His class being cancelled due to the fact his lecturer was off ill, Alfie pondered around the campus of the university, wondering what to do with his free time, but his mind kept going back to the blonde from the other night. Indie had been unsuccessful for gaining her name of Amber, so he was still stuck with the nickname. Feet leading him without knowledge of where he’d end up, he started making his way back over to the art building, figuring he could head up the the dark room and develop some of his photography film for his project. Strolling the halls, he noticed one of the canvas rooms with the door open, popping his head to catch whoever it was, he was shocked to see the blonde in thought. Smiling encroaching onto his lips, he leaned against the door frame. “Afternoon.”

So I was going through Cassie’s tweets to update my Shadowhunter Chronicles posts and stumbled upon something that dominiquemorgenstern and I talked about a few weeks ago.

At first I was like, Well, ok then.
But then I looked at the CP2 epilogue - I hate it when I have to do that - and thought, Wait a second!

Summer 1937, Will’s deathbed (this is still painful to read and write):

the bedroom had been full of sunlight, sunlight and her and Will’s children [James and Lucie], their grandchildren [Owen and Lucie and Jesse’s children], their nieces and nephews - Cecy’s blue-eyes boys [Christopher and Alexander], tall and handsome, and Gideon and Sophie’s two girls [Barbara and Eugenia] - and those who were as close as family: Charlotte, white-haired and upright, and the Fairchild sons [Charles and Matthew] and daughters with their curling red hair like Henry’s had once been.

Do you see my problem? Daughters that have Henry’s hair! So in the epilogue it definitely sounds like Charlotte and Henry have daughters in addition to Charles and Matthew but now Cassie has negated this and arrrrrgh! This is frustrating because when ‘The Last Hours’ is released, the CP2 epilogue will be 'wrong’. *sighs* I was so much looking forward to Fairchild girls.

richardegansey  asked:

wait who did Edmund have contact with after he left the enclave?

Will, Cecily, Tessa, Gabriel… and probably all of his grandchildren. Will and Co. visited Edmund and Linette in Wales although it’s forbidden.

“And understand that this is just this once,"Charlotte said anxiously. "Even if I am the Consul, I cannot allow you to visit your mundane family–”“Not even at Christmas?” said Cecily, with large, tragic eyes.

Charlotte weakened visibly. “Well, perhaps Christmas…”

“And birthdays,” said Tessa. “Birthdays are special.”

Charlotte put her hands over her face. “By the Angel.”

CP2, The Measure of Love

anonymous asked:

It's two of my friends birthdays on the 3rd and 27th (I know she's so lucky!!), and they're both MASSIVE TMI/TID fans, they got me into the books. I want to make them something memorable, but I don't know what to do. One loves Sebastian, Magnus, and Will (and is basically a female Jace) and the other loves Jace and Jem, and is nice and funny. Do you have any ideas?

You seem to have pretty awesome friends ;)

So gift ideas for your friend whose birthday is on the 27th:

  • City of Heavenly Fire (unless she - I assume she’s a girl - has already preordered it)
  • a ‘giftcard’: you think of several fun ideas to cheer her up after City of Heavenly Fire. You could have a day in and pamper yourself: eat comfort food, listen to your favourite music, do some beauty stuff to help with your swollen eyes, hit a book store to find new and awesome books or write little cards that you can put into CoHF that say something like, This book is amazing but you definitely need tissues.

For your other friend: Amazon.com (I hope you are US American) has quite a lot of Shadowhunter merchandise:

There’s also Hebel Design and Cassie’s artist #1 also has an online store.

I hope both of your friends will have happy birthdays :)