30 Days of Jane - Day 26 - Favorite behind the scenes moment?

I don’t know if this counts as behind the scenes, or just a crack video, but if I’m having a bad day, thinking about Rochester playing with sock puppets and reciting pirate poetry always cheers me right up. I dare you not to laugh while watching this. 

Day 21: 0_o Uhhhhhhhhhh, I feel like if you haven’t figured this out about me yet, then I’m not as good at communicating as I thought. So here are some pictures to illustrate…..

Blanche/Warren is a close running up, followed by Mary/Suzanna in 3rd place.

Day 22: Boo! Nothing has really been a huge surprise since I know the story. I feel like the lack of action is usually more noteworthy for me. Waiting for things to happen is painful.

But I suppose, Kidnapped was a surprise. I nice one. I wasn’t expecting that to happen at all!

Day 23: ಠ_ಠ More pictures then….

Day 24: Adele and Rochester, even though they suck at it. They’re going to figure it out! I have faith in them both. 

P.S. I feel like there was an unexpected theme in this latest batch of answers. Strange. ;)

30 Days of Jane: Day 4

Day 3: Favo(u)rite line/quote?

Well, I’m gonna have to double up on this one.

“But vague is what I do Jane… probably.”

For some reason, it just was the first thing that jumped in to my head when I read this question. This is both funny and totally on point for Rochester. That one little silly line shows both his self-awareness and his stupid, dorky sense of humour. Good writing, guys.

“Because I want to feel something, rather than think about what it would be like to feel something.”


This line is the best thing since sliced bread. This line rocks my world. This line is the bee’s knees, man. This line is the shizz. This line is the cat’s freaking pyjamas.

30 Days of Jane, 25

25. Something you would change about the adaptation?

I would have liked to see Jane to write a short post on Tumblr every week or so. 

She covers the big things in her videos, but it would have been in character for her to make posts sharing some the small things people often share. An anecdote about something funny or frustrating that happened that day. A comment about something she learnt or a conversation she overheard. An answer to a question someone asked or to a questionnaire/meme. A recommendation for a book/TV series/song, or a request for recommendations. A comment about something she had just realised about life, the universe and everything. A seemingly-innocuous memory from childhood, or a vaguely worded comment that doesn’t make any sense until you find out the story behind it.

I know we got the occasional text post or tweet; I just would have liked it if text posts from Jane had been a more regular thing. This isn’t something AoJE desperately needed. Not at all. But it’s something I would have appreciated, for several reasons.

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30 Days of AOJE

Gonna do the last three days all at once, because I’m sure I’m behind anyway.

Sweetest/cutest scene: Kidnapped – the entire thing. Although I’m sure if we ever get a scene of Adele and the now redeemed and hopefully not gravely injured Rochester, acting like father and daughter together, it will eclipse even Kidnapped.

Least favorite episode:Probably one of the episodes starring Liz and Johanna. I think there’s one that just has the two of them together and I remember thinking, “Where’s my Jane?" 

Favorite episode:It’s used to be Kidnapped, but now it’s Binge. Mary Rivers would be so much fun to hang out with, and her reactions in this video are priceless.

That’s it! Can’t wait for Saturday!

Day 9: My favourite teacup is this one with its matching teapot:

But the gigantic yellow one is a close runner up:

Day 10: This is a hard choice for me because my favourite parts of the book, haven’t necessarily been my favourite parts of the web series. I think I was most impressed by Jane retelling of her childhood in this adaptation. The “Draw My Life” was a very clever idea! Which also made complete logical sense. I liked how the attack on Mr. Mason was adapted, too. Having the action play out over three disjointed, but connected episodes was smart. It felt very natural, while still being dramatic.

Day 11: Jane’s room (and you know, which one I mean).

First of all, it is completely Jane'sspace even though she has lots of visitors. And despite the fact that it’s the “cozy crappy room”, Jane loves it. But what I really like about this room is how it looks on camera.

It’s a good space. Although, we (usually) only see a part of the room, we have a good sense of what is missing from view. We can see the door, which I think is important. People are often coming and going as part of the action. In fact, the audience is occasionally one step ahead of Jane as sits with her back to the door. However, the door also connects us to the rest of the house, and the things that are beyond Jane’s bubble (shadows in the halls, parties downstairs). 

Also, this room allows Jane to frame herself (and others) relatively normally. She is not forced to be too close or too far away from the camera. However, the space still allows for some interesting uses of depth and height levels. Particularly in scenes when Rochester is around.

Day 12: No one is really underrated. All the characters are very well utilized. However, the first time I watched I did not give Warren enough credit. There’s a lot going on with this boy. He’s got feelings and opinions bursting from every snarky comment. 

Also Ricardo. The Phantom of the Kitchen! (♫♪♫♪♫♫♪)

30 Days of Jane: Day 20

Day 20: Favo(u)rite “guest” episode?

Well, I am taking “‘guest’ episode” to mean “any episodes out of the normal sequence” because I just have to talk about Q&A#3 and its perfect adorableness.

I have a lot of thoughts about why this episode is amazing.

1. I love that, once again, things are going along nromally in a video, and then BAM! Rochester. BAM! Rochester is one of my favourite things.

2. There is some excellent scarf action going on, which I always appreciate.

3. We get some lovely touchy-flirting:

Including shoulder bumps!

4. I love the little bit of foreshadowing when Rochester tells Jane she is most like Khaleesi; before they’re even together, he’s trying to turn her into a queen.

5. “OK, these are literally all about tea.”

6. Jane’s skeptical face is a thing of beauty:

“I can feel people unsubscribing.”

 7. And then Rochester calls it home and Jane calls it home and I know what true joy feels like.

30 Days of Jane: Day 2

Favorite Character

Jane. Absolutely, irrevocably, forever Jane. Jane from the first episode, and inevitably, Jane until the very end. Tea drinking, walk taking, amateur photographing, introspective, compassionate, quirky, insecure, independent, sometimes irrational, but always perfect Jane. I loved the book because of Jane, and now I love the webseries because of Jane too.

30 Days of AOJE

Rochester or Simon?

Toughest question ever. Really, I’d just like Jane to be single for a while and figure out her life. 

But if I had to pick one for Jane, I’d say Rochester. Simon’s a good guy but he has a really hard time understanding that no means no. Rochester, for all his faults and lies, at least respects Jane enough to let her leave when she says she needs to. And I think he’s honestly tried to change and be a better person since she left.

30 Days of Jane, condensed into 1 day

I am answering all of margarawr’s 30 Days of Jane questions about the very lovely webseries, The Autobiography of Jane Eyre, in one fell swoop. Because, umm… I am.

1) How did you find AOJE? I saw a link for it in the comments of Socially Awkward Darcy (a Facebook fanpage for The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and thought, well, why not?) 

2) Favourite character? Jane. Of course!

3) Least favourite character? Liz Reed. Devoid of humour, and makes loving things a chore. Probably not a good person.

4) Favourite line or quote? 

“I am off the hook! Woo! PARTY TIME! Tea party. - Jane Eyre, Episode 8: Duck Pond

"I love him and… oh no.”

“Oh yes. Oh my god. Look at that. Imma be Mrs Rochester now. Uh uh. Beautiful, innocent, little pearl.”

- Suzanna & Jane, Episode 47: Changes 

“But vague is what I do, Jane… Probably.” - E.D. Rochester, Episode 43: Kidnapped

“It was… a metaphor?” - E.D. Rochester, Episode 45: The Crux

“This is a very obvious metaphor, Jane” Adele Rochester, Episode 49: Fairytales

“I am awaiting the return of my employer with the limit of emotions acceptable for professionalism.” - Jane Eyre, Episode 18: Cleaning House

“Why are we sitting at such a small table? … It’s disconcerting.” Simon-James Rivers, Episode 67: Rose Oliver

“It’s bird food Jane, it’s food for birds.” - Simon-James Rivers, Episode 79: Peter Piper

“Dare to live in reality.” - Diana Rivers, Episode 81: Trails

“I’m hoping the cupcakes will smooth over the transition from I have no money and no job and nothing else to my name to I now have several million dollars and I want to share it with you and this definitely isn’t something illegal and this isn’t a money laundering thing.” - Jane Eyre, Episode 75: Gifts

5) Favourite friendship? Jane & Adele. They need each other so much, and they don’t even know.

6) Have you ever read Jane Eyre? Do you want to? I read it when I was about 18, after realising that it had materialised on my shelf one day, and I’d never read it. Honestly, it didn’t leave a huge impression on me, though I quite liked the 2011 movie. I have been re-reading it at the pace of the show since I started AoJE, so I can compare and contrast.

7) Favourite outfit? Jane’s dress in Episode 75: Gifts

8) What other character would you love to see videos from? Adele. 

9) Favourite teacup? The big-ass one Jane drinks from sometimes.

10) Favourite adapted section? When Rochester comes clean. It was emotional as hell, and very well done. I thought having her in the wedding dress was a really nice touch, too.

11) Favourite location? Jane’s first bedroom at Thornfield. Seems so long ago…

12) Most underrated character? Warren.

13) Most overrated character? Not possible.

14) A character you started out disliking and grew to love? Grace. Poor Grace.

15) Best Twitter account? Rochester. He doesn’t tweet a lot, but when he does, I care.

16) Best first impression? Simon.

17) Mary or Diana? Diana.

18) Saddest moment? The end of The Truth, when Jane says “I won’t stay” and Rochy’s face just crumbles. Also all of Consequences. 

19) Most awkward moment? Still has to be Rochester’s proposal. What a cock-up.

20) Favourite “guest” episode? Episode 47: Changes, when Suzanna takes the tiara.

21) Favourite romantic relationship? Jane and Rochester.

22) Biggest surprise? Um… the end of The Lie was pretty fucking abrupt, and certainly scared me out of my comfort zone.

23) Rochester or Simon? Rochester. With a bullet.

24) Favourite family relationship? Mary and Diana.

25) Something I would change about the adaptation? Why would I do that?

26) Favourite behind the scenes part? Drunk, pirate Rochester. It is without parallel.

27) Hardest moment to watch? Jane having a panic attack in The Lie.

28) Sweetest / Cutest scene? Kidnapped. All of Kidnapped.

29) Least Favourite episode? Sigh or Soup. Filler episodes. 

30) Favourite episode? Kidnapped. I cannot tell you how many times I watched it, and how much I love it.

Oh hello beautiful people who are doing the 30 Days of Jane challenge I created and then never actually did my own answers to… I’m going to be doing mine at some point, and if you are like “Oh I’m so behind” just don’t even worry about it because dude, I still haven’t done it. I may not even do it until the series ends and I need a coping mechanism. 

OK now I’m going to go procrastinate on doing said tag by catching up on reading everyone’s amazing replies.