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Holiday House in Gargnano

This Holiday House by Titus Bernhard Architekten sits on a steep slope about 300 meters above the west shore of Lake Garda, in the park-like outdoor area with a view of the lake, in the ground area of ​​an old rustico Guest quarters. So in order to obtain a building permission, the ancillary uses are under the ground and thus do not appear as part of the building volume. A spectacular infinity pool follows the contours. The rustico and the “limonaia” are rebuilt with traditional dry stone walls, but double with a cavity, and therefore retain an explicitly rough, haptic character. The ensemble conveys a warm, distinguished, rustic atmosphere. Landscape and building, nature and artifact: a symbiosis to feel at home in.

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Tourism is no less interesting, located on the border between Banyuwangi and Bondowoso East Java province is the mountain or crater of Ijen. Ijen is one of the active volcano in Indonesia. Mount Ijen has 2,368 meters above sea level high. Kawah Ijen crater which is a tar-acid in the world has a depth of about 200 meters and wide crater about 5,466 hectares. To enjoy the beauty of Ijen crater takes about 2 hours, but it was comparable to what can be obtained for the Ijen crater offers the charm of outstanding natural beauty, especially when watching the blue flame / Ijen BlueFire / Tourism bluefame phenomenal crater.

The crater has a depth of approximately 300 meters below kalderaKawah wall with an area of 20 sq km caldera surrounded by walls as high as 300-500 meters. Additionally, acids which exist in craters near zero with temperatures reaching 200 degrees Celsius, which means the water crater enough to melt even the clothes of the human body in a short time.


Drone video explores the Salto del Nervión, a 300 meter high waterfall on the border of Basque Country in northern Spain. This waterfall is described in some of the text I found as the highest waterfall in Spain and one of the highest single-plunge waterfalls in all of Europe. Spectacular views of carved sediments on the edge of the Delika Canyon surround the falls.

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There’s a special place in my heart for Blaziken, the first pokémon I ever received when I started playing my first pokemon game (Look at me now, Professor Birch). Blaziken was the original fire-fighting type starter before it was cool, and with its strong legs, fierce kicks, and recent Mega-evolution it is quite the force to be reckoned with.

According to the pokédex, Blaziken can jump over a 30-story building in one leap. 30 stories is roughly 90 meters, or 300 feet. This is nearly 50 times Blaziken’s own height. The world record high-jump held by a human is a 2.45 meters (8 feet). There must be something going on here other than a simple jump. So what makes Blaziken such a high flier?

We’re going to start small, by looking at a creature with a maximum jump height of 18 cm (7 inches). At first this would seem pathetic, until you realize this creature is flea, who is barely 3mm tall themselves. Fleas can jump 100 times their own height.

Jumping this height takes a lot of energy, and a lot of push. Part of their magic lies in a special pad in their legs, made of a springy protein called resilin. This leg-pad stores energy during their jump. While the flea is bending it’s legs and starting a jump, the energy isn’t going directly into pushing the flea off of the ground. Instead, the energy is being stored in the leg-pads, “charging up” to be released all at once, kicking it high and fast upwards. Some studies report this sudden acceleration to be over 400 times the acceleration of gravity.

The rest of the question, then, is how they get that energy into the resilin. The answer is the flea’s knees, and if you thought bee’s knees were cool, fleas have “multi-jointed” hind legs. It can push with its toe, its shin, and its knees, which together act as a lever to store all of that energy into the resilin pads. It was shown that a flea’s lower leg, the toe and shin, are covered in tiny claws used for gripping the ground. In other words, while jumping, the flea actually holds onto the ground as tightly as it can, which allows it to store up enough energy to jump to great heights.

Blaziken is a bit larger than a flea, but the idea is still the same. In order to jump a 30-story building, Blaziken’s legs must be able to store up a large amount of energy before sudden release – 45,864 Joules (11 Calories) of energy to be exact, if Blaziken wants to jump 30 stories high (assuming perfect efficiency). This is basically the energy you spend from running or weight-training for a minute nonstop, only Blaziken does it in seconds. It can only get that much energy by gripping onto the ground tightly before its launch.

Blaziken’s legs must contain spring-like tendons made of resilin, which stores up energy before a jump. Blaziken grips tightly to the ground when pushing off of it, and while doing so “charges up” the resilin pads, releasing the energy all at once when Blaziken jumps.


Preikestolen | Norway

Hey folks, its been a while.

So we’re currently galavanting around Norway and Sweden, and loving it. As a result of our lack of a credit card, we were not able to hire a vehicle and have consequently journeyed by public transport  - don’t get me started on the ridiculous notion that in a day and age in which debt is rampant and problematic, we are penalised for not having a credit card despite having an ample nest egg. Shame on you rental car companies, shame, on, you. That said, It has been nice to have shirked  the responsibility of driving for this particular exploit.

Our first main destination on this trip was Preikestolen, Forsand, Norway, or in English terms ‘Pulpit Rock’. We stayed in the small town - Jørpeland which is around 10 km from the starting point of the hike to Preikestolen. As our visit fell just short of the tourist season there were no buses running to the beginning of the trail, consequently, in the interest of economy (we’re massive tight arses) we decided upon walking this leg of the trip rather than pay for a cab ride. To our elation, after legging it a mere 300 meters or so, our airbnb host, who happened to be passing by in his van, kindly and somewhat randomly offered to drive us to the hikes outset, an offer we gladly accepted.

As previously mentioned, we were a bit early for the hike to Preikestolen, the upside to this was that we avoided the hoards of tourists than inundate this attraction in the warmer months, the downside was that the trail was quite icy and snow covered in the higher sections - that said, we managed to make it to the top with no ailment worse that dirty knees and wet feet.

The entire trail is skirted by awe-striking views, which are all the more appreciated whilst pausing to catch your breath. Some sections of the trail are breathtaking in a more literal sense.

Thankfully, once we reached the summit, we were able to enjoy a few moments of solitude before others arrived. This is not a view you want to share with strangers.

I feel a special kind of sadness when I visit a place like this, a sadness induced by the prospect that I may never get to visit said place ever again. This feeling has become the measure by which I gauge a places personal significance.

If we could offer any advise pertaining to this particular venture, it would be to endeavour to visit in the off-peak season. Even if it means braving snow/ice covered trails and investing in suitable gear to make the hike safely.

Have you ever visited Preikestolen? If so we’d love to hear about it via the ‘Ask us anything’ tab.

Sinners Never Sleep

Summary: Its simple. You train, you plan, you attack, you disarm, and you get out alive… So, if you knew what you were doing, then why was it so hard to get your assassin boyfriend Jungkook to meet your mafia parents- the head of the mafia?
Oh right, Rule 1: Never fall in love…especially with another gang member…

Preface/Preview Part 1 Part 2

Part 3

His lips were bruising against yours, and he tasted like mint and coffee, and you were practically vibrating where you were trembling so much in his hold, feeling his arms splayed against your back as he crushes you between him and the wall.

It wasn’t meant to be like this. You were meant to be following the rest of the group, hunting down the headquarters of Jinwan’s gang…

…but instead you’d been unable to stop yourself from convincing him that the two of you should break away to get a better advantage point of any potential attackers. Which had in turn lead to you herding him into a back alley between the huge cargo crates in the shipping yard you were in, and as a result you’d swallowed any questions he might have by pressing your lips harshly against his, stopping him before he could start asking questions.

And for the past 3 minutes he hadn’t…

But its as you stupidly go to push him further, smoothing your hand down his chest to his crotch, that he’s brought back into his right mind- and in turn reality.

‘Y/N! What the hell are you doing?!’ he hisses angrily, pushing you back from him but keeping a firm grip on your waist as he stares with startled eyes down at you.

'What do you mean? We both know this mission is a dead end, so I just figured-’

'That we could have sex in the middle of what is potentially a gang’s headquarters? Are you insane?!’ he asks, keeping his voice down as he quickly and subtly leans around the crate the two of you were stood behind, to see the rest of the group a good 300 meters down, some starting to scale some of the tanks and the rest spreading out on foot; a clear sign that they’d found something.

'Shit. We’ll talk about this later- we need to go-’

'Wait! What happened to ’im pretty sure this is a dead end’?’ you ask frustratedly, tucking your tshirt back into place beneath your bulletproof vest where he’d untucked it in his haste, and frowning at him angrily as he ignores you in favour of hurriedly sneaking toward the other group, which in turn forces you to follow him hastily in your need for an answer.


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So Here’s My Story

I’m here to tell you the story of one of my favorite races of high school, and I think it’s a good story for everyone to hear. 

It was spring of my Junior Year, and I was fit as heck. I was one of the top runners in my section and I was climbing the state rankings quickly. We always kick off our outdoor season at a pretty big local invitational, it’s a chance for some of the best teams in our area to show off who they’ve got for the year. I was entered in the 1500, one of my favorite races, and it was the “elite” race of the meet. The top 10 girls in the seeding list would get special recognition before their heat and the top 3 get trophies. It was a BIG deal and a lot of my favorite girls to race were also entered.

When the list of seeds was released on line 2 days before the invitational, I immediately knew something was wrong. I was seeded 13th, when I should have easily been seeded in the top 5. I looked at my seed time and it was 5:02. My Coach had entered me at my 1600(full mile) time instead of my 1500 time which was in the low 4:40′s. This meant I would run in the unseeded heat. My coach realized his mistake and begged and pleaded to try and get my seed time changed but the meet organizers were not budging- I’d have to run in the unseeded heat. 

Instead of becoming discouraged or upset, I simply decided I was going to win from the unseeded. I’d race alone, but I’d do it. Luckily, the elite heat of girls went off about an hour before my heat. The girl won it in 4:46. I went back to the tent and wrote the splits on my hand that I would need to run in order to run a 4:45. I calmly got on the line, and took a deep breath.

The gun went off and it was my race. Within 300 meters I had about a 20 meter lead (I later learned that the kid standing and cheering next to my mom who was not from my school said “This girl either has no idea how to pace a 1500 or is just that fast” and my mom turned around and replied “She’s just that fast, just watch.”) I hit my split for the first and second lap easy, but than it got hard. I was all alone and trying to race all out. The only thing that kept me going was my teammates going INSANE and cheering for me. The rest of the stands actually picked up on what was happening and started in on the cheering.

I kicked harder than I ever have that last lap. I was alone and had about 150 meter gap on the next girl in my heat. I came down the home stretch and crossed the line as the clock ticked 4:44. I had done it, by two seconds. I had won one of the most elite races by running by myself from the unseeded heat. 

The girls from the seeded heat immediately came over and congratulated me but I learned something important that day. Your race is totally YOURS, you decided how its going to go. You can do anything that you put your mind too, even when the cards are stacked against you. 

…if you have an AK47:

-It works though you have never cleaned it. Ever.
-You are able to hit the broad side of a barn
-Cheap mags are fun to buy.
-Your safety can be heard from 300 meters away.
-Your rifle comes with a cheap nylon sling
-Your bayonet makes a good wire cutter.
-You can put a .30" hole through 12" of oak, if you can hit it.
-When out of ammo your rifle will nominally pass as a club.
-Recoil is manageable, even fun.
-Your sight adjustment goes to “10”, and you’ve never bothered moving it.
-Your rifle can be used by any two bit nation’s most illiterate conscripts to fight elite forces worldwide.
-You paid $350.
-You buy cheap ammo by the case.
-You can intimidate your foe with the bayonet mounted.
-Service life, 50 years.
-It’s easier to buy a new rifle when you want to change cartridge sizes.
-You can repair your rifle with a big hammer and a swift kick.
-You consider it a badge of honor when you get your handguards to burst into flames.
-After a long day the range you relax by watching “Red Dawn”.
-After cleaning your rifle you have a strong urge for a stiff shot of Vodka.
-You can accessorize you rifle with a new muzzle brake or a nice stock set.
-Your rifle’s finish is varnish and paint.
-Your wife tolerates your autographed framed picture of Mikhail Kalashnikov.
-Late at night you sometimes have to fight the urge to hold your rifle over your head and shout “Wolverines!”

…if you have an M16:

-You have $9 per ounce special non-detergent synthetic Teflon infused oil for cleaning.
-You are able to hit the broad side of a barn from 600 meters
-Cheap mags melt.
-You can silently flip off the safety with your finger on the trigger
-Your rifle has a 9 point stealth tactical suspension system.
-Your bayonet is actually a pretty good steak knife.
-You can put one hole in a paper target at 100 meters with 30 rounds.
-When out of ammo, your rifle makes a great wiffle bat.
-What’s recoil?
-Your sight adjustment is incremented in fractions of minute of angle.
-Your rifle is used by elite forces worldwide to fight two bit nations’ most illiterate conscripts.
-You paid $900.
-You lovingly reload precision crafted rounds one by one.
-Your foes laugh when you mount your bayonet.
-Service life, 40 years.
-You can change cartridge sizes with the push of a couple of pins and a new upper.
-You can repair your rifle by taking it to a certified gunsmith, it’s under warranty!
-You consider it a badge of honor when you shoot a sub-MOA 5 shot group.
- After a long day at the range you relax by watching “Blackhawk Down”.
-After cleaning your rifle you have a strong urge for hotdogs and apple pie.
-Your rifle’s accessories cost eight times as much as your rifle.
-Your rifle’s finish is Teflon and high tech polymers.
-Your wife tolerates your autographed framed picture of Eugene Stoner.
-Late at night you sometimes have to fight the urge to clear your house, slicing the pie from room to room.

…if you have a Mosin Nagant:

-It was last cleaned in Berlin in 1945.
-You are able to hit the broad side of a barn…from two counties away.
-What’s a mag?
-What’s a safety?
-Your rifle has dog collars.
-Your bayonet is longer than your leg.
-You can knock down everyone else’s target with the shock wave of your bullet going downrange.
-When out of ammo, your rifle makes a supreme war club, pike, boat oar, or tent pole
-Recoil is often used to relocate shoulders thrown out by the previous shot.
-Your sight adjustment goes to 12 miles and you’ve actually tried it.
-Your rifle has fought against itself and won every time.
-You paid $59.95.
-You dig your ammo out of a farmer’s field in Ukraine and it works just fine.
-You can bayonet your foe on the other side of the river without leaving the comfort of your fighting hole.
-Service life, 100 years, and counting.
-You believe no real man would dare risk the ridicule of his friends by suggesting there is anything but 7.62x54r.
-If your rifle breaks, you buy a new one.
-You consider it a badge of honor when you cycle 5 rounds without the aid of a 2x4.
-After a long day at the range you relax by watching “Enemy At The Gates”.
-After cleaning your rifle you have a strong urge for shishkabob.
-Your rifle’s accessory is a small tin can with a funny lid, but it’s buried under an apartment building somewhere in Budapest.
-Your rifle’s finish is low grade shellac, cosmoline and Olga’s toe nail polish.
-You’re not sure there WERE cameras to photograph Sergei Mosin.
-Late at night, you sometimes have to fight the urge to dig a fighting trench in the the yard to sleep in.

—  AK47 vs M16 vs Mosin Nagant
Wouldn't Listen (Owen Grady x Reader)

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

AN: I’m updating my computer at this point, I hope nothing gets deleted, ugh.. But I hope ye enjoy

Panic. Anger. Confusion.

That was the emotions coursing through your body when Owen Grady and you burst into the control room, where Mr. Masrani was standing, with an expression on his face that made you even more nervous then you already were. When the elevator finally opened, a security guard tried to step in front of you two, “I need to see a badge-”

You pushed him out the way, and Owen’s voice rang through the room, “What the hell happened out there?”

Claire tensed up, glancing between the two of you, the smell of gasoline wafting through the air, “There are thermal cameras all over that paddock-”

“She did not just disappear,” you said in a low voice.

“-It must have been some kind of technical malfunction.” Claire Dearing countered, although (she wouldn’t admit this to anyone) she wasn’t quite sure herself.

“Were you not watching? She marked up that wall as a distraction, she wanted us to think she escaped!” Owen said loudly, your eyes darted to the screen, when you noticed the ACT team field, letting the bickering behind you continue.

You stepped closer, watching as the team got closer to the Indominus, “400 meters to the beacon,” Vivian said aloud.

“You’re going after her with non-lethals?” you asked suddenly, turning to look at Claire, and darting your eyes to Masrani, Claire stopped her argument with Owen and looked to you, “We have $26 million invested in that asset, we can’t just kill it.”

“Those men are going to die,” to whispered, staring in disbelief back at the screen.

They have no chance.

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Ireland's Dooagh beach reappears 33 years later, after disappearing into Atlantic Ocean

Thirty years back a beach had vanished from Ireland’s remote island, but re-emerged after thousands of tons of sand got deposited on the top of the rocky coastline.

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The 300 meter beach had disappeared in 1984 near the tiny village of Dooagh on the Achill Island, when storms had wiped away all the sand from the shores leaving behind rock pools, Hindustan Times reports.

The Atlantic Ocean later returned the sand by its high spring tides.

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“It’s enormously significant,” Sean Molloy of Achill’s tourism office told the Irish Times newspaper, recalling how the popular beach once sustained four hotels and a number of guesthouses on the west coast of the island of 2,600 people.

“Achill already has five blue-flag beaches, so we are hoping that in time it will be awarded a sixth,” Molloy added.

This island is the largest off the coast of Ireland, which forms a part of the Wild Atlantic Way, a tourist trail stretching from the south of the country to the north-west that has benefited from a tourist boom in the European Union’s fastest-growing economy, Reuters reported.

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300 meter swim, 9.25 mile bike, and a 5k. I did it all in 1 hour and 9 minutes.

If you had asked me a year ago where I would be today, I never would have told you that I would voluntarily be doing a triathlon.

The picture on the left was me, even before I was at my highest weight. The picture on the right was me yesterday at the final stretch of the tri. I love this picture because it’s not the most flattering, but I look strong as hell. That’s what matters most to me.

SW: 258.6
CW: 182.2

Just keep going. It’s worth it, I promise.

anonymous asked:

Are the swiss required to keep firearms?

Short answer : no.
Slightly longer answer : people still active in the militia are required to keep both their gun at home and their level of proficiency with it (and they have to take a yearly mandatory test). At the end of their service, they can ask to keep their rifle, but they have to pass a police background check like anyone else.
For the rest of the citizens and residents, there are no such things as a requirement to own a gun, it would be silly.
Longer answer : but… the right to own a gun is a constitutionally protected right and can be only denied in case of very strong proofs that you are a danger for yourself and/or other, or if you have a criminal record.
Everything is organized to help people training with their guns, every village got a 300-meter range and it’s quite easy to get a leased assault rifle. Because the main concept of Switzerland military protection is to destroy anything of value (including traffic ways) and being really, really, really obnoxious to the occupation army and for that you need an armed population.

Additionaly -

I’ve seen somewhere in my recent notes (but I can’t find it now) that gun owning rate was under 30% in Switzerland.

First, it’s ignoring the fact that about 2.5 million people (over about 9 millions people total) in Switzerland are legal aliens, which for several reasons (lack of money or time, cultural background, not wanting to deal with the police, coming from a country whose citizens are barred from owning a firearm, etc.) don’t own that much firearms.

Then, it’s only counting the registered firearms (i.e. military guns, civilian guns bought after 2008).

Depending of the state, the estimation of “ghost guns” goes from twice the number of registered guns up to twenty times that number. There is no way Switzerland is not the N°2 country in terms of absolute number of firearms owned by the citizens, way before Yemen, Serbia or Finland. Once again, apart from some foreigners and a few urban hippies, I know no one without at least an old functional K31 over the fireplace or in the attic.

Tl;dr : yes, we have to deal with serious gun control measures (and a lot of administrative illegal ones enforced by the local police depts., but that is another problem), but Switzerland has more in common with the USA than most of Europe regarding gun rights - because it’s not a privilege.


Gérald Verdon
Swiss Federal Shooting Competition 2015