30 days drawing challenge, OTP, Day 1, Selfie


Da da dum! I finished the 30 day OPT Challenge!

It looks like I started this challenge May 7th, 2017. That was well over a year ago, but the VLD fandom had too many fantastic events to participate in to keep my focus. It’s funny, I didn’t really notice how much I grew as an artist over this past year and half, I knew I did some what, but you can literally the see the spots where I picked the challenges up again after a hiatus 

OTP-Scenerio 22

*Person A and B goes to get coffee*

Person A: “Ill take a black coffee”

Person B: “I’ll take a vanilla pumpkin swirl with whipcream and chocolate fudge drizzle, make it a large-OH could you draw a smiley face on it, thank you”

Person A: “You are way too sweet for me” *Smiles and grabs B hand"

Person B: *Blushed* “Let’s just get are coffee and go”