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anonymous asked:

Do you have any interview links? I've run dry

Here’s a list of all the interviews I can find

Pre-hiatus Era

“Jason” Interview

World’s Most In-Depth Fall Out Boy Interview

Hollister Interview Performance Part 1

Hollister Interview Performance Part 2

Bastards Of Young

Fall Out Boy Talking Up Scotland

Steven’s Untitled Rock Show Interview

Dance, Dance Interview

How Did You All Meet?

Young Wild Things Tour Interview

Don’t Google Yourself Too Hard

Being A Celebrity, Degree of Ass Kissing

Guns In America

Fall Out Boy: Tattoo Tales

Patrick & Pete Talk About Their Memories

FOB Interview on the Today Show

Pete and Patrick Talk About Being Dead or Dying

Plush Dolls

Save Rock and Roll Era

“Would Ya?’ Interview

"Would You Rather?” With Dan And Phil

Fall Out Boy Would Avoid “Murder Damage” -Hypothetically

Fall Out Boy- Backatcha

Reunions, Touring and Fav News Acts

Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy Talk About Albums and Music Videos

Scuzz Meets Fall Out Boy

Take This To your Apartment Part 1

Take This To Your Apartment Part 2

Bad Teachers & Peeing Their Pants -Intimate 

The Stupid Interview and Indulge Patrick Stump’s Armpit Fetish

Patrick Stump vs. Joe Trohman (AKA. Cake Pop video)

Vevo News Interview 

MDA Telethon Blue Carpet Interview

Fall Out Boy Secret Passions

Death Of Rock And Roll, Space and Celebrity Crushes

Music That Made Me

300 Seconds With Pete Wentz

Isle Of Wight Festival 2014 -Interview

Matt Schichter chats with Fall Out Boy (Geese Interview)

Anchor Shop TV: Fall Out Boy

Reading Festival Fall Out Boy Interview

Fall Out Boy: Tour Life

Fall Out Boy: Hidden Talents

Fall Out Boy: Naming and Shaming

Fall Out Boy: More Naming and Shaming

Summer Kick Off Concert Interview

KROQ Weenie Roast Fall Out Boy Interview

Interview At Red Bull Sound Space

Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Museum Interview

The Lowdown Interviews

Red, White and Boom

Victoria Secret Fashion Show

Alternativ News In Paris

The Rave TV Fall Out Boy Interview

Happy Paintings With Fall Out Boy

Pete Wentz of FOB at AP Music Awards

New Years Rockin’ Eve

APMAs Blackstar Backstage Lounge

Centuries Era (Thats what i’ll call it for now until theres an official name)

Discussing “Centuries” With Kat Corbett

FOB Plays ‘Most Likely To’

97.1 Seconds With Fall Out Boy