Day 20 - Favourite kiss

I get so happy every time two men or two women kiss on TV, so inevitably it wasn’t going to be an m/f couple that won Best Kiss, though there are some really great straight kisses out there. 90% of the reason I started watching Wynonna Earp is that I heard there was quality non-tragic f/f content, and it did not disappoint. Waverly Earp and Nicole Haught are well on their way to being my favorite same-gender ship and one of my favorite ships period, and this is their first kiss. And their second kiss. The first kiss of any romance like this, where there’s chemistry but they’re holding back from becoming a couple until they give in and kiss, is always a joy (assuming I like the couple, of course). It’s a common trope, come to think of it. My actual OTP’s first kiss was sort of like that. But it’s especially magical when at least one of the members is just coming to terms with their sexuality.

Besides the gaiety of it all and my overall affection for this couple, another thing that distinguishes the WayHaught kiss is how nervous Waverly is. She herds Nicole into the sheriff’s office, hurries to close the blinds, and throws herself at Nicole while Nicole is talking, as if she might not do it if she hesitates. She kisses her so powerfully that Nicole, who is larger than Waverly, stumbles backward and falls onto the couch. But the reluctance that causes this urgency comes exclusively from nerves, not from doubt about her feelings; she makes it very clear that this is something she’s doing because she wants to. Like many great fictional romances (including, again, my OTP) Waverly’s decision to go after Nicole is inseparable from her character development. After kissing Nicole, Waverly talks about several experiences she would like to have, such as parachuting out of a plane. But above all, “When I think about what I want to do most in this world, it’s you.” Waverly’s attraction to Nicole is so powerful, it induces her to stop holding back from doing the things she dreams of.

Earlier in the episode (1x09), Waverly is walking down the street alone after that disastrous conversation where she and Nicole are talking about completely different things. (Is there a name for that trope? There must be.) Nicole pulls up alongside her and insists on giving Waverly a ride back into town. Waverly is clearly upset about that awkward conversation, but that’s not all that’s upsetting her: “Gus is selling Shorty’s. She acts like she won’t, but she is. And everything’s changing around me but it’s all too fast, you know, and it’s like nobody ever asks me if I’m okay with it. Like, could everybody just stand still for one fricking minute?” Nicole responds by comforting her and putting her hand on Waverly’s. Look how Waverly reacts to that contact: 

The way her eyes are slowly drawn toward Nicole reminds me of that scene in Nicole’s first episode when they Look at each other. Nicole has had a magnetic pull on Waverly from day 1 and when Waverly throws herself at her, she’s giving in to that pull. Of course, her growing chemistry with Nicole is one of the ways her world is changing, and it frightens her. When Nicole says “I think you’ve just been dating too many shitheads” and Waverly snaps “We’re not dating,” it strikes me as a “the lady doth protest too much” moment. Nicole didn’t imply that they were dating. Waverly brought that assumption and lashes out at Nicole rather than confront her own desires. But her chemistry with Nicole is not comparable to Gus selling Shorty’s. Nicole is kind, considerate, supportive. She comforts Waverly even after Waverly is rude to her. She “would never ask [Waverly] to be someone [she’s] not.” But if Waverly is open to taking the leap, Nicole is ready and willing to be a great girlfriend.

The next step toward getting them to kiss comes, funnily enough, from Gus, who reminds Waverly that change and surprises—“About what we want. Who we want”—can be good and that maybe it’s time to stop doing what others want and start doing what she wants. Who she wants. Gus connects Waverly’s love of Nicole to her overall character development when she shifts from encouraging Waverly to “spread those wings of [hers]” in general to alluding to Nicole in particular.

So that’s how we get Waverly barging into the Sheriff’s department, making sure Nedley is out, not even trying to make conversation, just rushing into the office and closing the blinds without giving Nicole a clue as to what’s going on. Nicole apparently thinks Waverly is still upset, as she starts to say, “What is your problem? I don’t understand why you—” KISS!!! After the kiss, Waverly doesn’t go straight into her feelings for Nicole. Instead she talks about how she wants to do things that scare her…such as Nicole, who seems to find it adorable that Waverly is scared of her. Nicole’s adoration makes it clear that, scary as it may be, Waverly is wise to pursue her. Then they make out, and it is so goshdarn passionate. It’s what I signed up for when I started watching Wynonna Earp.

I have to add that until 2x02, which is pretty clearly their first time, I assumed Waverly and Nicole had had sex right there on Nedley’s couch.

Vikings 30 Day Challenge

Day 4: A scene that made me laugh

That’s a tough one. There were so many…

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I think I’ll go with that last one. It was just too funny to see these two cultures collide and how the christians were all shocked and disgusted while the vikings had their fun.

“10 Kinds of Lonely” by Ron Hawkins

I was one kind of man when I started
With two kinds of problems in my life
Three kinds’a whiskey that could solve ‘em
Four kinds of sleepless nights
But there were five kinds of clouds on the horizon
Six kinds of pain in my head
Seven little angels came a ridin’
With eight or nine kinds of different regret

And I’m ten kinds of lonely now…

30 Day Song Challenge: Day #27 - A song that breaks your heart


Day 2 of the design a gemsona challenge!

Design a gemsona of your favorite gem!

Iris agate!

Iris agate isn’t my favorite gem yet I find it very pretty!

Iris agate is a pretty chill manager she doesn’t get mad to often and is laid back. She is super famous on homeworld and is known really well. The famethyst really wants her as their manager to.

Reblogs are appreciated!

Hope you enjoy!~❤️💛💖💙💜🖤💚


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Pairing: Tony x Reader

Warnings: none

Word Count: 107

A/N: Day 22 of the Domestic Fluff Challenge. This also can be connected to part 6 of Papa DiNozzo. Also, note I personally have had to eat outside with my summer job and I am so OVER IT!!! I’m not a fan of picnics to begin with so that is definitely reflected here.

The DiNozzo’s aren’t really ones for picnics. They would much rather go to a restaurant or eat at home before packing up food and electively eating outside.

The closest they come to having a picnic is when munching on the snacks they take to the beach with them. Even that isn’t their favorite, especially with all the sand. Little Kate isn’t a huge fan of sand in her mouth while she’s trying to eat her goldfish crackers. So, when actual lunchtime rolls around, they hoof it into the house and use it as an opportunity to change diapers and put the girls down for naps after lunch.

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day 1 - holding hands

lmao this is all over the place… but i finally got out my tablet and started this challenge!
I’m thinking i want to do this thing where Hamlet and Horatio go back to Wittenberg instead of stay in Denmark.. which kind of destroys the whole point of the story lol but im doing this to have fun and to get better at drawing. I dont think this is going to be very edgy either but who knows this is only the first day 8^)

MCL 30 day drawing challenge - Day 4

“Whose your candy’s crush”

Armin is bae and must be protected at all cost

Yep, I’m #teamarmin and yes, I’m suffering with the beginning of his arc :)

Also this is just the pencil sketch because i cAN’T FIND MI PEN !!!
Maaaybe whe my pen stops playing hide and seek I could finish this?

30 days of gratitude ❤

Day 2: What technology are you grateful for?

I’m so grateful to live in a time where i can connect so easily with people from every corner of the world. It’s a great chance to grow my knowledge and get to know beautiful people.

Feel free to tag me or reblog this with your answer, i want to read them all 💓