt ideas, here!

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This prompt is for March 11th and the deadline for submissions is April 1, 2017.

Admin A response:

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📷 AmiriaOfficial JUST SHARED A POST.

AmiraOfficial | Album is complete and it releases on Friday I hope you guys love it. 😊😘🌻


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Christina posted her very first cover 6 years ago today!

On July 17, 2009, Christina Victoria Grimmie put up her very first Youtube cover: Don’t Wanna Be Torn by Hannah Montana. Since then, she has uploaded hundreds of videos, gotten over 300 million views and almost 3 million subscribers and won a huge Youtube contest. Not to mention her incredible success outside of Youtube. Today we can look back on 6 years worth of covers, on seeing Christina grow up and become the artist she is today.

Christina, I am so incredibly proud of you. Keep doing what you’re doing, Team Grimmie is here to support you.


Netflix is still viewing Young Justice stats to see if they should order a third season, but apparently they are starting to lean towards not doing it. So right now, no matter what you are doing, GO WATCH YOUNG JUSTICE! If you do not watch at least five or six episodes a day we will not get it back. They are saying that they need at least 300,000 views a month to renew it and they will be making their decision in the next few weeks. SO GO WATCH YOUNG JUSTICE RIGHT THIS SECOND AND DON’T STOP UNTIL YOU EITHER PASS OUT OR DIE, THIS IS NOT A REQUEST, PLEASE HELP OUT AND WATCH IT NOW!!!!!! We need to get it trending again, or we will never ever see another new episode of Young Justice ever again!

This is all my school supplies for the 2015-2016 year!

- laminated folders w. pockets and the three holes in the middle (6)

- one subject notebooks (5)

- 3 subject notebooks (3)

- 5 subject notebook (1)

-Hi polymer erasers (one pack of 3)

- 7-pack Z-grip pens 

- Bic mechanical pencils .7 

- Precise V5 rt .5mm pens 

- Sharpie clear view highlighters 

- 300 index cards 

- Sub Zero water bottle 

- Blue Sky the Color go Imagination academic planner

- Travel size hygiene items

  • degree deodorant
  • coco butter lotion
  • Body Fantasies Signature (Pink Vanilla Kiss Fantasy)
  • Tide to go stick
  • Burts Bees vanilla bean chapstick 

ASTRO announced that they would record a dance practice video when the MV reaches 2 million views. Additionally, when it reaches 4 million views, we can suggest types of practices and they will chose one (i.e. switching parts, dressing up, etc.)

But let’s work towards the 2 million together first!

  1. stream the video here on youtube. once a day The only time views don’t count is when you keep replaying it within a short amount of time. Let the video play through once and leave it, come back later if you want to add more views.
  2. a view will count on youtube as long as the video does not autoplay. share the mv with anyone and everyone! even as much as just hitting play and muting the volume as you scroll through tumblr is appreciated. as far as my research goes, views count as long as it is streamed from different ip addresses. From the same IP generally once a day counts (up to about 300 views. which is 300 days. which we want to reach 2 million views in a much shorter time than 300 days anyway.) All we ask is that when you see ASTRO’s MV appear on your dash, hit play!
  3. We are currently at about 700,000 views since the video was released last week. Which means we need 1,300,000 more views. I think a reasonable goal is to reach 2 million views in the next 3 weeks. The first week got 700,000 views, which means 1,300,000 in 3 weeks is not way unreasonable. 

all of this view information is coming from me and various google searches so its accuracy is not guaranteed

AROHAS lets work together and help our boys reach 2 million views!

October 10


Here’s a really cute interview from the red carpet of Latina’s Hot List Party last week:

New album teasers, hugs… did I mention,


The Bahamas

Lauren’s enjoying the beach!

Normani’s also enjoying the beach:

Normani and fishes:

She misses Preslee!

At least Josh Levi’s the caretaker..?

Camila’s grateful for the trip:


AHA, Dinah!


The girls performed at the Atlantis Theater tonight in The Bahamas:

They went through the Summer Reflection Tour set:

After the show, 4/5 were spotted clubbing in the hotel’s club!

Yup, it was fun!

5H Fix

This week, it’s a short update on the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Tour there girls are going on this December.


Worth It reached 300 million views on YouTube today! It has also breached the 200 million stream mark on Spotify.

Half a billion plays for Worth It! whaaaat?!

Happy birthday to Dinah’s sister, Kamila!

Lauren posted a photo she took of Will, their tour manager:

I am writing this on August 1st. We  have six days until the Kickstarter campaign for the final season of Lavender Collective ends. I’m really thankful to the 24 people who have backed the project so far, but we’re still $150 away from our goal, and if we don’t raise it all, we won’t get anything. Without the money, we can’t secure our filming location and pay the cast. Without the money, we can’t make the show.

The  existing episodes have anywhere between 300 and 1000+ views and this blog has almost 200 followers. The number of backers we have on Kickstarter (24) does not reflect the number of fans we have. It doesn’t even come close.

I am writing all of this to say that if you’re a fan of something (a web series, music, e.t.c)–especially if that thing is being independently produced–it is important to show your support in whatever way you can. We can’t do this without you. Thanks.

May 8

Happy Mother’s Day to all your mothers and mother figures in life!

After a week of rehearsals in LA, the girls surprised their loved ones by spending Mother’s Day with them!

Ally, Normani, and Lauren all flew back to their hometowns to be with their families:

Check out their sweet messages to the most inspirational women in their lives!

Work From Home milestones

ICYMI, Work from Home is Fifth Harmony’s FIRST NUMBER ONE SONG ON RADIO! (on Rhythmic)

Lauren also celebrated WFH going platinum with this tweet!

The song is only Fifth Harmony’s second song (after Worth It, of course) to hit 200 million streams on Spotify!

The WFH music video is also the 11th fastest music video ever to reach 300 million views on YouTube – in only 73 days!

New song?!

A snippet of (supposedly) That’s My Girl, the first track on 7/27, is being used in an NBC Olympics commercial! It hasn’t been 100% confirmed but all information we have point to this being Fifth Harmony’s song. Have a listen!


Special mention to Normani for always keeping it classy! Yes girl!

 That’s it for today! We have exciting days coming for the fandom! Stay tuned!