30 days of BTVS, Day 18 : A character everyone loves that you don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Buffy. I don’t even not like her. I like her. I think she is a great female character. She is strong, funny, clever, she knows how to have fun and she is way more intelligent than she credits herself to be. And she can be a good friend. And she can be a good sister.

But she also can be very bad at those things. Yeah, she is the chosen one and she’s got a lot of responsibilities. And this is too much for a teen/young adult. And it is unfair. But it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have times when she is not a good friend, or a good sister/daughter. She makes mistakes. She has tendencies to wall herself from people when she is not okay, and it hurts people. She also can be kinda judgmental…

Well, she has flaws. Like all the other characters. But fans seem to forget her flaws. On of the reasons I left the fandom at some point, during the great forums era, is because everyone was saying how great Buffy was, how perfect she was, and every time I just wanted to point out something interesting about her but something that wasn’t so perfect about her, I got shout at and everything.

30 days of BTVS, Day 30 : What you wish would have happened but didn’t.

Well it isn’t something that didn’t happen during the show, but after it. The Faith/Spike spin-off. It still gets me depressed when I watch the scenes with Faith and Spike bonding in season 7, because I know it should have lead to something so much better.

I loved Faith, and even if she had one of the best arc of the show, she still was mostly a secondary character. I wish we could have seen her in more, with more responsibilities, trying to live her life, and not just running for something or trying to make amends.

Plus there was Spike in that spin-off too, and, to be honest, I could never get enough of Spike, so basically that would have been awesome. I know he went on Angel, but it was only a season and it wasn’t enough. (It was great, but not enough).

I’ll still resent Eliza Dushku for choosing not to do the spin-off. I understand, she wanted to avoid being typecasted and it must have felt like a clever choice at the time but… Well, her career wasn’t that great for some time after she left the Whedonverse, and Dollhouse showed she never did better than with Joss Whedon, so basically I am a little angry at her. Not too much, I mean, she is entitled to  her own choices of course, and I really like her as an actress… But I kinda think we would see more of her, and in more interesting things, if she had done that spin off.

(I really enjoy the Angel & Faith comics, it is not the same thing, obviously, but we have a little more of Faith and it is awesome.)