IT’S 300 DAY!!!

OMG I really am floored that 300 people think I post content that they want to see regularly in their feed! For real I never thought my little blog would touch this many people! Thank you for boosting my ego 😂. This. Is. SPARTA!

about that one trailer scene

so. its very clearly an elf in there, right? four whole fingers.

and when the mirror is first introduced, viren says that this mirror was what the dragons kept closest to them.

its obvious that the mirror traps people inside, but who is it? its obviously an elf, maybe more than one.

which elves were close to the dragon royalty, but mysteriously disappeared during the fighting, many thinking they “ran away”?

tl;dr raylas parents are trapped in the mirror and that’s how she finds out what Really happened to them goodnight

You know what will never cease to frustrate me?

Renesmee was the antichrist. Every detail about her from conception onward was creepy and dissonant and full of explicit body horror. Every single trope involving her was pulled straight out of Rosemary’s Baby and The Omen and stories in that vein. Even in-universe, there was textual evidence that creatures like her were apocalyptic events unto themselves. 

And after all of that setup, the narrative pulls back and insists that all that horror and dissonance was a big fake-out, or else entirely unintentional. The baby isn’t the antichrist, she’s practically the messiah!

…which is, literally, exactly what the antichrist would say.