Prince of Tennis 30 Day Challenge: Day 18 - Your favorite episode/part of the story that doesn’t involve a tennis match (New Prince of Tennis episode 8)

Kenya already said it. This has nothing to do with tennis hahaha. Plus I love the frightened look of bb Akaya XD (not to mention the weird chant that wasn’t shown in the manga lol)

Daiya 30 Day Challenge

Day 23: crossover festival 

please give me a ridiculous prince of tennis and daiya crossover, preferably set in one of the extra ridiculous chibi episodes. Daiya boys don’t get any time off for shenanigans and while every tennis match lasts approximately 84 years at least they get to be silly and do fun stuff in between I WANT A YAKINIKU EATING COMPETITION WITH DAIYA BOYS (TT0TT) 


30 Days of Prince of Tennis - Day 23

A character you’d love to have as your sibling


Reasons why:

  1. He’s such a dork that I literally just want to hold him forever and take care of him because I know he can’t do that on his own. Maybe even embarrass the hell out of him at school because of how protective I could get but he’d still love me because I’m his sister
  2. He likes video games, yakiniku and manga so that’s going to be our bonding time and I’m going to be the really clingy sister towards him.
  3. I want to have his family’s metabolic rate. He mentioned having a sister in GakuPuri and that she was extremely thin despite eating as much as he did.

Let me just point out that he has a tag on my blog called “PRECIOUS PRECIOUS DEVIL CHILD”


30 Days Tennis Challenge || Day 1:
└ Favorite men’s player: Roger Federer

“He’s the most gifted player that I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve seen a lot of people play. I’ve seen the (Rod) Lavers, I played against some of the great players – the Samprases, Beckers, Connors’, Borgs, you name it. This guy could be the greatest of all time. That, to me, says it  all.”
– John McEnroe


Prince of Tennis 30 Day Challenge: Day 9 - Your favorite tennis match or story arc (National Tournament Finals Arc)

It’s the finals! We got to see Sanada’s Fū Rin Ka In Zan Rai, Tezuka Phantom, Kaidoh & Akaya in Devil Mode, Yanagi’s control of Devil Akaya, a Mummy Inui, Niou’s Illusion, Fuji’s 6th counter: Hoshi Hanabi, Marui and Jackal’s techniques, Golden Pair’s synchro, Yukimura’s real tennis and lastly, Echizen becomes super saiyan LOL


30 Days Tennis Challenge || Day 9:
Favorite retired men’s player: Bill Tilden

“[T]he greatest tennis player the world has seen… William Tatem Tilden 2nd was his name. He was the autocrat of the courts as no other player has been since, an absolute monarch in a period when American tennis was at it most resplendent and great players were developed in many lands. He was not only the supreme, the most complete player of all time; he was also one of the most colorful and controversial figures the world of sports has known… He was the master of his time and for all time.” 
– Allison Danzig, New York Times Sportswriter,