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I hear about these mythical people who lose weight from drinking, but I can’t think of a single time that’s happened to me. My fiancé has two younger brothers, and one of them lives in upstate NY but was in town last night, so I went to dinner with the three brothers plus two of our other friends. I was totally good on food, had a bowl of chili (sans beans) and some chicken fajitas, but I did have three bourbons over the course of four or five hours.

And then we took the brothers back to our place to try some new liquor we bought, a really flavorful rye from Pennsylvania called Dad’s Hat, and a 21-year-old rum we bought in Jamaica that costs $180! (I only mention the price because we’ve never, ever spent that kind of money on liquor before and probably never will again, haha.) I only had a sip of each, but it all adds up.

So I probably drank too much. And it’s the weekend now, so you know it’s all Fathead pizza and Halo Top for me for the next three days. I, like, want to be apologetic about it, but I cannot.

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30 дней осознанности.день 14
•делай одно дело за раз, не отвлекаясь ни на что другое.

я таким вроде и не грешу. хоть я и считаю себя довольно многофункциональным человеком, обычно так и делаю - все по очерёдности. и сегодняшний день не исключение.


Murder on the Ballarat Train won out in the end.  Close call between that and Ruddy Gore, but there was Lin ….

Ballarat saw the start of Jack and Phryne working together, their bantering and those ‘eyes to lips, lips to eyes’ looks.  It also introduced us to Mr B and Jane.  Cec and Bert showed us their comic side and Dot and Hugh began their shy courtship, so sweet.  We also learned a teeny bit about Jack - that there was or had been a Mrs Robinson but no little ones.  I have to say I hadn’t expected that - I was already hoping for ‘phrack’ (although it hadn’t been named at that point)

221b appeared for the first time, as did Phryne’s beloved Hispano and Cec and Bert’s new taxi.

This episode really heralded the emergence of Phryne’s family and of Phryne and the Inspector’s post-case drinks.

even if the sun hasn’t risen yet

Summary: David is summoned to Katherine’s party to pick his boyfriend up

Rating: T

Genre: Modern, Fluff, Established Relationship, Drunkenness, Slice of Life

Words: 836

A/N: Day 18 Prompt: Soft




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Lookism 30 Day Challenge #1

Hong Jae Yeol.

Is what the label next to the door said.

At such an old age, it was inevitable for his death to come–it was going to happen eventually. They just didn’t expect it to be the day they decided to finally meet up after so long.

The dull, boring room remained silent as neither of them spoke. The only noise resounding in the room was the clock.

Each tick signaling the near awaited death of the blond male.

Not being able to deal with the silence, Hyung Seok finally spoke, “Um, Jae…”

Jae Yeol turned his head to face the male.

Suddenly getting the attention, Hyung Seok gulped, “Uh…”

It’s been years since they’ve talked. Ever since Jae Yeol became the CEO of a company and Hyung Seok became a husband, they stopped contacting each other. Cutting all ties.

Not knowing what to say, he had said the first thing that came to mind, “Milk…”

Like that, he decided to keep his mouth shut. What was he? Vasco? Who would suddenly mention milk at such a critical time in his friend’s life?

Curious, the blond’s attention fully grasped as he wondered why he had mentioned such a random topic out of nowhere.

Seeing such a child-like expression, the black-haired male felt pressured to continue talking.

Winging it, he had remembered a moment in high school, “Ah! Remember that time you gave me milk in school?”

Surprised by his sudden excitement, Jae didn’t notice what he had said until a second later.

“Jae? What’s wrong? Your face is a little red.”

Hearing that had made his temperature rise, Hyung Seok now incredibly worried.

“Ah! Keep your temperature low! You’ll die faster if it’s that high!”

Recognizing the normal, oblivious Hyung Seok, the blond felt his lips tug up.

“I haven’t changed?” Hyung Seok tilted his head as he interpreted what Jae had meant to say.

Nodding his head, Jae felt unbearably happy when he saw Hyung Seok’s sunny smile once again. Staring at the black-haired male behind his bangs, his eyes unknowingly shimmered as he thought of the old memories.

“Oh, are you thinking about the old days?”

Jae nodded before they both immersed themselves in their teenage years.

Hyung Seok laughed as he remembered how oblivious of a child he was.

“Hey, Jae-”

The cheerful man was about to say something, but stopped once he saw the blond’s eyes.

His pulse speeding up and his face warming, Hyung Seok had his mouth opened loose. Throughout the whole thing, the blond’s eyes never left the male before him. But of course, he hadn’t notice he was doing that.

Confused, Jae wondered if he had gotten sick.

Reaching up to check his temperature, the black-haired male only got redder. Unknown to Jae, he had failed to realize Hyung Seok was able to understand the unintentional comment through his loving stare.

“I love you.”

The black-haired male, putting pieces together, his knowledge far surpassing his teenager self, feels the ability to understand all of the events that had happened.

The new clothes.

The milk.

The sudden feeling of being watched in class.


His blush only getting hotter, he began to feel like an idiot.

Why didn’t I notice it sooner…?!

As if switching places, Jae Yeol stayed confused as he watched the scene before him.

Even at his age, he still looked dazzling–Jae took in all he could before Hyung Seok decided to stand up.

Flinching at his sudden movement, he continued to watch as the beautiful male contemplated on what to say. 

However, another surprise came as the black-haired male’s eyes were filled with tears, the tears now falling down to the ground.

Worried, Jae started to move his arms frantically. Seeing his tears only get bigger, his panic level went through the roof.

“I-i…” He started, Jae Yeol still worried as he was about to call for one of the nurses. However, once he saw the next word forming from the male’s mouth, the blond’s hand halted as he waited, suddenly feeling the need to hear the next words, “l-love you…too…”

His guess was correct.


The blond couldn’t believe his ears. He had guessed such words, but he hadn’t actually expected him to say it.

Wiping away his tears, Hyung Seok calmed himself down before giving up on the never-ending waterfall. Staring at the other’s face, he became determined.

The tears still going down at a slow pace, nevertheless, he managed to give the blond a sloppy, yet warm smile.

“I love you, too.”

Hearing the genuine confession, he felt his eyes water up at the sudden requited love. After all these years of observing, staying silent, and not requiting his love, he had finally gotten the love of his life.

Gently intertwining each others’ fingers, Jae kept his head on the pillow as his smile started to weaken from sleepiness.

Not wanting to go just yet, he kept his smile on with some struggle–the will to close his eyes overwhelmed him.

Hearing the heartbeat slow down, Hyung Seok gripped his fingers tighter, “No. Not now.”

He glared at the heart rate monitor, “Don’t. Please…please don’t do this to me.”

He turned his head towards the blond, “Jae…please…please don’t go…”

With his final strength, Jae pecked him on the lips, his smile still on despite the near-inevitable misfortune.


The monitor started to beep slower before it eventually beeped in one straight line.

Understanding the last words from Jae, the death only made him feel worse.

“If only I had confessed to you sooner…”

30 Days of Call the Midwife: Day 19

Day 19: Least Favorite Male

There’s no picture of him because we never actually meet him, but OMG I FRICKEN HATE GERALD. Back when I was invested in Jenny’s love life, I loathed Gerald. Like, we don’t even meet you. You are a disembodied voice who is just here to screw things up and be annoying and your existence hurts my precious Jimmy boy. No. NO. 

30 Days of Call The Midwife Day 19: Least favorite male

My least favorite male. It’s a tie between Percy (the older man who died in CS 2017) and Mickey’s dad, I believe he was called Lester (from series 6). They’re both very aggressive and abused their wives. I know they’re fictional characters but there was a time when this was a ‘normal’ thing to do and just the thought of that makes me sick. Heidi and the actors did a very good job at portraying their characters like this so people actually start to hate them.