Richonne “Say Yes” Review by Lauren Avila


I’m the queen of the world! Woo-hoo! I feel like I’m flying at the front of the most magnificent ship on television. Rick and Michonne Grimes are honestly one of the strongest, healthiest, and inspiring couples I’ve ever seen in any media form. I know it sounds cliche, and they are anything but cliche, but they complete each other. It’s remarkable really because independently they are already capable warriors who don’t NEED anyone but that’s essentially what makes this pair so amazing. Rick and Michonne on their own are survivors, but together they are an unstoppable force. This episode really was a beautiful tribute to each character but a undeniable display of their impressive teamwork. I loved this episode so much I can hardly express why. It was the little things that made me the happiest. I truly appreciate the hardwork that goes into The Walking Dead. The whole cast, crew, writers, and producers are in a caliber quite different from any other tv show out there. It’s such a gift to be able to pick up on new things each time you see an episode. As some fans might have noticed. There was a lot more to the episode than just what was at the surface, as often there is in any episode. Okay, so let’s dive in. There were parts of the episode that I was swooning over as a fangirl but other parts that I found I was completely fascinated by as a regular viewer. I found there was a lot of symbolism and signs going on especially regarding callbacks to other episodes and possible foreshadowing to the future. Let’s first discuss all the callbacks. As a whole, I feel like this episode sort of embodied their journey so far, individually and together. If you look enough into it (as a fangirl), you might even say this was like going down an AISLE of memory lane. ;)

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My submission for Day 2 (2.27.17) of Bethyl Appreciation Week…
FAVORITE SCENE: this one from “30 Days Without an Accident.”
For most of us in the Bethyl fandom, safe to say that this poignant moment was the official launch of the S.S. Bethyl. The champagne bottle was beautifully broken over the bow of the ship and away we went!

Cigarette Smoke

Pairing: Reader X Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead)

Inspiration: “30 Days Without an Accident” (S4E1)

Prompt: After a supply run goes wrong and you witness your close friend (Zach) get killed by walkers you try to get some alone time away from everyone at the prison. However, it isn’t long before Daryl stumbles upon you and decides to try his hand at comforting you. 

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of a gruesome death, spoilers if you haven’t gotten to the episode yet, (Y/N) smokes cigarettes in this

A/N: I feel like I started this imagine really strong and then it kinda went down hill at the end but I hope you guys still like it!!

You kept replaying the image of Zach with the walker’s teeth sunk into his neck over and over again. The visual feeling so real that you could practically hear his screams ringing in your ears.

Two hours. It had been two hours since you had seen your best friend’s life be taken away, just adding to the list of casualties you had witnessed ever since the world turned to shit an unknown number of months ago. 

The moment the car had come to a stop back in the jail yard after the incident you decided some alone time was needed. That decision was what had landed you where you were sitting now, your back pressed up against the cold wall in one of the prison’s many mysterious corridors. 

You weren’t 100% sure where this particular hallway led, all you knew was that it was people, both of the living and non-living status, free. 

You let yourself sink into your body, your head falling back and resting on the wall as your eyes closed, the image of Zach’s bloody body flashing onto your eyelids. Your eyes remained closed however. 

Every time someone close to you died you went through the same few phases for getting over it and moving on. The first phase was reliving it and this was the phase you were in right now. For the next handful of days you would see the scene play out every time you closed your eyes, each time the image seeming slightly more faded until it would disappear completely.   

Your eyes only shot open when you heard the sound of a foot scuff down the hallway. When you looked in the direction of the noise you saw a calm Daryl standing several feet away from you, his body leaned up against the same wall you were sitting against. You watched as he silently reached into his back pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. 

His fingers fiddled with the top of the pack before reaching in and pulling out two long sticks, placing them both in between his lips before his hand returned back to his pocket, this time to pull out a lighter. We brought the flame up to both the cigarettes, there ends catching fire for a brief moment before subsiding into embers.

“Here.” he spoke in his normal gravely voice, removing one of the cigarettes from his lips and handing it down to you. 

You took it in between your own fingers after only a moment of hesitation. You had never smoked before the apocalypse and you had never expected that while living in a walker infested world you would pick up on the bad habit. However you had.

You took a drag from the cigarette as Daryl slid his body down to the ground next to you, his own cigarette hanging from his lips loosely, looking like it could fall at any moment.

“You know cryin’ about it won’t help.” Daryl spoke, his tone relaxed even though his words were harsh. 

“I’m not crying.” you stated firmly as you let your eyes close once again, the image of the incident reappearing once again causing your brow to furrow. 

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“Might as well be.” Daryl muttered, bringing his hand up to remove the cigarette from his mouth, a puff of smoke following it. 

The two of you sat quietly for several moments, the two cigarettes slowly diminishing in size as time went on. You and Daryl hadn’t clicked like he had with everyone else who came from Woodbury. All your fellow townspeople had seen him almost immediately as their hero, thanking him every time he brought in food or came back from a supply run. You on the other hand had never thanked him. 

It wasn’t because you were a selfish brat or believed that what he was doing was nothing to be impressed by, but rather you knew the type of person Daryl was. After all, your best friend before the apocalypse had been just like him. 

He did what he had to do because he had to do it, not because he wanted praise or to be put up on this platform. Thanking him every time he brought back a deer did nothing for him, so why waste your breath.

“At least he’s out of this shit hole.” Daryl spoke suddenly, his voice breaking the silence that had fallen. You glanced at the man that sat next to you, his eyes locked straight forward at the barred window that was letting in dim outside light. 

“Yeah.” you agreed, your gaze following his outside the dirty window. “I’m gonna miss him.” you added in a smaller voice. 

Part of you wanted that sentence to remain a thought in your mind, however another part of you knew you needed to say it. That was your second phase after all, admitting that you were a human who has emotions and knowing that you’re allowed to state them on occasion, even though the world had taught you within the past couple of months that emotions meant weakness. 

“We all miss people.” Daryl spoke in an equally small voice, as if he too meant to keep his thought silent. You glanced back at Daryl as the words escaped his mouth. As horrible as it might sound, you couldn’t imagine Daryl missing anyone.

“Who do you miss?” you asked after a few moments of admiring his face. You couldn’t help but let his features soak into your memory. 

His eyes darted quickly from the window to you and then back as if the question caught him off guard. You saw his Adam’s apple rise and fall as he swallowed before releasing another puff of smoke into the corridor air. 

“My brother.” he responded finally. You could see his muscles tense, his fist clenching at whatever memories he had of the man flooded back to him. 

Without even thinking you let your hand move on to his white knuckles, your touch almost immediately causing his fists to relax. Your softness on his roughness caused a small tingle between your skin, however you didn’t move your hand away as the tingle grew. Rather, you relaxed your hand even more until most of your forearm was resting on top of his.  

You saw him glance down at your hand and you expected him to lurch his arm away. However, he didn’t. Instead he let his fist unroll and turn over so your palms were resting in one another. 

As silence fell back over the corridor you let your head nuzzle carefully on his shoulder. Your body calming at his touch. Smoke escaping both your mouths at the same time. Your eyes closing once again, this time with no visuals of Zach.

Mr. Dixon, I just wanted to thank you for bringing that deer back yesterday.

It was a real treat, sir. And I’d be honored to shake your hand.

30 Days Without an Accident ─Season4, Episode 1
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“Where Are You Now”

Inspired by @girl-ninja‘s awesome observation post.  Pre- “30 Days Without An Accident,” delving a bit deeper into Rick and Michonne, and Rick and Daryl.

Michonne can’t stay, and Rick can’t leave, and Daryl sees the whole thang.

Everything had been going so well.

Everyone was out on that sunny, Sunday afternoon, enjoying the barbeque.  Judith was with Beth, and Carl was talking to Hershel about a new plowing technique.  Rick spied Michonne, sitting off to the side alone, observing everyone.

Just like he was. 

He went and fixed two plates, then went over to her, sitting down.

“Can’t believe we’re at this point,” he said, handing her a plate.  “Getting to sit around and enjoy a summer breeze.”

“Thanks. Didn’t think I’d be at a backyard barbeque ever again,” she said with a smile.

“Things are settling down, leveling out.  We’ve finally become fully self-sufficient…Runs aren’t as necessary as they used to be.”  His voice was quiet, then.  While he was sure of what he was saying, he was unsure how she would respond to it.

Michonne didn’t say anything for a moment, pushing some beans around on her plate. Then, “No, they aren’t.”

Rick smiled as Beth walked by, helping Judith wave hello.  Michonne shifted in her seat, looking away.

“I picked up a trail a few days ago.  Ran out of supplies, but I’m fully stocked now.  Gonna head back out later today.”

Rick cocked his head at her, eyes squint a bit as he stared at her.  “Really?  Today?” He was incredulous, and wasn’t afraid to show it.

Michonne shrugged, looking away.  “Seems like a good day for it.”

Rick sighed, clearly exasperated, sitting back in his chair.  Still, he didn’t comment.  But only for a moment.

“You should stick around,” he said casually.  “We don’t see enough of you.”

“Hmph. I think you see me just fine,” she teased.

It took a lot of effort for Rick to not eye her up and down, but he managed.  

“It’s just…we worry.  I worry.”

Michonne reached out, squeezing his hand.  “I’ll be back soon enough.  I always am.”

Rick nodded more to himself than her, trying like hell to shake off that creeping feeling of dread.  “Will you at least finish eating first?” he asked.

She let his hand go, then shoved his shoulder playfully.  “Of course.”

“Well, there’s that, I guess.”

She looked at him then, staring at him intently as she thought.  “Why don’t you come with me?”

Rick looked shocked for a moment, “yes” on the tip of his tongue.  Then he sighed, looking across the way at Carl, Hershel’s voice in his head.

‘What kind of life will he have?’

Rick’s jaw clenched, and he looked down at his plate of ribs.  “…I can’t.  That’s not me.  Not anymore.”

Michonne smiled at him.  “Farmer Rick it is, then?”

Rick smiled back, chuckling a bit.  “Don’t laugh. One of these days, I’ll have you as Farmer Michonne.”

Michonne leaned back in her seat, relaxed in his company.  “That’ll be the day.”


“Man. You got it bad.”  Daryl watched Rick as Rick watched Michonne on her horse, leaving the safety of the prison.

Rick nodded a bit before a burst of laughter erupted from him at the realization that he did indeed have it bad.  Then he sighed, suddenly weary.  “I just wish she wouldn’t go out so much, is all.”

“Can’t tie that woman down, Rick, even if it’s for her own good.  She’s gotta figure it out on her own,” Daryl said, clapping Rick on the shoulder.

“Yeah…probably karma, anyway.”

“Karma?” Daryl asked, bewildered.

“This must’ve been what it felt like for Lori, whenever I would leave.  I just…I don’t want anything to happen to her out there.”

Daryl grunted.  “Maybe just…I dunno, tell her.”

“Well it’s not that easy, Daryl.”

“Why? You say some words, she hears ‘em…”

“Okay, I did tell her.  She just…she asked me to go with her.  Couldn’t do that,” Rick said with dismay.

“Hey man, we got time.  She’ll come around.”

Rick stared, worriedly watching as she disappeared into the distance.

“Yeah…she’ll come around.”

Note: I’m of the opinion that it wasn’t just the Governor driving Michonne beyond the prison gates—it was Judith.  After that emotional barrier finally comes down, thanks to Beth and a bit of carrot-baby vomit, we don’t really get time to see Michonne fully relax in the prison and chill with Rick due to the killer flu, the clean-up, and then oh hai there Philip, with your kidnapping, murdering ass…

Merry Christmas
30 Days Without an Accident ─Season4, Episode 1
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anonymous asked:

no one talks much about beth's prison/farm era crush on daryl. I saw hints of it but my friend doesn't. Beth practically says she was watching Daryl when the barn slaughter was happening and then her talk to carol about the group being weak without Daryl. the cutesy writing of the nickname Daryl gave Judith on her makeshift crib was obv done by Beth. meta this pls

Duuuuuuude. I honestly think that Beth had such a fuckin’ crush on him back then, and it really does get swept under the rug a lot, because like you said, there’s already all that… But then there’s even more as well.

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