300 effect


People say they love behind the scenes videos to show how movies are made… well this is how a lot of the sounds you barely notice (but couldn’t live without) are created. Gary Hecker (Django Unchained, Hancock, 300), Dawn Lunsford (Whiplash, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1, Transformers: Age of Extinction) and Alicia Stevenson (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1, X-Men, Transformers: Age of Extinction) take viewers through the process of what they do as Foley Artists for film.

Massacring a whole planet in Mass Effect :

  • + 0.1 renegade point
  • maybe someone’s upset ??

Helping an old lady across the street in Mass Effect :

  • + 30000226496155662 paragon points
  • your hard-earned renegade scars heal forever
  • you have a halo over your head 
  • the gods ascend to pat you on the back
  • reapers get blinded by your holy light thus not destroying the galaxy
  • world peace
  • everyone wants to bang you

“What a satisfying sequence!” — $106 million worth of domestic ticket buyers

4 Horrible CGI Effects That Movies Need to Stop Using

#4. Using Fake (as in Completely Digital) Blood

Fake blood has been the violent glue that holds storytelling together since the days of Shakespeare, and as movie makeup in general got better, so did the nose ketchup… But for the studios, CG blood is cleaner on set and easy to control in post-production – the only measly drawbacks are that characters are now apparently filled with red Flubber, and the movie looks like crusty dog shit.

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Dear diary,

Today me and Clarke rode HORSES! She smiled at me so many times, well, I guess that’s just my effect… Also, 300 of my warriors were murdered, but we found Indra and she told me I was being extra about taking Clarke horse riding, she also told me that Belmy guy likes Clarke so i must kill him when the time is right. Later, Clarke told me I can’t just go into war so i said i wouldn’t, Indra said I was whipped af, what does she mean? Is Clarke into whips?

Hugs and kisses


Movies have an effect on society

After Top Gun came out applications for naval aviators went up 500%.
After 300 came out gym memberships went through the roof.
But it’s went too far…
All these recent super hero movies have made a real life super villain:
Donald Trump.
Donald Trump is a hodgepodge of every villain in history.
He has giant bases with his name on it , he’s racist ,  he’s republican.
Now he’s using his cartoonish wealth and brain washing super powers to run for president and there’s no Avengers to stop him !!
The only chance we have is being smart enough as a country to not vote for him…..
so we’re fucked.


Prefabricated weekend House
Nanteau-sur-Lunain, Seine-et-Marne, France; 1967-69

Ubald Klug, Raymond Camus
(photography by Leonardo Bezzola)

«This holiday and weekend house for a family with five children, near Nanteau-sur-Lunain, a village 80 km south of Paris, is situated right on the edge of a forest, and its Chief feature is a continuous living tract commanding views in all directions. This house is a prototype of an industrialized building-cell System. The structural System, developed in Cooperation with the Camus Works, consists of twelve pre-fabricated spatial elements with incorporated installation parts, which are resting on a concrete foundation. The reinforcement of the individual cells (240 cm wide, 530 cm long, 300 cm high) is effected by a steel frame, which aecommodates the Sandwich panels covered with enamelled sheet-metal and the wooden window-frames.»

via “(Das) Werk, 59” (1972)