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its weird having symptoms that seemingly contradict at first. like i really rarely have interest in other people’s lives and i’m just not able to care about them much, but at the same time, i still desperately need their approval and am scared of what they think of me and what they might do behind my back.

it’s a lot more difficult to build relationships that you paradoxically need when you’re not naturally inclined to do the things that are considered the building blocks of them, (e.g, message people frequently, engage emotionally, etc) 


Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: “We don’t meet people by accident. They’re meant to cross our path for a reason” but sometimes it’s a little awkward. 

Word Count:2,565 (wtf?!)

Warnings: Language, Drinking, Implied Sex, The Fluffiest Fluff that ever Fluffed

A/N: Written for Bee’s writing challenge. I’m so sorry… it took me forever to write this. I hope it’s okay. 

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The bar was empty except for another patron and the bartender who was cleaning mugs with a rag. It was late and you should have been in bed, sleeping soundlessly, but you were too nervous to sleep. So you got dressed in the first clothes that came to hand, grabbed your keys and decided to take a stroll around the neighbourhood.

Of course, that didn’t do a thing to calm your nerves so you settled for the next best thing: a bar not too far from your apartment. You only had a ten dollar bill and some change in your pocket, but it was enough to order their cheapest drink -a vodka cranberry.

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about reposting…

Hello! Thanks so so much for letting me know about the reposter; not only have they reposted my crop top series without credit, that also reposted my decora series, crediting the wrong person! (x x) I don’t really know how to use my instagram account, but i’ll try to contact them, thank you for letting me know.

As lenient as I am about reposting, this person still failed to follow them. My only requirements for reposting is to credit me and not to repost on something i’m already using (tumblr, twitter, pixiv).

Saying something like “credit to the artist” is not a proper way to credit. I know the purpose is to officially claim that you didn’t make it, but saying “credit to the artist” doesn’t give the artist any exposure at all. With no credits, artists are unable to find their works and ask the reposter to take it down. It is the reposter’s job, their responsibility, to reverse image search the image and find the original artist to the best of their ability. There is no way around this; if you say that you didn’t give credits because you don’t know who the artist is, you’re in the wrong. If you don’t know the artist, you shouldn’t repost it at all. No exceptions. It’s extra work, but if you want to be respected to any degree, it’s the least you can do.

(If you don’t know how to reverse image search: open up google image search, click on the camera icon

choose whether you have the url or saved image, and upload it.

When it uploads, click on the link that says “All sizes”

Browse to the best of your ability for the original artist, this will take time, but there is no way around that. Pinterest is not a source, but it may help you find the original.


Reposting is generally a horrible practice, but I know that with the internet, it’s impossible to avoid. However, there is a better way to do it rather than just pulling images as you will. I imagine the biggest reason why reposters do this kind of thing is because they don’t understand the consequences of their actions. Heavy reposting can genuinely and deeply hurt an artist’s career. I have heard stories of artists that deleted their presence of the internet after becoming disheartened by reposts. This is the answer that reposters argue is the actual solution, saying something along the lines of “If you didn’t want it reposted, why put it on the internet?” Along with that, if an artist uses an artwork that has been reposted in a portfolio to present for a job or school, they can be denied completely. There’s also the fact that reposting can lead to false crediting, and split exposure. If you repost on the same website, the notes will be split between the original and the repost, hurting the artist’s chance at exposure and attention. In the example, a reposter ended up gaining the credit and attention of an audience around 300 thousand strong, and that audience includes potential clients. So it may not seem like much, but reposting can hurt an artist’s professional life and self worth. The argument is that if an artist doesn’t want their work to be reposted, they shouldn’t upload onto social media. However, nowadays uploading onto the internet is the best way for artists to gain exposure and start a career. And also, it’s a disgusting thing to blame the artist in this situation.

Some artists are more strict about reposting than others, enough to watermark all their artwork with “do not repost” and stuff. Some artists are more transparent about that than others. This is why it is so so important to ask permission before reposting. Many artists are more than thankful that people ask permission. If you don’t have permission, don’t repost, no exceptions. There’s a chance that the artist will never respond (maybe language barrier or inactivity or otherwise) if this is the case, just don’t repost. Often the artist will be transparent about their reposting rules (i have mine in my about), so try browsing that before reposting too.

With all this in mind, there is no justifiable reason to repost art without proper credit or permission. If you repost any artwork at all without credits, you are doing a horrible and disgusting act, feeding off of the hard work of artists for the sake of your own satisfaction. Saving work to admire on your personal device is different from saving and then uploading to a social media to feed off of attention that you don’t deserve is disgusting. With the internet, it’s impossible to completely eliminate this kind of behavior, but it’s disgusting to have a community that is so content with it.

Thank you to those who read. I know only those who care will actually read it all, but hopefully i was able to convince at least one person. This is a serious situation.

edit: Mystic.rfa has been very understanding in taking down work and searching for credits. They are relieved that anons on tumblr have been contacting artists because they can now more easily find credits.

Let’s pretend Onision only gets paid 50 cents per 1 thousand views. Let’s also pretend he ONLY uploads 1 video per day out of his 3 or whatever channels, only gets 300 thousand paid views a day (150k from the new video and 150k from every other video he has ever posted. Obviously a lot of people use adblock but we’ll use those people as all the other added thousands of views I’m not counting). Ya’ll do realise at the ABSOLUTE bare minimum (ABSOLUTE) he is earning 150 bucks a day, right? Youtube isn’t a regular job either, he’s getting paid every day per week. At the absolute bare minimum, not including his wife’s income and merch sales, he makes $1,050 per week, or $54,600 per year. Even at this complete under judgement he is earning thousands more than the average salary per year in the United States. He doesn’t need your money to “survive.” He’s manipulating you.

flower crowns and pastel boots- chapter fifteen

pastel punk au

chapter one, chapter two, chapter three, chapter four, chapter fivechapter six, chapter seven, chapter eight, chapter nine, chapter tenchapter eleven, chapter twelve, chapter thirteen, chapter fourteen, chapter fifteen, chapter sixteen, chapter seventeen, chapter eighteen, chapter nineteenepilogue

they stay in bed all day, talking and laughing and just being near each other.

when baz’s dad comes knocking at around twelve, baz says he’s sick. his eyes are fever-bright, and his cheeks are flushed pink- maybe that’s why he doesn’t argue. (simon hides under the bed- it’s roomy, of course. baz’s bed is enormous.)

but even through his delirious (intoxicating, overflowing) happiness, there’s something prodding at the back of his mind. there’s something missing. something he’s overlooked?

and it’s only when he’s back home, flopping down on his own bed at nine, that he realizes that-

oh, god, he’s forgotten about agatha.

he’s been kissing baz all day, and holding his hand, and he’s forgotten his actual girlfriend (granted, he’s fairly sure she doesn’t actually like him all that much in any way other than that of a friend, but it’s still a really shitty thing to do).

so he lies there, and thinks about texting baz- because baz can make almost everything better- but instead he digs out his phone and calls her. if he’s going to be shitty, he has to own up to it.


his voice is dripping with poorly disguised guilt, and he hears her suspicious pause on the other end of the line.

and then she sighs.

“so you finally did it, then?”

he blinks. “what?”

she huffs, exasperated with him like always, and he braces himself. for what? a lecture?

“you finally snogged baz?”

simon freezes, a cold feeling trickling down his spine. “what?” that’s not what he expected- she wasn’t supposed to know-

“you’ve been going on about him for weeks, simon. do you really think i hadn’t noticed?”

“is it- obvious?” he thinks his voice is shaking. what if everyone else has already noticed? what if the only one who hadn’t realized was him?

“no, simon- well, a bit, but don’t forget i’ve known you since we were ten.”

“right,” he mumbles, fighting the urge to hang up. he feels sick.

“simon snow, jesus- it’s not obvious, okay? no one would even think that you snogged a boy, especially not baz- for one, because you’re dating me-”

simon cringes. “sorry-”

“and also because you’ve spent the entirety of your time at school establishing how terrible you think that is.”

simon feels a lump gathering in his throat. “i-”

“look, si… i don’t actually like you like that, okay?” she says softly. “i just didn’t want you to drag baz further down. and you’re a good friend, when you’re not being an absolute prat.”

he supposes that’s true- they’ve been friends since they were little.

they met when he still dressed in ratty jeans and carried around his stupid red rubber ball- it was a birthday present from his dad, and he never let go of it. and he’d gone over to her house for christmas dinner, and helped with the dishes, and her father had called him ‘son’.

and even when he’d stopped being friends with penelope (who really was the one who kept him from insulting everyone he met), she was still there. even when he put up his walls, and even when he because snappish, and even when he mocked and jeered and rose ranks until he was the most popular boy in the school, all chattering groups of friends and parties, even when they were younger. (they’re best friends, sort of.) (he’d had a massive crush on her since before he can remember, but she never seemed to notice. or care.)

but now it’s different.

“i don’t- agatha, i think i love him.” it’s rushed, jumbled, terrified.

“maybe not. simon, you’re seventeen- ”

“so’re you-”

“well, i’m not in love with anyone, am i? especially not someone i’ve liked for three weeks. and only just snogged a day ago.”

simon clears his throat, almost relived. “you’re right… it’s just. he’s-” he shakes his head. “you know what? never mind.”

agatha laughs on the other end. “alright, simon. is that all, then?”

“yeah- wait, no. do you like anyone?”

she pauses. “why?”

“well, it doesn’t seem quite fair to you…”

“that what? we were technically dating and you went off and kissed someone?” her voice is teasing, but it has a bite to it. “by the way, if you happen to fall in love with anyone else- don’t do that to baz.”

simon’s jaw drops. “i would never!”


“but you’re avoiding the question.” he backs up and falls down onto his bed, legs sprawled out in front of him. he feels like he should be twirling a house phone cord between his fingers.

“god- okay, yes, simon, i like someone.” she sounds exasperated. “can i go now?”

“nope, not until you tell me who it is.”

she’s quiet, and he grins. “i won’t stop bothering you…”

she snorts. “whatever, snow.”

aggie, please?”

“brat.” the silence crackles, and he holds his breath. “right, fine- promise you won’t tell?”

“pinkie promise.”

“you are such a dork- you have to guess.”

he’s terrible at guessing. she knows it. “guess?”

“uh huh.”

matt? no. dev? no. niall? darren? rhys? definitely no- his parakeet had bitten her once and she’d never really gotten over that.

“can you give me a hint?”

“dark hair.”

“do you talk? are you friends?”

“well, not exactly…” he can tell she’s biting her lip. “she- i mean-”

“it’s a girl?” simon’s eyes bug out slightly, and agatha scoffs.

“oh, like you can talk- pining over baz for weeks and weeks-”

“i wasn’t pining,” he mumbles sulkily.

“oh, whatever- anyway, yeah, she tutored me-”

“wait-” it all makes sense now, agatha never needs to be tutored. she’s smart, and she has more pride than anyone he’s ever met. besides- “penelope bunce? my neighbor, penelope bunce?”

“and former best friend,” she mutters, and simon’s grin drops for a second.

“don’t distract me- you like penelope bunce? why?”

“well, she’s pretty, and funny, and she doesn’t care what people think about her- and she’s brilliant… i don’t know, simon, why does anybody like anybody?”

“i dunno.” he sits straight up. “wait, baz is friends with her!”


“he- well, I- could set you two up!”

“she’s straight, simon.”

he’s unperturbed. “well, so was I.”

“simon. she has a boyfriend.”

he deflates. “oh.”

“well,” she amends, “sort of. i know she likes micah- you know, the transfer student?”

simon sets his jaw. “well, she can like you too. she can like you more.”

“i’m flattered,” deadpans agatha, and simon rolls his eyes.

“okay, whatever- c'mon, aggie, i’m just trying to help, don’t roll your eyes at me.”

“how could you tell?”

“you’re always rolling your eyes at me,” simon says, and then crosses his arms. “and i will make her like you, if it’s the last thing i do.”

“simon, she hates you.”

“she must have cooled down. it’s been, like, five years.”

she hasn’t cooled down.

BTOB as types of youtubers

Eunkwang~ life hack videos. Sometimes he posts diy’s and makes a few million views, but then decides to post a Q&A and loses like a thousand subscribers. “We wanna know how to make an electric outlet from a snapback, we don’t care that your crush Minhyuk doesn’t like you back” goes back to doing life hacks about how to tell if your cat hates you. Surprisingly has made a couple million subs after a few years. Videos are hella top notch tho.

Minhyuk~ sports vlogger. Sometime he’d be too lazy to go to the gym or acrobatics class, so he’ll get his hot friends and do a vlog while they walk around the city. Everyone goes crazy every time he takes off his shirt, so he rarely does it bc he’s like imma only do it once a month so people think I actually am insecure about my abs. Has like 100k subs in 3 months.

Changsub~ salty story time videos. Just constant, endless rambling and complaining about his day or week. More than once he’d lose his train of thought and ends up exposing this new guy at work, who he’s pretty sure is hooking up with his boss. Is actually hella funny and entertaining, bc his life is actually this wild and none of the stories are fake. Doesn’t even care about the views and $$ he just needs to vent. Gets a million subs in less than a year wtf.

Hyunsik~ vlogs. Just……..vlogging. Why’s he always holding a camera and fixing his hair? He’s always staring at his reflection in the lenses anyway so like??? Records himself giving 20 bucks to a random person on the streets after he begs them to act homeless “I love giving to charities”. Reads the comments all night long, and is so smug when they’re all heart eyes and “I’d tap that tbh” and makes couple hundred thousand subs in a year.

Peniel~ traveling videos. He’d that one kid who’s hella rich, and travels to a couple dozen islands when he’s not in uni. He’s never smug or full of himself, and is always doing fun things like skydiving and skiing and recording himself for his rad viewers. Has a nickname for his special fans, and you can hear the panties dropping every time he smirks. Made like 300 thousand in a month (he bought some subs shhhh)

Ilhoon~  I feel like he’d post everything, from movie and game reviews, which are very funny and honest- only to lose his dignity and post a fake story time bc he’s losing subscribers. Ends up getting hella views and likes and $$$$ so he’s like shiii…. lemme squeeze this as much as I can. Gets exposed like on a ghost broke into my house pt4.

Sungjae~ covers. He’d do everything from Michael Jackson to Christina Aguilera to Ravi. Taught himself how to play the guitar and the piano when he was a kid, and gets hella views as soon  as he posts bc his voice is so angelic. Once made a diss track about his mom and the views skyrocketed, so he’s decided to become ricegum jr. RIP. Made about 200 thousand subs before selling his soul to the devil, since then he’s got over 2 mil.

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“So crazy whats going on in Sierra Leone. Landslides in FreeTown!! Over 300 known dead. Thousands of homes destroyed and people gone missing. Lets all do what we can to help. 🙏🏻🌍” -Madonna

“You’re Okay With Vlogging?” Part 4 - Niall Horan





“Hey” Niall called with obvious anger storming onto the bus, shoving the sliding door to the back lounge open.

“Hi” you greeted brightly, then dimming when you saw the anger flaring in his eyes, “what’s wrong?”

“Have you seen this shit!?” He asked you, slamming 3 magazines down on the table in front of you, all reading different headline. ‘Nialls new boo? Or a summer fling?’ ‘Real relationship or tour promotion?’ And lastly, ‘relationship already ending’ they all had different pictures, the first one was Niall kissing you in public, the second was you Vlogging while on stage with him when he gave you the ring and the third was when you got into an argument about where you should eat, and him rolling his eyes at you, which showed the annoyance on your face.

“So?” You asked, leaning back into the sofa. You and Niall had a talk about this before going public, you knew it would happen, and you knew it would piss him off. You thought it would upset you more, but truthfully, you knew all these were lies so it wasn’t bothering you all that much.

Niall looked at you like you were an idiot, his hands on his hips, his eyes piercing you, “you’re alright with this?” He spat.

“No Niall” you finally stood up, looking him in the eye, “I’m not, but they’re all lies so who cares!?”

“I care” he expressed, getting red in the face, “do you know how this makes me look, affects my music!?” He trialed off, rubbing his head, “Kim’s going to kill me”.

“Niall, this is literally what we talked about when we decided to go public, you knew this was going to happen, and all these” you said picking up the magazines, “aren’t going to harm your career, it’s not like they’re saying you cheated on me”.

“That’s not the point, (y/n)” He said, flustered, rubbing his eyes.

“Then what is?” You asked earnestly, not seeing what the big deal is.

He huffed loudly, not wanting to take his frustration out on you since it’s not your fault this happened. Well actually, now that you thought about it, it is largely your fault, you did sort of pushed him to go public when he wasn’t quite ready for it.

“I’m sorry” you hesitated, the words making his head snap up to you.

“What?” He questioned, “why?”

“It’s my fault” you shrugged with a weak smile, “I shouldn’t have pushed you to go public”

“Babe” He chuckled, “no, this isn’t your fault. I wanted to go public I just didn’t know how to go about it”

“We should’ve talked to Kim first” you said, ignoring his words.

“Yeah” he confirmed, “we should’ve, she’s gonna throw a fit”

The more Niall looked at the magazines, whether it was it was reading the articles that were written or just looking at the picture they took, He more frustrated he got.

“Listen to this” he said after a little while, “a source close to both Niall and (y/n) says it’s all for show, to promote her channel which has 100,000 subscribers and Nialls tour which has been almost sold out”. He shook his head in frustration, throwing the magazine back on the table.

“Hey guys” a woman said, opening the door and then sliding it shut, “we need to talk about this” she motioned to the magazines on the table.

You realized it was Kim as soon as she walked through the door, quickly sliding it shut before she said anything. Niall quickly sat forward, intently listening to what she had to say.

“So…” she started, s confused look on her face, “why didn’t you guys tell me you were going public?”

“Didn’t think it would matter” Niall shrugged, his elbows leaning on his knees, his hands clasped together.

“Didn’t think it would matter!?” She repeated, surprised, “Niall you haven’t been rumored to date anyone since 2014 when Made In The AM came out, of course people are going to think it mattered”

“I didn’t think it would reflect badly” He put it different, struggling to continue.

“I’ll take blame, it’s my fault” you stepped up, knowing you were the only reason he did it. Kim looked at you surprised, possibly because you haven’t said more than a few sentences to her, but probably because of you owning up to it, “I asked him if we could go public because I was sick of hiding”

“Okay he should’ve talked to me about it first” she said, first eyeing you, then Niall who was nodding his head.

“I know, and I messed up, so if you want, I’ll just pack my things up and go because obviously I’m a bad influence” you suggested, touching Nialls leg. His head snapped up as soon as the word pack left your lips, giving you a shocked and saddening look.

“No” Kim rolled her eyes, “don’t be dramatic, you’re the best thing to happen to this kid”. This caused Niall to smile and take your hand. “I’m not going to break you two up and it would only look worse if you did, this isn’t bad Niall” she continued, “this is more bad press on (y/n)’s part but it really is going to attract a lot of attention from everyone to your music and your channel, so keep Vlogging or whatever. No damage control has to be done, soon they’re realize this isn’t for show” and with that she got up and left.

“Told you” you said to Niall, picking up the magazine and reading the articles, “my last video has double the amount of views and I haven’t checked your streams yet but I’m sure they got some love too”

He shrugged, unsure of what to say, but also realizing it wasn’t that big of a deal anymore. Seemingly brushing it off, he walked out of the back room and to the lounge in the front, or his bunk. You figured you’d let him calm down a little and continue watching what you were before he came in.

An hour went by, and you were getting concerned, you haven’t heard his voice or his laugh, and you weren’t even sure he was on the bus. There was no show tonight and no press coming around to bother him, so he was either walking around town by himself, or sitting outside the bus.

“Niall?” You called, hearing only silence. You slid open the door, and saw only his band mates goofing off in the lounge. Checking your bunk, you saw that your camera and laptop were gone, and you stomach dropped.

“Hey have you guys seen my camera or laptop?” You asked all of them, all of which shook their head saying “no sorry”. You rolled your eyes at how very unhelpful they were, “Okay, what about Niall” you half snapped, getting impatient.

“He walked off the bus about an hour ago, not sure where he went” one shrugged, causing your anger to flare, but not saying anything to them.

You took a deep breathe, grabbing your shoes and a jacket and ran outside. While trying to figure out which way he would’ve went you heard his voice, he was talking very serious to someone.

“I’ve never had to do this” he said, “I never met a girl I was so into that I wanted to bring them into my world and bring them into this craziness”

You walked around the corner of the bus to the other side, seeing Niall sitting on the ground, your camera perched on a road blocker, he was Vlogging.

“I know all the stupid articles” he said through gritted teeth, “say this is for a promotion of my tour or promotion of this channel, but it’s not, I never knew (y/n) existed until like 300 thousand of you tagged me to watch that video, and Louis was up my arse about it because you were all tagging him in it” he looked down for a second, drawing circles in the dirt, thinking about what to say next.

“I’ve written like 3 different song about her since I met her, that she knows nothing about, she’s honestly my world, I love her with all my heart, and being able to have these experiences with her, makes everything else that I miss, just go away.” More circles being drawn, “I know a lot of your guys are really supportive of us, I think when we go out, she gets recognized more than I do” he chuckled, “but seriously, this is really, we are real, and if I could ask her to marry be with me forever this soon in our relationship I would, but I got her that ring to symbolize, well A.) I keep my promises, and B.) that I love her, kind of like a promise ring. Even if we haven’t known each other long, that’s how soulmates work.”

He stopped for a little while, leaning back up against the bus, probably trying to think of what to say.

You watched him for a minute, sitting there so vulnerable, opening up to your audience, It’s was sweet that he cared so much, not that you didn’t care, but you didn’t want to let the hate bother you.

“Hey” you said simply, rounding the corner. His head snapped around to you, his cheeks flushing with embarrassment.

“Hey” he said, eyeing you, wondering how much you heard, “I was just, uh, venting”

“I do that a lot too” you mused, sitting down next to him, “they actually like when you show you’re like a real person, not just someone behind a camera”

He shrugged, unsure of what to say, and you could see he was still embarrassed.

“So you love me, huh?” You grinned, “and you want to marry me?”

“You heard that” he laughed with embarrassment, his face getting even redder.

“You know I had to edit the video and I would’ve heard it anyway” you informed him, chuckling, hugging your knees to your chest.

“I was going to delete it” he gave a small laugh, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

“I rather show your softer side than delete it” you said, half asking for his approval.

“You can” he allowed, “I just hate that these editors are trashing you”.

“They trash everyone that’s dating the celebrity” you shrugged, “it’s not a big deal, and I’m not offended by it, do you know how many comments just pure hate on my channel?” You paused for a second to look at him, “I don’t read them anymore”

“I used to get the same thing” he mentioned, “I used to be the worst voice, or the background guy” he shrugged again, and you knew this never bothered him for a a second, “I didn’t care either, I just continued to work on my voice, my guitar, my writing…”

“And look where you are now” you grinned, “selling out a tour in less than 24 hours, your album hit number 1 literal seconds after it came out”

He was grinning now too, still a little disappointed in the articles, but super proud of himself for all he had accomplished, and you were too.

“Thanks” he murmured, pulling you in for a huge kissing your head, “I do love you, you know”

“I know” you said with a grin, leaning up for a kiss, “and I love you, and you one day, we’ll probably get married”

“I know we will” he clarified, helping you up off the ground as he got up, giving you another kiss.

“How about we edit his together, see how it turned out?” You said it a questioning tone, grabbing the camera and shutting it off.

“I actually wanted to ask you” he ask quietly, causing you to look up from the camera, “would you mind teaching me how to edit?”

“Of course!!” You said excited, borderline running to the bus to grab your laptop, “now you can vlog and we can both edit, oh my god this will be great for tour!”

He laughed at your excitement as you sat down on the couch, pulling up your editing program and getting all the clips off your camera, “okay…” you began, showing him how to do everything as he did it, knowing he was a hands on learner.

“Now you can start Vlogging with me” you winked, “even when we’re not together”

Niall tolled his eyes then smiled, “god that’s going to be so awkward”.

Massacring a whole planet in Mass Effect :

  • + 0.1 renegade point
  • maybe someone’s upset ??

Helping an old lady across the street in Mass Effect :

  • + 30000226496155662 paragon points
  • your hard-earned renegade scars heal forever
  • you have a halo over your head 
  • the gods ascend to pat you on the back
  • reapers get blinded by your holy light thus not destroying the galaxy
  • world peace
  • everyone wants to bang you