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  • The Girl: Party, what color would you say your hair is?
  • Party Poison: Oh, this is kind of like a blood orange?
  • Kobra Kid: Blood orange. He’s so pretentious. [scoffs] It’s fucking red!

Thanks so much to everyone who bought prints during my fundraising releases, and helped me raise a bit of money for organizations I care about! Here are the totals:

$385 to The Center for Reproductive Rights
$215 to The Sierra Club Foundation
$465 to Black Lives Matter (Minneapolis legal fund)
$645 to The Human Rights Campaign
$135 to The International Refugee Assistance Project
$300 to The Committee to Protect Journalists

I’m hoping to be able to continue donating some portion of future sales for these and other causes, especially in hopes of raising awareness and encouraging action :) If there are organizations you trust and would like me to consider for coming releases, let me know!

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how would bakugou and todoroki act if they were both trying to romance the same girl ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (and good luck with the blog!! ^^ ))

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Oh man, these two. It’s basically a silent fight over who could get more praise from you and getting to spend time with you as much as possible with these two as rivals haha

Anywaaaaay… This accidentally became the prompt for my celebrating 300+ followers project? *nervous laugh* In summary, there’ll be four parts, and from part 2 the story kinda branches out depending on your ‘choice’? (But of course you’re free to read both!) That sounds good? Ok? Ok. Enjoy!

Part 1 | Part 2 

Bakugou had as much sense of romance as his temper – or to put it simply, nonexistent.

Todoroki was no romantic, he’d rather freeze himself than say all those popular and cheesy pick up lines.

Funny how the two guys with no sense of romance fell in love with the same girl, who was denser than brick and diamond combined.

“Good morning, Todoroki-kun,” your gentle voice roused him from the hands of sleepiness that had been pulling him down into unconsciousness. He couldn’t believe his luck. To be able to see you the first thing in the morning, and knowing that such coincidence might happen again in the future completely woke his laggy mind.

“Good morning,” he paused for a second and decided to add in a strike of boldness and bravery, “You look particularly– neat– this morning.”

“Thank you! You look as sharp as always. Should we go together to class?”

This had to be because he let that stray kitten finish his lunch yesterday. Good things always comes back to you, they said. This had to be some kind of good karma his mother used to tell him when he was younger.


He could somehow smelt your shampoo as you fell into steps beside him – or was that just you? Do girls normally smell this good? Does noticing this make him a pervert? The calm in your eyes made the slight brushing of your shoulder with his own even more unbearable. He could’ve swore his heart was caught on fire at the minuscule contact, and he really hoped he wasn’t blushing.

Out from the corner of his eyes, he saw a certain blond giving him a death glare.

“Step aside, you idiot!”

You looked positively surprised and alarmed at the urgency in his tone, and Bakugou scolded himself for losing his cool so easily at the notion of you getting hurt by a measly, small, and harmless baseball. Well, not exactly harmless seeing as hair-for-brains had thought it was acceptable to use his own hardened arm as a substitute for a wooden bat, but still.

“Oh, thank you, Bakugou-kun! I didn’t see that ball,” your simple gratitude made something inside him felt mushy and warm all over.

“I didn’t do it for you, airhead idiot! Don’t get too full of yourself!” he bristled, the permanent scowl on his face softened ever the slightest for a drop of second, “Pay attention to where you’re going, nitwit.”

“I will, thank you for the reminder!”

The warmth spread to his cheeks, and his grip on the small white mall crushed the poor sphere. Kirishima yelled in protest because it was his owned item, and Bakugou yelled back shut the fuck up, unless you want a broken baseball shoved down your throat.

Meanwhile, red-and-green eyes watched the scene unfold behind the glass window on the second floor.

It wasn’t surprising to say that the whole 1-A was quite the tight-knit group. There were many factors contributing to this fact: the small class size, the similar goal they shared, the rivalry that sparked between each other, and their numerous encounters with villains, however unplanned, did more good than bad. Their bonds grew even more under the closed dorm environment, and they adapted almost immediately to the change of lifestyle. So well, in fact, that on one particular group movie night, Ashido came back from the bathroom looking sulky and literally announced to the whole class that she had gotten her period and she needed tampons.

The boys seemed horrified and unsure of what to say to that, because really, how were they supposed to respond?

“Uh, would chocolate help?” Satou piped. Ashido beamed. The male population of the class sighed inwardly in relief. At the very least they would get spared from another boring lecture on ‘what to consider when you are living in a dorm with some girls who could kick your asses if they wanted to’.

Jirou offered to give her stash away in a much softer tone, and suddenly Uraraka had an idea.

“Why don’t we all go shopping for our necessities at the dorm? This time, the whole 1-A?”

And that was precisely why you were now standing in the middle of the crowd, along with your classmates – most of them excited, but some seemed indifferent or weren’t too pleased to be here.

“For efficiency, I suggest we split into groups, just like before,” Yaoyorozu suggested, “Who doesn’t really have anything to buy?”

Your hands slowly raised above your head. And so did Uraraka’s, Todoroki’s, and Bakugou’s. The cheerful girl waved and bounced towards you in excitement after you received the shopping list from your class’ vice president. Your other group mates joined soon after, and your small group departed towards the mall’s department store.

“Tch. This is stupid,” Bakugou growled under his breath, glaring at the trolley as if he wanted to incarnate it using his eyes.

“Do you want to switch job pushing the trolley?” You asked, not wanting to make the short fused male do what he didn’t want to do. The fact that he came in itself was already shocking, afterall.

“You have the list. I think Yaoyorozu wanted you and Uraraka to choose,” Todoroki said before his friend could respond, “The both of you would probably do the job better than us.”

“You think so?” You threw a smile at the boy and read over the list once more, intent to do your part as a good dorm mate and missed the spark that seemed to prickle between the two boys’ glare.

“We need some common items for the fridge in the kitchen and restocking the snacks in the cupboard,” Uraraka summed up after she skimmed over the list and led the the group into the store.

The four of you leisurely walked towards the first shelves you saw, picking up things that might be useful for everyone and double checking the list to make sure you hadn’t missed anything. Such a mundane activity would normally be boring, but shopping with your friends could never be boring especially with Uraraka present to brighten the mood, not to meantion you could somehow feel at ease with the two boys guarding the rear, mostly silent but helpful to check the items.

Everything went well until you arrived in the vegetables section. Truth to be told, you knew absolutely nothing about choosing good ingredients, and so did Uraraka who confessed that she would usually just pick the cheapest one. You held a carrot in one hand and was trying to determine whether it was good, but what exactly defined a ‘good’ carrot? You had no idea.

“It’s better to pick the medium sized ones,” Bakugou said, full with boredom, “Thicker carrots are tough and harder to cook with.”

The sudden advice threw you off guard but filled you with relief. “Really? I didn’t know you were so good at these, Bakugou-kun! Then again, I suppose you did handle the knife really well back then on the school trip…”

“I-It’s just common sense, dumbass,” he scowled when you beamed at him. His heart was slamming stubbornly to his ribs and he was holding back the urge to look away from your smile.

“You know, maybe you could help us choosing the ingredients? To be honest I don’t really know what I’m doing,” you scratched your head in embarrassment, expecting to understand if Bakugou declined. But to your surprise he leaned forward to read over the list on your hand and walked over towards the potatoes, easily picking them up and tossing them into the plastic bag.

“Thank you, Bakugou-kun!” You cheered along with Uraraka.

Bakugou smirked as he placed the vegetables into his own trolley. Todoroki’s grip might have tightened a little harder than necessary around the handle, but oblivious to the small exchange, you and Uraraka marched ahead. 

Your steps slowed to a halt however, when you saw the array of fridges containing sweet treats, eyes widening in recognition.

The white-red haired boy noticed this and pulled over on your side.

“Which one do you want?” Todoroki’s hand wrapped around one of the display fridges’ handle, “I remembered you liked this brand’s product. You should pick one.”

You were shocked at the sudden proposition and the fact that he had remembered the small fact you had told him randomly on your mindless chatter with him, “Oh, but won’t it melt? We still need to go to other stores…”

“It won’t. I could hold on to it.”

“But that would trouble you–”

“I don’t mind.”

You gave him a sincere smile and patted his right arm gratefully before pointing towards your favorite pint of cold snack, “You’re too kind. Thank you, Todoroki-kun!”

Despite the ability residing on his right side, the place you touched seemed to burn warmly. Unbeknowst to you, when you stalked off to Uraraka to call her over, the two boys’ eyes met and narrowed in glares, exchanging a silent message.

Neither was going to give up, hell no – this was the one fight they refuse to lose.

Here it is: Part 1 of my Michael Fassbender drawing project. 👍✏️❤️
Still SO MUCH to do, but I look forward to it! 💪
Drawing almost all his wonderful movie characters will be the real challenge.

But without YOUR help I wouldn’t be able to do any of this. Thanks a lot my friends! ❤️😘

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Of course I understand
If you want to run away
From the demons that lurk
In the dark places behind my eyes
Believe me when I say
That I wish I could run too
But for now all I can do
Is beg you to stay
Because even though I’ve been engaged
In this battle all my life
I’m not always strong enough
To fight them on my own
—  “Reinforcements” by Jessy Hudson

The times Brooke almost got to be a mother - Part 1/5 - Angie

“I love you little girl. And I always will, okay? You are gonna have a great life. Don’t forget me, okay?”

Birthplace of hockey heritage centre project hit with another setback

King’s-Edgehill School in Windsor, N.S., is withdrawing a $1-million financial commitment for construction of a new hockey rink and heritage museum in the town amid dissension over competing plans for the project.

First announced in early 2014, the $12-million Long Pond Hockey Heritage Centre would include an NHL-sized ice surface, museum and indoor walking track located just steps from where the game was supposedly first played.

Eight million dollars in funding for the project was to come from the three levels of government. Another $1 million was to come from King’s-Edgehill School, while fundraising would provide the remaining $3 million. So far, the Long Pond Arena Society has received funding pledges of about $300,000.

While the project was originally championed by the Long Pond Arena Society, a decision was made that the project would be jointly owned by the Town of Windsor and the Municipality of the District of West Hants so that it could tap into federal funds.

The project has been touted as Cooperstown North, a reference to Cooperstown, N.Y., the town that houses the National Baseball Hall of Fame, which is a popular tourist attraction.

‘In the middle of rifts’

Windsor Mayor Anna Allen says she is disappointed to see the school back out but she understands why it did.

“They can’t afford to get in the middle of rifts in a small community such as this,” she said.

The reason for the rift is there’s no longer one proposal for the rink and heritage centre. The Windsor Agricultural Society said it sent out a proposal on April 18 to the three levels of government explaining its vision of building an arena and museum for $9 million at the site of the Hants County Exhibition.

Lisa Hines, the society’s president, said its proposal makes more sense because the location already has some of the existing infrastructure needed.

The Long Pond location would require additional infrastructure, such as expanding existing roads and building parking lots.

'A lot of wait-and-see situations’

Allen prefers the Long Pond option, in part because of the historical significance of the location.

“The [Windsor Agriculture] Society itself, what they’ve presented isn’t very clear, there’s a lot of loose ends, a lot of wait-and-see situations,” said Allen.

She said she hasn’t received a copy of the Windsor Agriculture Society’s proposal, though Hines said copies were sent to all of the stakeholders involved.

The proposals have people in the community talking.

“There’s been a huge debate, which has left the hockey arena and made it into the online arena and anywhere people get together,” said Joe Seagram, the headmaster at King’s-Edgehill School.

With division in the community, Seagram said the school decided to withdraw its $1-million funding commitment, but doesn’t rule out supporting a project in the future.

The school was also going to allow use of its roads, which would need to be expanded, to provide a second way in and out of Long Pond. At present, the only way to get there is through the Dill Farm property.

A bucket-list destination for hockey fans

Proponents of the Long Pond project say it would be a major tourist attraction and provide a much-needed boost to the town’s economy.

Seagram said he can’t understand why there’s dissension.

“You’ve got something unique about Windsor, something any other small community or in the world would kill for, and we can’t have a unified vision of how to celebrate this,” he said.

With the $1 million funding pledge now revoked, Seagram said the reaction of the community has surprised him.

“I’ve had very positive notes of support, of understanding, and appreciation, a lot of sadness the community has acted in such a way,” he said.