╄ 30 days Rammstein Challenge | Day 13: Favorite live picture

Long ass post and I apologize, it’s impossible to choose, honestly. I know most are Richard or have Richard in it, but I lowkey don’t mind, I love the guy lol y’all can click the pictures to see me rambling about it haha I won’t fill this with fangirling. Just a little note: the one with Till and Paul was taken in the concert I went to <3

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For day 18 I made another one of my species like Tateer, my alien nudibranch girl.

His name is Somnus and hes basically a previous diplomat (now an assassin) who defected from his species government

MCL 30 day drawing challenge 

Day 4: Your candy crush

Bien pues creo que este no es sorpresa ¿verdad?, creo que eh dejado claro que mi futuro esposo en el juego sera Lysandro, así tenga que jugar mil repeticiones lograre conquistarlo XDD, soy mala coqueteando por lo que frecuentemente doy con la respuesta errónea cuando y después lo vuelvo a intentar,(de echo creo que así es toda mi vida XD),sin embargo de todos es quien me llama mas la atención tiene todas las características que me gustan de un chico…o debo agregar que cuando hice a mi sucrette su cabello iba a ser color cobrizo pero por equis juegos del destino ( y de mis lapices de colores) termine haciéndola rubia XDDD.

Bien ya saben lo que sigue, Lysandro no me pertenece sino a Chinomiko y a Beemoov esta sucrette y su cambio de look son los que me pertenecen XD, si le ha gustado no olviden dar su corazoncito arriba XD:
Espero que haya sido de su agrado y mando a ustedes cupcakes voladores XDDD


Ross: Now when we have toured the house and rested a little what do you say at the idea that we explore this island a little ?

Brant: Well it’s not a bad idea,but i would rather be exploring the bed  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ross: Already ? We just got here .

Brant: Don’t tell me you are still tired from the trip,well i guess that in your age it is pretty normal  😏

Ross: What do you mean in my age ? I’m only 28,i’m still young…

Brant: Whatever helps you to sleep better at night old men…

Ross: I’ll show you who is old right about now…

anonymous asked:

Do you have a streaming schedule btw? Or just some chill sessions whenever└ ◜◒◝ )┘

More or less … yes I have a schedule. I try to start the stream every weekend between 8PM - 9PM CET!!  

sometimes I start earlier but I always make a post when I start it! 



Day 28 : Curtis Mayfield - Superfly - Concept-Album et BO du film (blaxploitation) éponymes - 1972

Pure gemme !