300 roae


 Eva Green is one of the few talented actresses with a range that can really pull off anything she wants. She’s beautiful, she’s elegant and  It’s hard not to fall in love with her amazingly depicted characters. I made this as a tribute in appreciation of her fine acting. 

These are some of the fav characters of her, I can’t explain why… but I just like them! :D

Started my job today

It’s going to call for a bit of an upheaval with the hours I keep - But that’s really until I get a bit of a pattern going and can judge how much sleep I need to work xDD

I’ll figure out how it will affect drawing times later but as of the moment it’s looking like I’ll still have plenty of time. She says, as she heads to bed. I always get super nervous right before doing something so I fell asleep last night feeling content and woke 2 hours later feeling like I was going to puke from nerves xD It was fine, I knew it would be - but try telling my stomach that.

I’m in 10 - 1 tomorrow so I’ll pop into town to get the comics I missed today and see a movie or something - The Grand Budapest Hotel, 300 RoaE and The Stag next week. 8DD Yay Unlimited Card.