30 Day Handwriting Challenge

Since I get a lot of messages about people not loving their handwriting, I decided to come up with a challenge that will help you improve and love your own writing. 

This is how I set up my challenge page:

1. Write out all the letters of the alphabet.(Lowercase and uppercase)

2. “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” 

3. Sign your name three times.

4. “The five boxing wizards jump quickly.”

5. Write the alphabet like this: 

6. “Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow.”

7. “Jaded zombies acted quaintly, but kept driving their oxen forward.”

8. Write out all the letters of the alphabet. (Lowercase and uppercase)

9. Sign your name three times.

10. “Few black taxis drive up major roads on hazy quiet nights.”

11. Write the alphabet like this:

12. Write out all the letters of the alphabet. (Lowercase and uppercase)

13. “Six bubbly crazy painters jump over the weak frightened squirrel.”

14. Write the alphabet like this:

15. “Quick zephyrs blow, vexing daft Jim.”

16. Sign your name three times. 

17. Write out all the letters of the alphabet. (Lowercase and uppercase)

18. “Quietly, the juggler packed six bins of mauve zippers.”

19. Write the alphabet like this:

20. Sign your name three times.

21. “Public junk dwarves hug my quartz fox.”

22. Write out all the letters of the alphabet. (Lowercase and uppercase)

23. “Two driven jocks help fax my big quiz.”

24. Write the alphabet like this:

25. Sign your name three times.

26. “Painful zombies quickly watched a jinx graveyard.”

27. Write the alphabet like this:

28. “Intoxicated Queen Elizabeth vows Mick Jagger perfection.”

29. Write out all the letters of the alphabet.(Lowercase and uppercase)

30. “My handwriting is perfect the way it is, and I hope the queen is jealous.”

For more fonts, click [here]

Fatesona 30 Day Challenge

Day Two: Casual Wear

Whoot~! On day two~! I also drew other people’s fatesona with their causal wears (from the Hoshidan side and what I could find)~ Featuring fatesonas of @cynphonium, @thetictactician, and @lightning-summonersequel~

But yes, feel free to draw other people’s fatesonas too~ : )

(Please click for a better view)~~

30 day fatesona challenge- Day 1-

(oh god, I didn’t notice when this started and am hella behind but…I’ll try to get up to date. TvT)

I decided to repeat this a little since my fatesona didn’t really have any personality before. >v<
But here we go- the hella gay derp cavalier Finn is back with a little more detail.

I decided that she is to be a nohrian cavalier that supported the resistance in Cheve after she witnessed the poverty and suffering of the Nohrian people under Garon’s reign-
which is also how she came to live in the border area of Hoshido instead of living in Nohr.
She serves as a minor border guard and has established herself through hard work despite the initiative negative reaction of the Hoshidans.
She is also very observant and can be found wandering in the woods or on the fields in her freetime, watching different elements of nature and enjoying the fresh air and sun of Hoshido.

Original reference: https://finni-blogs.tumblr.com/post/149138613655


So I decided to do two days in one so I could catch up a bit with everyone else. >3> And that way later I could involve more sonas but I did this time! This time around I involved @krazehkai sona’s since she’s honestly great. I found it amusing to include her since Mek is just so grumpy and tired all the time. Little story, Mek has no idea how kimonos work so she completely put her’s on wrong (the one so nicely given to her) and she gets upset and burns it. Yep. She’s awkward with normal social interactions.

Fatesona 30 day challenge

Day 5: Their advanced class

So umm.. well my fatesona started out as promoted that’s why instead, I drew her in a shrine maiden outfit~

with bonus characters lol *winks at you*


Umm to be honest drawing fe fates characters are fun and all~

But in this 30 day challenge I want to draw other fatesonas next time as well!!!!! Not just day 9 or 10… (where you have to draw other fatesonas..)

So in short… to anyone who reads this who has a fatesona…Ummm can I please DRAW your fatesona~~~ ?

Or whose fatesona can I draw??? T w T

(Or is it ok if I just draw it without permission lol)

I hope no one ignores me ( ̄ω ̄;)

if it’s ok with you… please comment if it’s alright with you for me to draw your fatesona. Thank you if someone notices thisss!! ❤

if no one notices then oh well ~ T _ T

Day one of the Fatesona challenge by @belowtheraedar and @krazehkai

Their name is Fulmine and they’re a Dark Knight, born of Garou heritage and happily using that to get what they want (which includes their nohrian army position!) They tend to act way cooler than they are, being quite serious most the time and taking on the ‘cool big sibling’ role despite their shortness.

Little 5'5" Garou who’s hard of hearing, a bit anxious, and is friends with every stray dog in Nohr. If they had a personal skill, it’d probably something called ‘Lone Wolf’.

WicDiv 30 Day Challenge: Day 30

The Ultimate Question you want Team WicDiv to Answer

I don’t have any profound questions to ask. There are many things i’d like to know, but i can send them anonimously to Kieron’s tumblr they lack this finality of “the ultimate question.” This thing kinda bothered me since i started the challenge and i still haven’t thought of anything creative. It actually baffles me so much, as i can’t imagine me asking An Ultimate Question of any of my fave creators. I guess, if i ever get a chance of meeting Team Wicdiv, i’d make an utter nervous berk of myself like that one time when i met Neil Gaiman, ask a silly question off the top of my head and probably just thank Jamie McKelvie for drawing all the panels with Bap or Noh-Varr shirtless he ever did.

But, you know what, i still would really like to know what kind of parents name their child Marian. Could she be named after the Sisters of Mercy song indeed? I even wrote about it ages ago, before #16 was released.

(I was failing at this version of the challenge for an entire month.)

30 Day Drawing Challenge - Day 1: Yourself

Decided to try this to get back into drawing! It’ll probably take me more than 30 days to complete (because of work and stuff) but I’ll try to follow the schedule as much as possible! I’m also probably gonna try different styles during this challenge so it’ll probably look…special x) Anyways, pretty happy with this first one! (I hadn’t used my tablet in MONTHS)