30 Day OC Challenge because I need to spam you guys

If anyone else wants to do this with me, I figure these prompts can be answered however you want whether it be telling everyone, drawing, making gifsets, writing a short blurb, whatever!

Day 1- First Impressions: Introduce your character as if we are meeting them on the street. How do they come across to us?

Day 2- If you wanna be my lover: Friends, Family, and SOs. Tell us all about them and their relationship with your OC!

Day 3- When I was a young OC: What was your OC’s childhood like? Were they a tiny terror or a little angel? Or did you give them such a traumatic past they didn’t get the chance to be a kid.

Day 4- Dress to impress: Is your OC a fashion icon or a throw on whatever is available type of person? What kinds of clothes will we find in their closet?

Day 5- My English teacher was right all along: What are some symbols that follow your OC throughout their journey/story? Do they have any emblems they identify with? If not, what’s an object that has meaning to them?

Day 6- Whoa, listen to the music: What is your OC’s theme song/theme songs? Explain.

Day 7- Sugar and Spice: How is your OCs relationship with children? Do they plan to have any?

Day 8- A feast fit for kings: What does your OC eat? Do they cook for themselves or are they hopeless in the kitchen?

Day 9- Phenomenal Cosmetic Powers: What three wishes would your character ask a genus for?

Day 10: Itty bitty living space: Where does your character live/ how is it set up? Messy? Minimal? Filled with books or movie posters? Do they share it?

Day 11- Dancing with Myself: How does your OC handle social interactions? Social butterfly or anxious corner go-er? What large scale social interaction do they face the most?

Day 12- Shop til you drop: (You can do grocery shopping, magic ingredient shopping, clothes, furniture, ect, or all of the above depending on what kind of world your character is in and how it would relate) How does your character feel about shopping? Do they buy until they’re broke or have to haggle everything?

Day 13- Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home: What’s your OC’s Hogwarts house? Because we all know this is a valid personality test. (Alternately, if you aren’t a fan of hogwarts, what’s their Myers Brigg Personality)

Day 14- Self-depreciation at its finest: What does your character dislike about themself? Why? Do other people feel the same way about that trait?

Day 15- I don’t give a damn about my reputation: What kind of reputation DOES your OC have? Do they know or do they remain blissfully ignorant? If they do know, what do they think of it?

Day 16- Emperor’s New Clothes: Is your OC a fashion icon or more a throw on whatever kind of person? What kinds of things would we see in their closet?

Day 17- Everybody’s workin for the weekend: What is your OCs “job” (however they define that)? Do they love it or do their co-workers constantly make their life a living hell?

Day 18- I’m bored: What does your OC do in their free time/ for fun?

Day 19- Man’s best friend: How does your OC feel about animals (both wild and pets)? Do they have an animal companion?

Day 20- I can explain, I swear: What would your OC get arrested for? Would they try to weasel their way out of it, pay off bail, or do the time?

Day 21- On the road again: Does your OC travel? Do they want to? Where would they go? And how?

Day 22- Monsters in the closet: What is your OC afraid of the most?

Day 23- Hi mom: What would your OC get famous for and how would they/their friends feel about that? If they are famous- do they like it?

Day 24- Tropes are overrated: What tropes does your OC fall into the most?

Day 25- Are we there yet?: What are their ambitions and aspirations? Do they have any real chance at reaching them?

Day 26- Senior Quote: Pick a quote that perfectly describes your OC. Explain.

Day 27- Weapon of Choice: Does your character kill with kindness, slip out of things with a quick tongue, take an axe to the problem, or just fail miserably?

Day 28- A dream is a wish your heart makes: What/Who is the hope that keeps your OC going? What do they live for?

Day 29- They grow up so fast: If you’ve had this OC awhile, how have they changed from your original idea of them? If they haven’t, how have they changed as they aged in story?

Day 30- Before we go: Quirks, habits, and fun facts about your OC.

Skam 30 day challenge

I tried to find one but couldn’t, so I decided to make my own. Feel free to do the challene as well. (I’m always interested in results, so you’re welcome to use the tag userscvmvnders)

Day 1 - Favorite season(s) 
Day 2 - Favorite female character(s) 
Day 3 - Favorite male character(s) 
Day 4 - Favorite friendship 
Day 5 - Favorite romantic relationship 
Day 6 - Best character development
Day 7 - Favorite episode 
Day 8 - Favorite scene 
Day 9 - Least favorite character 
Day 10 - Characters that you’d like to be part of your squad 
Day 11 - A character that you’d like to be best friends with 
Day 12 - A character that you want to get to know better 
Day 13 - Favorite quote
Day 14 - Most underrated character 
Day 15 - A scene with a song you like
Day 16 - A character that reminds you of the word ‘love’
Day 17 - Funniest scene 
Day 18 - Saddest scene 
Day 19 - A character you can identify with 
Day 20 - A moment in the show that shocked you 
Day 21 - If you could change something about the series, what would it be?
Day 22 - A character you didn’t think you’d like but ended up doing so 
Day 23 - A character that reminds you of the word ‘strong’
Day 24 - A character you wish would still be in the show 
Day 25 - If you’d try to convince your friends to watch Skam, what scene would you show them?
Day 26 - Best decision made by any character in the show
Day 27 - Favorite location(s)
Day 28 - Favorite outfit(s)
Day 29 - A scene in which any character absolutely slayed
Day 30 - Your song/fan mix for the show

Day 9- Only Got Each Other

“You both ought to be more careful from now on,” Impa said. “You’re lucky I was nearby amidst that commotion. I’ll deal with those boys whom attacked you both.”
“I’m sorry…” Zelda murmured, her voice nearly inaudible.
“I understand, Lady Impa…” Link leaned against the tree, resisting a sigh. He was glad his arm wasn’t broken, but only sprained…he wasn’t sure if he’d have been able to use it again if it actually had.

So, uh…Day 9 is SUPPOSED to be “hanging with friends.”
…They don’t…really HAVE any friends. Link came from an isolated wasteland from being forced to serve Ganondorf, and naturally, people besides Zelda and Impa are still wary as hell.
Zelda lacks friends for a few reasons, one major factor being her little…screw-up a few years earlier. By the time FMN starts, they…really only have each other as friends. (YES, despite also being a couple. Gotta be friends with your partner, man!)

Impa is perhaps Zelda’s only friend, and an almost mother-figure on top of being her bodyguard. So that’s the closest Link will have outside of Zelda.

Gee, this got angsty fast.

Digimon Tri. 30 Day Challenge

Day 9: Current thoughts on Meiko?

Can I not do this day?

In all honesty, it seems as if Toei just wanted a new Dgidestined for the sake of a new Digidestined. Thirteen episodes in and all we can make of her character is she’s shy, likes to cry and keep secrets.

Toei, you just threw a chicken to a pack of wolves.

I can completely understand why fans are being so annoyed by this character. If Toei wanted us to like a new addition to the team, that addition should have been stronger, more prominent and should have had more characterization! This - this sort of personality was never gonna cut it. Toei basically gave us every reason to hate this girl and hardly one to like her. I was so ready for a new girl, especially with a team of eight kids having only three girls, and felt like it could be a good addition. 

I couldn’t stand her from the first appearance!

She just sneezed and tried to run away!

How am I supposed to like this character when I have girls like Sora, Mimi, Hikari and Miyako? Not to mention Sora and Hikari are mostly introverts but never ran because they sneezed in front of strangers.

Out of the three new characters, she’s the only character I couldn’t stand and feels like she’s taking precious time off my faves by being way too upset over an incident which could have been prevented if she had been honest, or even now, could have been solved if not for her secrecy.

Frankly, this character and her Digimon has been nothing but damaging. They don’t deserve any more screen time if I had my way.

Day 8: What’s your most challenging project?

This baby here:

The Argonauth - an insanely complicated cable scarf. Well, small blanket, really. I don’t know what was going though my head when I decided to cast on with all those cables. It takes 5 pages in my noteboook to put all the charts in, but I kinda love working on it - its good when I really need to FOCUS on a project, not just passive calming knitting

🐈День 2: Напиши то, что кто-то сказал тебе, что ты никогда не забудешь🐈

Есть у меня в России бабушка, иногда она приезжает к нам( очень редко, обычно раз в 3-4 года). И последний её визит попал как раз на время моего поступления. Я в тот день бегала по городу и собирала документы, ну и она попросила побыть со мной, чтоб я паралельно провела ей экскурсию. Она очень успешная женщина, выглядит для своих лет просто отлично, многого добилась, хороший муж и т.п. И весь день она полоскала мне мозги, как поступать в жизни, кем быть и какой путь выбрать и все в этом духе. Меня это жутко бесило и я просто устала уже от её моралей, но она не раз говорила фразу “В жизни полагаться нужно только на себя и не ждать помощи от других” Этот совет правда не раз спасал меня. Спасибо😌

Писательский челлендж

Напиши о том,что кто-то о тебе сказал,что ты никогда не забудешь

Я девочка очень злопамятная..точнее по словам других СУКА ЗЛОПАМЯТНАЯ,и каждую какшечку брошенную в мою сторонку помню.Но среди них нет,того что могло сильно задеть меня и остаться на всю жизнь в памяти.

К счастью,есть хорошие моменты,и почему-то я помню именно эти слова

Такая сопливая банальность,мне после него говорили слова куда красивее та и к этому человеку у меня никакого влечения нет и не было.Но черт.Почему я помню это и улыбаюсь когда перечитываю? 

наверное,это было искренне 

Hello trainers! Its back again and now in a fresh new generation smell, the December Pokemon Challenge for 2017!!

Last year, #Pokeddexy didnt updated to an ORAS form, nor was updated at all. This year I have taken the chance to update it for the 20th Anniversary! The rules are the same: Draw the topic of the day, post it on your social media and tag it #Pokecember! Finish the challenge and earn a gorillion art points!

  1. Draw your fav. Normal-type Pokemon
  2. Draw your fav. Water-type Pokemon
  3. Draw your fav. Grass-type Pokemon
  4. Draw your fav. Fire-type Pokemon
  5. Draw your fav. Electric-type Pokemon
  6. Draw your fav. Flying-type Pokemon
  7. Draw your fav. Ground-type Pokemon
  8. Draw your fav. Fight-type Pokemon
  9. Draw your fav. Psychic-type Pokemon
  10. Draw your fav. Bug-type Pokemon
  11. Draw your fav. Ghost-type Pokemon
  12. Draw your fav. Poison-type Pokemon
  13. Draw your fav. Rock-type Pokemon
  14. Draw your fav. Ice-type Pokemon
  15. Draw your fav. Dragon-type Pokemon
  16. Draw your fav. Steel-type Pokemon
  17. Draw your fav. Dark-type Pokemon
  18. Draw your fav. Fairy-type Pokemon
  19. Draw your fav. Alolan Form
  20. Draw your fav. Mega Evolution
  21. Draw your fav. Z-Move
  22. Draw your fav. Single Stage Pokemon
  23. Draw your fav. Legendary Pokemon
  24. Draw your fav. Generation + Trainer
  25. Draw your fav. Starter
  26. Draw your fav. Trainer Class
  27. Draw your fav. Rival
  28. Draw your fav. Gym Leader
  29. Draw your fav. E4 Member
  30. Draw your fav. Evil Team
  31. 20th Anniversary Moment! Draw your most cherished Pokemon memory! [Could be in-game, or maybe the moment you fell in love with the games? What made you a fan for so long?]

The goal of the challenge is to have fun, its not a race or a shame if you cant finish, after all, the holidays can get quite busy! Either way, give it a try and join the fun!