300 challenge

Sometimes I Don’t Run

Characters/Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Smut, slight angst maybe, little bit of fluff

Word count: 906

A/N: This is my contribution for @megansescape ‘s 300 challenge and @iwriteaboutdean  Amanda’s 200 Follower 90′s Baby Challenge I now realize I never asked you guys if it was okay to combine your challenges, I’m so sorry!! 

Songs promps: 

  • Runnin’ by Adam Lambert
  • Sometimes by Britney Spears

Sometimes I Don’t Run

He turns around in your arms, silently, knowing how much you like to be the big spoon and you wrap one arm around him, slipping under his heavy arm in order for your hand to rest on his strong chest. Your other hand, the one trapped between your bodies caresses his naked back, sliding under the waistband of his boxers.

Your fingertips dance over his chest, drawing shapeless lines, curling the already curled soft hairs. unconsciously, or not so much, you grace the soft tissue that is his nipple and rejoy at the feeling of his muscles tightening under your touch.

He hisses when you do it again and immediately you press your lips against the taut skin of his broad back, inhaling deeply the scent that is all him. Your own lower stomach coils. Forefinger and thumb close around the hard little pebble, twisting and turning, earning softs whimpers from him and an involuntary thrust of his hips.

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Akaashi: You spelled, “I’m an idiot who can’t remember to turn off the flash before taking a mirror selfie,” wrong.

Bokuto: Akaaaashi! Don’t say that. You’re not an idiot!!!

Akaashi: Thank you for proving my point, Bokuto-san.

This is for you, anon, because you asked so nicely :D I hope you’ll see this and like it!

(thank you for 300 followers!)

I Can’t Love You Back

Summary: You try to make sense of lingering feelings for Jensen, even as you find your own happiness without him. Third part to Two-Prompt One-Shot #43 and Heart Won’t Lie
Pairing: Jensen x Reader (more implied in this installment)
Word Count: 1400
Warnings: None, I think?
Challenge: @wayward-oneshots 300 Follower Challenge! Brook, I’m so sorry this is so late. My prompt was Easton Corbin’s I Can’t Love You Back

Your name: submit What is this?

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“I want to feel safe again. I want to go home to Ravka.”

“Then I’ll take you there. We’ll set fire to raisins or whatever you heathens do for fun.”

ck countdown challenge week one: favourite ship → matthias x nina


It’s finally here!

**Unless it’s specified, these are all Character x reader.
**This will be in constant update.
**If it doesn’t specify fluff, angst, smut, etc. consider it as a not-definable drabble.


Annoying - #5 from 200FC (Any male character) (drabble)

Harry Potter
Little sister - Request (Brother!Harry x Sister!Reader) (No incest) (fluff)

Draco Malfoy
Halfblood pt. 1 & pt. 2 (fluff)

Halloween dinners and bloody spells - #3 #7 #11 #22 #30 from 31DOH (Draco x Hermione) (FLUFF)

Fred Weasley
Firework - #4 from 200FC (Fluff) (Drabble)

More than friends - Request (Smut & Fluff)

Ron Weasley
Clingy - Request (Fluff & Smut)

Interrupted - Request (smut)


Soap - #3 from 200FC (Friend!reader) (Sam & Dean) (Drabble)

Birthday - #21 from 200FC (team free will) (Fluff)

Astral Mess - 8 from 200FC (friend!reader) (Drabble)

Ghost Whisperer - Request (Dean x reader x Sam) (Angst)

Another love - Request (Dean x reader) (Castiel x reader) (Funny)

Perfect, Taken Woman - Request (dean x reader) (sam x reader!feels) (angsty)

Brother in Sin - Request (Dean x reader) (Soulles!Sam x reader) (Trigger warning: Cheating) (ANGST)

Dean Winchester
Demon love (angst & fluff)

Mind reader (fluff & implied smut)

Jealous - Imagine request (Dean x reader x Sam) (smut, angst & fluff)

Old man - Imagine request - #13 from 31DOH (fluff)

Love/Hate - Imagine request - #60 from 31DOH (fluff)

Prank Wars - Imagine request - #66 from 31DOH (fluff & implied smut)

Blame it on the alcohol - Imagine request - #10 #24 #25 from 31DOH (fluff & implied smut)

Teasing - Imagine request - #29 #39 from 31DOH (fluff & implied smut)

Defending your life - Imagine request (angst)

Halloween Fun - Imagine request - #1 #39 #61 from 31DOH (smut & fluff)

Kids - Imagine request - #40 #59 from 31DOH (angst & fluff)

Officer Sexy - #8 #15 #27 from 31DOH (smut)

Baby Fever - Imagine request (fluff)

Oktober Fest Mess - Imagine Request (angst) / (Alternative ending here!) (fluff)

Don’t Make Me Call Mom - #49 #50 #53 #62 from 31DOH (fluff & smut)

Future Wife - #57 from 31DOH (fluff)

LARPing with Sirens - #14 #18 #30 #32 #37 #48 #52 #64 from 31DOH

Rusty Back to the Future (fluff & ANGST)

Call Me Baby - Human!Baby (Fluff & Angst)

Cruel - Imagine Request (Fluff, angst & implied smut)

Babysitters - Imagine request (Destiel) (Fluff)

Hair - Imagine Request (Fluff & implied smut) (Drabble)


Meeting the Ghostfacers 

Love spell - Song-based request (fluff)

You give love a bad name - song-based request (angst)

Wrinkles - Imagine request (Fluff)

Black Eyes - Imagine request (Angst & Fluff)

Feelings - song-based request (smut)

Possessed - Imagine request (Angst & fluff)

Pillowtalk - Song-based imagine request (fluff & angst)

Guilty pleasure - #11 from 200FC (drabble)

Where is my mind? - Imagine request (Angst)

Enochian - #2 from 200FC (Fluff) (Drabble)

Cheater - One-shot request (Angst)

Spotless - Request (Angst, fluff)

Fear - #24 from 200FC - Request (Drabble)

Old and young - Request (Fluff & a bit angsty)

Shuffle - #6 from 200FC (Friend!reader) (Drabble)

The heart wants what it wants - Mama’s first 100 Challenge (Major angst, smut) (Warning)

Cowabunga - #7 from 200FC (Drabble)

Life motto - #9 from 200FC (Fluff)

Magic water - #19 from 200FC - Request (fluff)

Deanpunzel - Request (Fluff)

‘Till the end - #15 from 200FC - Request (ANGST)

Break my heart - #18 from 200FC - Request (ANGST)

If only… - Request - #13 & #16 from 200FC (ANGST)

Winter morning - #20 #22 #23 & #26 from 200FC (FLUFF)

Let Me Go - #10 #17 #25 & #28 from 200FC (Angsty Fluff)

Black - #27 #29 & #30 from 200FC - Request(Angst & Fluff)

Age gap - Request (Fluff)

Jealous Much - Request (Drabble, fluff)

Slow Ride - Mechanic AU - Request (Fluff, smut)

Hold Me - Request (Fluff, Angsty Dean)

Cold - Request (Fluff)

Wild One - request (fluff?)

Shameless - Request (fluff)

Dress up - Request (Daughter!reader) (No incest) (Fluff)

Singer - Request (Fluff)

Talk Me To Sleep - Request (Fluff)

Good Girl - Request (Implied smut) (Funny)

Carry On - Mama and Angelina’s Fabulous 300 Challenge (ANGST)

Sober - Song-based Request  (Artsy angst & implied smut)

Secrets - Request (fluff)

Picture Perfect - Request (Fluff)

Forced - Request (Fluff-ish) (Trigger warning: Rape)

Breaking Glass: A Once Upon a Time/Supernatural Crossover - Mama’s 1K/Birthday Celebration (Fluff & Angst)

Look At Me - Request (smut)

Not a French Mistake After All: (ANGST & fluff) (COMPLETED)
pt. 1 
pt. 2
pt. 3
pt. 4
pt. 5
pt. 6
pt. 7
pt. 8

Seven Days of Holidays: (Fluff)
Day 1 - Christmas
Day 2 - The Day after Christmas
Day 3 - Three Mothers and One Father
Day 4 - The Fourth be With You
Day 5 - Plead the Fifth
Day 6 - One Day More
Day 7 - New Year

Dean Spam (Drabbles)
#1 - Thumb Sucking (fluff)
#2 - The medicine (fluff)
#3 - Needy Dean (fluff)

Double Trouble: A Series of Winchester Twins. (Fluff)
Double trouble - Request
Double trouble: The Precuel - Request

Mising Series (Angst) (Fluff)
Miss Everything - Request
Miss Nothing - Request
Miss Something - Request

Sam Winchester

Cravings - Imagine Request - #46 from 31DOH (angst)

Angelic mess - Imagine request - #4 #12 #17 from 31DOH (Sam x Gabriel) (Angst, smut, fluff)

Winter Wonderland - Imagine request (angst & fluff)

Cold - Sam version - Request (Fluff)

Secrets - Request (Fluff)

Sam Spam
#1 - College AU (fluff)
#2 - Hunter!Reader AU (implied smut)
#3 - Asylum nurse AU (angst)
#4 - Car crash (angst)
#5 - Truth or dare (fluff)
#6 - Meeting your parents (angst)
#7 - Leaving him (angst)
#8 - Clumsy (fluff)
#9 - Meeting your parents - pt. 2 (angst)

The Mark - Part 1 - Request
The Mark - Part 2 - Request

King of Hell - Imagine Request - #1 #8 #9 from 31DOH (fluff)

Drunken Feathers - Imagine request - #11 from 31DOH (FLUFF)

Brown eyes - Imagine Request (Fluff)

Eyebrows (Fluff)

Cuddle angel - #1 from 200FC (Fluff) (Drabble)

Secrets - Request (Fluff)

Ice, Ice, Baby - Request (Fluff)

Fallen archangel - Imagine request (Fluff)

Anything - Request (Flangst)



Assault on Christmas Eve pt. 2 (pending)

Bruce Wayne/Batman
Liar - Request (Flangst)

The Rise of Justice - Request (Fluff & Smut)


Doctor Strange
Strange - Request (Fluff & Smut)

Maximoff Twins
Brotherhood - Request (Sister!Reader) (No incest)


Skelehorse - Imagine request - #54 from 31DOH (fluff)


Obi-Wan Kenobi
Traveller - Imagine Request - #21 from 31DOH (Fluff)

Patch me up - Imagine request (Fluff)


Extra Wool - Imagine request (Bellwether) 

Bellwether’s Short Tales Behind The Bars series:
1. Counting sheep to sleep.
2. The nightmare.
3. Only One.


Sherlock Holmes

Expectant - Request (Fluff)

Abusive - Request (trigger warning: Abusive ex)

On Edge - Request (Smut)

The Woman - Request (fluff?) (Irene x Sherlock x reader)

Make Up - Request (Smut)

Listener - Request (fluff)

The Holmes - Request (Fluff)

Daughter mine - Request (Father!Sherlock x daughter!reader) (No incest) (fluff)

Old Friend - Request (Fluff & smut)

Shoe Deduction - Request (Fluff) (Drabble)

Waltz - Request (Fluff)

Tension - Request (Smut)

Enjoy the show, brother - Request (implied smut)

4Chips - Request (Fluff) (Triigger warning: Self-harm)

Needing For Attention - Request (Smut)

Long Day - Request (Fluff & smut)

Brother, Annoying Brother - Request (Fluff)

The Other Woman - Request (Irene x Sherlock x reader) (Smut)

Tipsy - Request (Funny fluff)

Sick - Request (Fluff)

☆The Impossible Duet - Request ☆(Artsy fluff)

Chemistry in the Shower - Request (Smut)

Secrets - Request (Fluff)

Certain things - Song-based Request (FLUFF)

Perfect - Request (fluff)

Regression - Request (Angsty fluff)

Enjoy the Silence - Request (Fluff) (Sherlock x mute!reader) 

My Enemy’s Woman - Request (Moriarty x reader x Sherlock)

Love Story Duet - Request (Fluff)

Beneath the surface - Request (Angst)

Little sister - Request (Little-sister!Reader x Sherlock) (No incest)

The Reichenbach Fall - Request (ANGST) (John x reader x Sherlock)

Thunderstorm and Birthday Cake - Request (fluff)

Curious Man Series (Drabble) (Fluff)
Curious Man
Curious Man #2 - Request

Worried (Fluff)
Part 1 - Request
Part 2 - Request
Part 3 - Request

A Series of Experiments (Smut) (Fluff)
Experiment #1- Request
Experiment #2 - Request
Experiment #3 - Request
Experiment #4 - Request
Experiment #5 - Request
Experiment #6 - Request

New Family (Fluff)
New Family - Request
New Family - Part 2 - Request 

John Watson
My Best Friend’s Sister - Request (fluff)

Confessions to a Consultant Detective - Request (Fluff)

Flashbacks - Request (Fluff)

Secrets - Request (Fluff)

Jim Moriarty
Secrets - Request (Fluff)

Mad Love - Request (Fluff)
Mad Love - Part 2 - Request (Smut)


Benedict Cumberbatch
Cumbersmut - Request (Fluff & Smut)

Pull My Hair (the wrong way) - Request (fluff)


31 Days of Halloween (31DOH) / Masterlist

200 Followers Celebration (200FC) / Prompt list / Masterlist

So as I scrolled through all the challenges I was signed up for (specifically Kat’s challenge), I came up with this idea for a new little short series. Hope y’all enjoy the ride!

A/N: This series takes place in a futuristic version of SPN, where Lucifer (in the president’s body) actually managed to start the next world war. Now it’s 5 years later and the boys are still surviving!

So buckle up, we are in for some turns and surprises in this one (I think..lol)

There are a few challenges included in this one:

@motleymoose              Kat’s Mediocre Challenge 

Prompts: “We always expect trouble. This tends to work out better than never expecting any.” Clariel by Garth Nix   –  Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen  –  fic must be set in Post-Apocalpse, Western, or Regency Era

@megansescape          300 Follower Challenge

Prompt: “I’ll rise but I refuse to shine”

@jalove-wecallhimdean    “Do it like Dean” Challenge

Prompt: “You’re the short bus!”

@itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps    Steph’ s 500/Elvis Challenge

Prompt: Love Me Tender by Elvis

@impalaimagining   ​2K One Word Prompt Challenge

PROMPT: Future

PAIRING: None yet …. Dean, Sam, Chelsea (OFC) in part 1

WARNINGS: none in this part, just a little angsty


Mama’s Master List

Forever tags at the end. If you wish to be added or removed, just let me know.

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I knew a boy once
who fought like he could cleanse the world with the blood on his knuckles
(he forgot there’s only 5 litres of blood in a human body)

I knew a boy once
who smiled like he could hold stars in his teeth
(he forgot how they burn and burn and die)

I knew a boy once
who kissed like he could suck the venom out of my veins with the air in my lungs
(he forgot I’d run out of air long before I ran out of blood)

I knew a boy once
who loved like he could make a moon out of my skin
(he forgot I’d lose my light when he died)

—  I loved a boy once who shined like he could be the sun ( j.p. )
Renegade Rage

Summary: You’re already pissed off, and Dean is just making it worse. 

Pairing: Dean x Reader (Well, sort of implied at the end.)
Word Count: 1330
Warnings: Language, bar fight violence, drinking.
Genre: General.
Challenge: @atc74 and @mamaredd123‘s Fabulous 300 challenge! My prompts were: fight, rage, and Renegade by Styx. I’m only about two months overdue on this. Sigh. Sorry it took me so long ladies, but here it is! 

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#12: Orange Fizz. Sammy-Moo’s 300 Challenge.

For @sammy-moo‘s 300 Follower Challenge Celebration, I was giving the prompt “orange fizz”. This will be so fluffy, I might get sick.

Characters: Gabriel x Reader.

Triggers: Flirting. Drinking. Smut. CLIFF HANGER.

Word Count: 1124

Enjoy ;D

“Two orange fizzes,” The man said as he sat next to you. You glanced over at him, eyeing him curiously. He just smiled. “Hi. I’m Gabriel.” He held out his hand warmly, clearly trying to flirt.

You smiled at his extended hand before sipping at the drink that you’d already had. “Never met an angel before.” Gabriel blinked at that, surprised by your statement. “I can see your halo, Arch-Angel.”

Gabriel watched you for the longest moment before smiling and nodding. “Alright. You uh…” He chuckled nervously as he set his hand down. “You caught me off guard. I thought I was supposed to impress you.”

“If you can’t already tell, I’m much more interesting than normal people,” You said, smiling to him.

“How’s that?” He asked, smiling to the bartender as he set down the drinks for the two of you.

“I can see things that can only be imagined.” Gabriel blinked and stared in surprise. You just smirked as you took the drink he’d ordered. He gulped as you looked to him again. “Wanna know my secret?”

“Yeah. I would actually. I can’t even read your mind,” He confessed.

You smirked and said, “Because Dean and Sam told me about you, Trickster.” Gabriel stared in shock before scoffing as he looked down, laughing. “Nice to finally put a face to a name.”

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Swing and a Miss

Pairing: Bones x reader

Word Count: 759

Warnings: swearing, minor injury 

A/N: Requested by @feelmyroarrrr​ as part of my 300 Follower AU Challenge! Prompt 2: You punched me in the face while gesticulating wildly to a friend (which is 100% something I have done before lol). Hope you enjoy! <3

God, I’m late. I’m so fucking late, you thought frantically as you scrambled around your shared room at the Academy. It was your last final before graduation and you’d slept through your alarm. Pulling an all-nighter might not have been the best idea. Where’s my other shoe? When you couldn’t find it, you decided matching shoes were overrated and pulled on a sneaker instead. You were sure you looked ridiculous. Starfleet uniform wrinkled and lopsided, hair pulled into a messy bun, a Starfleet-issue boot on one foot and an old sneaker on the other. You quickly grabbed a cup of coffee before sprinting out the door.

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300 followers celebration challenge!!!

A massive thank you to @pretty-little-peacock (it won’t let me tag you) as I’ve just hit 300 FOLLOWERS!!

Thank you to everyone who has followed a shy, anti social, fanfic writer like myself. I never thought I would reach 300 and well I don’t deserve any of you.

To celebrate I am running my first writing challenge and it is a song related challenge. I have seen someone do this challenge before so credit goes to the blog who came up with this.

You don’t have to be following me to enter this challenge but it would be nice if you was.

Just send me an ask saying you want to enter, I will put my music playlist on shuffle and you will have to write the fic around the song that comes up. Even if you just get the characters to sing the lyrics.

It can be about any ship/character/real person and it can be any genre. You don’t have to tell me what you are gonna write about as I want it to be a surprise.

It can be any length just please put a keep reading thing if it’s over 500 words.

You have until the 14th May to write it and I will try and put them all in a masterlist. If you post it and I don’t like it just send me an ask with the link.

Please mention what the fic is for and the song you got and use the tag ‘Meg’s Random Song Challenge’

That’s it and thank you again to everyone who has followed me.

Tagging people from @mrswhozeewhatsis’s tag sheet and who I think may be interested or just want to reblog this: @lightthischickup @ackleholic96 @heavenslildevil @kittenofdoomage @luciisthebest @bloodstained-porcelain-doll @theficlibrarium @ellen-reincarnated1967 @sis-tafics @roxy-davenport @tia58 @sams-little-toy @deansleather @sunriserose1023 @jelly-beans-and-gstrings @everyday-supernatural-af @notnaturalanahi @babypieandwhiskey @justanothersaltandburn @avasmommy224 @mysaintsasinner @spn-fan-girl-173 @klaineaholic @hexparker @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @ilostmyshoe-79

I Hurt Myself Today

A/N 1: Written for two of my loves: @inmysparetime0​‘s 300 Murder Challenge and @megansescape​ 300 Song prompt challenge. For Megan’s Challenge, my song was: Pink’s Please Don’t Leave Me and my quote was: Ding Dong The Bitch Is Dead. The lyrics are used more as inspiration for how this started and are quoted later in the story. I also used Johnny Cash’s Hurt, well, you’ll see why…

Word Count: 1750-ish

Warnings: Demon Dean being a dick; fighting; character death (this was for a murder challenge!) mild language.

A/N 2: If you have read any of my fics, you know I am the Duchess of Fluff, so this is way outside of my wheelhouse. I sought out my Angel of Angst, @chelsea072498​ for her guidance with this. This literally hurt my heart to write. Feedback is welcome and appreciated!

Summary: Demon Dean is back and he goes to the reader; she is the love of Dean’s life and human Dean knows he can’t live without her. She has kept him grounded and somewhere in the back of his twisted, demented mind, he knows he will need her to keep the Mark at bay when Sam does cure him. Demon Dean is sick and tired of her whining and begging him to stay.

Dean and Y/N had fought, always. But they loved each other without a doubt. Dean always knew it would come down to him trying to protect her and he would give his life to save her without a moment’s hesitation. He needed her. She needed him. They were like conjoined twins and one could not live without the other.

But damn was she as stubborn as he was. More often than not a fight ended up with her kicking him out of her room, telling him he was broken and a drunk. She didn’t believe it, but it was her defense mechanism too. Hurting the ones you love to protect them. She didn’t believe she deserved Dean’s love. Dean didn’t believe he deserved her either. They were really cut from the same cloth.  But she always forgave him, he always forgave her, always ended up in a tangled mess of sheets, each of them pleading with the other “Baby, please don’t leave me.” And they never did.

But things changed when Dean took on the Mark of Cain to defeat Abbadon. It took him to darker places than he had ever been before. The fire of rage that consumed him could only be extinguished by her. He knew this, she knew this. The fighting had stopped and even though things looked grim with this curse on his arm, she knew she would never fight with again, never leave him. But she knew that ‘never’ was a word that Hunters didn’t use.

And after the battle with Metatron, that is where she found herself, next to his lifeless, bloodstained corpse, lying in their bed, keeping her promise to him. Tears stained her pretty face as she held him close, running her hands through his hair.

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Under pressure.

This is my entry for @mamaredd123 and @atc74‘s fabulous 300 challenge. My prompts were Pregnant, Overwhelmed and Under Pressure by Queen. The song has been used as a theme throughout but also some of the lyrics have been placed inside the fic and they are marked in bold. This is Un-beta’d so any and all mistakes are my own. Tags are below the cut. I am using the SPN Fanfic Pond tag list, if you have been tagged wrongly, please let me know and I will remove you asap

Summary: The reader is being held captive by demons when they begin to change their behaviour suddenly. Does the reader still believe she is going to be saved or will some new news push her over the edge?

Warnings: Kidnapping, Physically forced to drink water, fear, talk of previous torture, Major angst.

Word count: 1704.

Pairing: Dean X Reader.

You had been stuck in this warehouse for nearly 3 weeks now, the demons holding you had taken a break from torturing you, leaving you alone with no food or water for the last 2 days. They had captured you whilst you were on a hunt with the Winchesters and you hadn’t been able to escape, despite numerous attempts. At first they tortured you for information; about the Winchesters,about other hunters and about the bunker but you refused to crack. After awhile they stopped asking questions and started just hurting you for the fun of it, laughing as they watched the blood drip from your cuts before healing you just enough that you lived another day. You had been waiting to be rescued by Sam and Dean but your hope had been slipping away more and more each day. You couldn’t understand why they hadn’t come to save you, they must know that something is wrong, how could they not? Maybe they just didn’t want to try, maybe they were sick of you. You shook your head quickly, groaning as it made you vision swirl, you couldn’t allow yourself to think like that. You had to pull through this and the only way you can do that is through keeping yourself strong.

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Castieltrash1′s 300+ Follower Challenge!

Originally posted by pierce-my-panic


Ok here’s the plan! I’m pretty busy with my own writing and challenges so I making my own! Here all the rules.


-Choose a song from below - there are 10 so sign up quickly!

-Your fic must have the song included in some way - lyrics, based off of, or playing in the background are all good!

-Send me an ask with your song and character/ship - NO ANON

-Can be any SPN ship or an X Reader

-Fluff, angst, and smut are allowed!

-Please tag any warnings or NSFW

-Tag me in it! I’ll reblog it when I can, if I don’t after a day please message me!

-Deadline is June 9th and you can sign up any day before that

-Please message me if you need an extension! I’m fine with that <3

-A master list of all the fics will be made later

-The winner will receive a follow from me and a one-shot of their choosing.

-Have fun!


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#200: Welcome To The Newest Nashooligans.

Y’all caught me by surprise this morning, though, I tell you what.

His face is gonna stick like that if he doesn’t quit! So first, congrats on your exceptional taste [snort] and if you wanna be clear on what you’ve gotten yourselves into,over at @hamartiamacguffin‘s you’ll find our little hidey hole’s latest endorsement - management is so, so proud. 

Enough of that - lemme get my hair out of these curlers and freshen up my lipstick, make yourselves at home, grab you a mimosa or a bellini & go visit out on the porch. We have just the sweetest new bartender here at the NashHole [it’s like the Pie Hole, but with booze & @helvonasche‘s rowdy Helhounds on the top floor callin’ up demonfolk to do their bidding, as it should be], so go see her, she’ll take good care of you.

Or listen, head downstairs, the ‘80s cover band won’t be in til tonight, but I’ve heard our in-house stripper’s doing something with birthday cake that’s to die for, so bring some singles for rain-makin’. 

Oh, and our pole’s horizontal, just FYI. But if you’re unable to swing by, here’s my mobile master list if you’re stuck somewhere stupid, like work. Meantime, I’ll have to put my thinking cap on about a challenge idea. Because I haven’t got a clue. I mean, I have clues, just not about… hmmm…. Clue…. CLUE

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