30 Day OTP Challenge Day 12: Making Out

I was going for a play on “Keith and Lance, Lance and Keith, Neck and Neck” and this came out of my hand. Oh my. 


Lance, grinning and slamming an open palm on the elevator key pad, “Oh gee, Keith. It looks like we are trapped in the elevator again. Whatever will we do?”

Proceeds to make-out, taking turns pushing each other up against the elevator walls.

Meanwhile on deck -

Allura: Has anyone seen Keith and Lance?

Hunk: They weren’t in the kitchen or the dining room.

Pidge: Not on the training deck either.

Shiro: Or in the lounge or their rooms.

Allura: Coran, can you locate them?

Coran enters something into the deck computer: They appear to be located in the upper east wing elevator, Princess.

Allura: I wonder what they are doing there?

Coran smirking: I am not sure but they both appear to have an elevated heart rate.

Pidge and Hunk give each other side eyes.

Shiro: They must be arguing again. Sigh. We need them to get along if we are going to be an efficient team.

Coran with an incredulously cocked eyebrow: Ah, yes, arguing, surely that is the only reasonable explanation *cough* I am sure they will be along shortly, Princess.

Allura: Page them please, Coran.

Later -

Pidge, prodding: So what were you two arguing about in the east wing elevator?

Lance: Arguing?

Hunk, smirking: Coran said you had an elevated heart rate?

Keith and Lance blush and reply at the same time -

Lance: Keith’s mullet

Keith: Battle strategy. Hey-what?

Pidge: Gross

30 day otp challenge | day 4: cuddling somewhere

30 day otp challenge | day 2: on a date

Oh my god I'm gonna actually post something productive

So yeah 30 days OTP Challenge??? Idk if I’ll be able to post Every day due to finals n shit I might also post most of it to my A03 account but anyway most of it will be either Voltron or Yuri on Ice depends.

1. Holding Hands
2. Cuddling Somewhere
3. Gaming/watching a movie
4. On a date
5. Kissing
6. Wearing eachothers’ clothes
7. Cosplaying
8. Shopping
9. Hanging out with friends
10. With animal ears
11. Wearing kigurumis
12. Making out
13. Eating ice-cream
14. Genderswapped
15. Different clothing style
16. Morning rituals
17. Spooning
18. Doing something together
19. Formal wear
20. Dancing
21. Cooking / baking
22. In a battle (side by side)
23. Arguing
24. Making up after an argument
25. Admiring each other
26. Getting married
27. Doing something ridiculous
28. Doing something sweet
29. Birthday
30. Doing something hot (might be nsfw)