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2. http://blog.kevinsano.com/

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WONDERFUL submissions tonight! They are all absolutely fantastic! Wow! Aaaand that about does it for tonights challenge! HUGE thanks to all of the artists that participated! 

See you next time!


1. http://hollow-shades.tumblr.com/

2. http://doodle-master.tumblr.com/

3. http://doctoradorablemod.tumblr.com/

4. http://askthestarfleetponies.tumblr.com/

5. http://tsitra360.tumblr.com/

6. http://mxcoriginal.tumblr.com/

And that does it for tonights challenge! Great job everybody! See you next time!


Well despite my furious efforts to get Breezy to assemble some flat-pack furniture  we got some really great Sonic entries which go to show that even a ‘vanilla’ character can be loads of fun!

1. pembrokewkorgi

2. fattoler

3. shade-777

4. partiallyaquatic

EDIT, We managed to miss an entry so…

5. speedsters-are-awesome