Day 2 / 155

“What if I’m not strong enough?”
“Then you take an easier gear, maybe two.”

But I was strong enough :)

I convinced the Siamese Twin and my friend to ride with me. I haven’t ridden with him in MONTHS. It’s obvious, I was grateful to be riding with him again. It made my heart happy.

Today’s workout was a 6 mile loop x 3. The middle loop we had to stay in our hardest gear the entire 6 miles. It’s a hilly loop and it was windy. Fortunately the winds were in our favor and the toughest part had the tailwind. I never took the easier gear.

No clarity or “click”, but I enjoyed tonight. I was proud of my pace and my perseverance.

I was strong enough.

28 days to go.

30 Day Challenge, day II: Select a Minor Arcanum and write about it.

The Queen of Swords


do you know how you got here?
was it carefully, inching along,
as though you were on a cliff edge?

do you know where you’re going?
you don’t have to. keep walking,
keep yourself flattened to the cliff.

be careful. subdue. don’t exceed. 


you are not here. it’s the journey
that matters, not the now;
however you got here, however

you prepared yourself for a passing present,
you cannot be in it: the current
hisses around you, swirling and eddying,

and not touching the hem of your skirt.


you are already in the future. you’ve made
the right choice. this is where you are.
your hands hold the sword, extended;

your body is still, your head is raised, your eyes
look out over unimaginable distance
and comprehend, moving clouds like chess pieces.

this is the future, stilled for you, and paused.

Day 1 / 158

As you get older, birthdays become more contemplative. You think about things you’ve done and haven’t done, the things you can no longer do.

I’ve been really resistant to the “you really shouldn’t run” advice the Ortho gave me. I want to run. BAD. instead of focusing on the problem, I started thinking of the possibilities. Maybe I could love cycling. Maybe if I gave it a try. So I decided to ride every day for 30 days -outside, inside, road or mountain bike… just get on and do it. My friend said it wasn’t about how much I rode but about having that moment of clarity. I spent a year and a half waiting for the swim to “click”. 30 days may be unrealistic… but it’s a start.

So day 1 was indoors for one hour on the trainer. There was no moment of clarity- just a lot of sweat.

29 to go.

Day 19 - Raw

I should start writing these BEFORE i’m too tired to write anything better than shit. 

The smack of meat against stone echoed through the forest. A raw offering to the forest deity. The men who left it scrambled away quickly, all except one. His young mind was too curious, too brave really. Will wasn’t afraid of much. He had seen plenty of horror’s throughout his life, he wasn’t afraid of no so called deity.

The woods is silence, and Will gives a snort, the teenage boy hardly impressed. Of course there was nothing out here. Animals probably came and took the offerings. Once again, the village was full of shit. Still, something compelled him to stay and watch.

Just as he suspected, a man showed up. Though it wasn’t one he knew. No one from the village that was for sure. He was tall, and looked strong. Will found him appealing to his blue gaze. What was truly impressive was the fact this ‘man’ was able to just hoist the whole deer carcass onto his shoulder, and began walking away from the stone.

“Hey!” Well that was stupid. He was now standing where he had just been crouched. The man stopped, and turned. He seemed irritated that Will saw him. Perhaps it was because he was very much naked. After making eye contact with Will, he began walking back into the woods.

Will felt heat rolling through his body. His eyes were blood red. The same color red as the storytellers described as the eyes of the gods. Truly this man couldn’t be a god though. He didn’t match the stories of antlers, black skin, and long claws.

He decided to do yet another dumb thing, and follow this man into the woods, “Hey! I was talking to you. That’s our offering, you can’t just take it.” He was jogging to catch up, but the man stealing the meat wasn’t moving any faster. He didn’t change his pace, or look at Will even once he was at his side. “Can’t you talk, or maybe you are deaf, and that’s why you’re in the woods?” he pressed, and then finally the man looked to him.

“Go home, child.” Of course Will was offended by this.
“I’m not a child, I’m almost 16! I don’t want to go home, not until you give me back our offering.” The man seemed amused by this, but showed no signs of giving up the carcass. Will was getting frustrated.

“This is not yours, this is mine. Your village gave it to me.” His voice was rich, heavily accented. An accent Will was unfamiliar with though. At a second glance, he noticed that the man’s ears were quite pointed, elven in nature. At least he assumed, since he hadn’t met an elf before.

“If you’re a god, then prove it to me.” Will challenged, a brasan boy by nature. “If you are the feared, Hannibal, God of the hunt, and forest, then prove it.” Hannibal stopped, and set the deer carcass down. He stared at Will for a moment, then to the deer. His voice suddenly boomed, shaking the trees. It rolled from his chest like thunder. Or was it from the sky? Will wasn’t sure but he found himself ducking slightly. He couldn’t understand the words he spoke, but then the sky really did flash with lightning, and the thunder shook the trees again. Will’s eyes closed tight as the rain drove down against his face. “Alright alright!” He yelled over the wind and thunder, and the storm subsided just as quickly as it came. “I have a lot of questions for you.” he decided, and the god just grunted, picked up his offering, and continued walking.

Day 2 - Centaur Design.

I had this one sitting around for the past months since I even started my Monster High Design challenge. My style has improved a lot since I did this, but I thought I’d quickly finish up some little parts and post her anyway!

Challenge Day Two: Kiss

“Please,” you whined, tugging at his shirt. “Pay attention to me.”

“Just one more lap,” he argued, eyes fixed on the screen as he finished up his Mario Kart 8 game.

“Baby,” you complained.

“I’m almost done,” he insisted. As soon as he passed over the finish line he dropped the controller, capturing you in his arms, placing his lips on your and tackling you to the ground. He pulled away, both of you laughing, him on top of you as you laid on the carpet, staring up at him. “First place.”

“Of course,” you rolled your eyes. “You only got first cause I wasn’t playing with you.”

“Uh huh,” he teased.

“I could beat your ass,” you joked.

“No way,” he shook his head. “Did you see me beat that level?”

“I didn’t,” you replied. “Too busy staring at you.”

“Flirt,” he winked, leaning in for another kiss. His lips pressed against yours, hands tangled in your hair, tongue slipping in your mouth, moving against yours. You relaxed underneath his touch, savoring the sweet taste of him, pulling him closer by wrapping your arms around his back so his body was directly on top of yours. When you both pulled away to catch your breath he stared at you for a couple seconds before speaking. “You thinking what I’m thinking?”

“Hell yeah,” you grinned. “Start up that game so I can kick your butt.”

The Argument (and the Attempts at Fixing Things) Part 2

Dazai and Chuuya hadn’t spoken one word to each other in a week.

Atsushi was concerned. Kunikida was tired of Dazai’s antics. Akutagawa didn’t particularly care.

Day 23 and 24 of 30 Days OTP Challenge

(You should probably read A Hectic High School first
But if you don’t feel like reading it, that’s fine. Just keep in mind that they’re high school students here.)

Part 2: The Attempts at Fixing Things (Entry for Day 24)

(Read Part 1: The Argument here)


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