embarrassingly, i cried while drawing this ~ 30 day otp challenge

Day 14: Genderswapped

The tournament that was canceled on the last ship ride took place on this one instead. Satoshi and Pikachu could not be happier and were able to plow through the competition. Dento, Iris and Lostelle sat on the side lines cheering him on. The final match was between Pikachu and an Alakazam.

The Psychic trainer closed his eyes deep in thought. And his Alakazam mega evolved right before everyone’s eyes.

“I’ve never seen a Pokemon evolve in the middle of battle before! And I’ve never seen that Pokemon before either!” Lostelle’s eyes shined, “What is it?”

“That’s a Mega Evolution.” Dento explained, “Mega Alakazam. It’s going to be a tough match for Satoshi with the taste of a mega involved.”

“Satoshi always seems to find a way though any challenge though.” Iris grinned, “He’s reckless but that’s one of the things about him that makes him Satoshi.”

“I can see the future.” The trainer explained arrogantly, “And will it will be a close one this match is mine. You might as well give up while you can. Destiny has foretold your defeat.”

“Please.” Dento crossed his arms, “That’s not scientifically possible.”

“Even if he can Satoshi can beat him, if anyone can change fate Satoshi can!” Iris cupped her hands over her mouth, “Go Satoshi! Show him you can change destiny!”

Satoshi grinned, “Pikachu and I are going to show you we can win! Ready buddy?”

“Pika!” Pikachu nodded and his cheeks sparked with electricity, both trainer and Pokemon where in a similar stance.

The referee held up his arms, “Begin!”


The match was very intense! It had an electrifying yet crushing flavor as Satoshi was able to pull off a win with a well placed Iron Tail causing Mega Alakazm to crash to the ground with a thud.

“How can you defy fate?!” the trainer exclaimed in shock.

“Alakzam is unable to battle, the winner is Pikachu! Satoshi is the Seagallup Ferry Tournament winner!”

Pikachu grinned and ran into Satoshi’s arms as Satoshi laughed. Iris leapt from her seat to hug the winning duo. The psychic returned his Pokemon and slunk back into the depths of the ship. Dento wasn’t very impressed with the way he took his loss, not even congratulating the winner how rude.

“Hey Dento…” Lostelle tugged on his coattails. “I think that creepy guy whispered something as he was walking away…should we be worried?” She gasped and brought a hand to her mouth, “What if he put a spell on Satoshi like some sort of wizard?!”

Dento laughed, “Don’t worry, that’s not possible.” He winked and held up a finger, “There’s not a ounce of scientific taste to something like a curse.”

She nodded, “I guess the grownups do know better.”    

Satoshi yawned, “I suddenly feel really tired I think I’m going to take a quick nap.”

Iris stretched, “I feel a little dizzy myself, I think I might join you…”

“If you two are still taking a siesta when we arrive I’ll come wake you up.” Dento smiled, Satoshi was probably warn out from his tournament but Iris being as tired didn’t make as much sense to him. Then again he felt exhausted from the lack of sleep he got the night before, maybe he could take a quick siesta himself. “It would be a shame if we missed our stop because you two were still sleeping.”


“Deeeentoooo~” He awoke to being shaken lightly by the younger girl, “The man just said we were arriving soon.”

He yawned and stretched his arms, “Sorry Lostelle I didn’t mean to be out that long.”

“It’s okay I played with Pikachu, Axew and Pansage! Besides Satoshi and Iris aren’t up yet either. Do you think we should go get them?”

“Yes, if we’re going to arrive soon making sure they’re awake would be in our best interest.”

“Okay let’s go, let’s go!” The excitable child lead the way as they headed to the room on the ship where the two were still fast asleep.

Since Iris was usually the most grumpy he figured he’d save her for last. “Satoshi.” He lightly tapped the trainer’s shoulder, “It’s wake up time~”

“I don’t know why you’re calling me Satoshi.” He groaned, “Can’t you recognize your best friend, pain?”

“I-Iris? What was going on, was he still dreaming?

“Why are you all white?” Satoshi looked at him annoyed.

“B-because you’re over there!”

“What?” Satoshi walked over to to Iris’s sleeping body. “S-Satoshi?”

Iris stretched, “That was a nice nap!” She paused, “Why does my head suddenly feel heaver than usual. And…why am I standing over there?”

“What’s going on?”Iris in Satoshi’s body shrieked.

“I could get used to this!” Satoshi in Iris’s body grinned, “As long as it isn’t permanent.” He ran his hands through his hair, “This hair is so soft. Hey Pikachu, jump in!”


“You know like Axew does!”

“Ka!” Pikachu happily leapt into the hair and got comfortable, “What do you think little buddy? Comfy?”


“You are such a kid.” Iris in Satoshi body shook her head, “Actually…wow you have some muscles on you!” She looked in awe at the muscles on Satoshi’s arm very impressed with her boyfriend’s physical stature.

“This cannot be happening…” Dento moaned, “This isn’t scientifically possible, people don’t just switch bodies!”

“Dentoooo I thought you said not to worry about the psychic guy! I bet he did this, as a super hero you need to confront him!”


“There he is!” Lostelle ran over to the psychic from before. It took a ton for the detective duo to even find him and Lostelle said if Dento got to be Sherlock she should be Wattson because it was only fair. So she wore a hat, way too big for her tiny little head of her own.

“Can I help you?” He flicked his purple hair to show his eyes.

“You put a spell on Satoshi and Iris didn’t you?!” Lostelle cried, “Fix it! Bring them back!”

“Oh I did?” He blinked and laughed, “My apologies. I didn’t mean to. Follow me.” He lead them to his room but while Lostelle didn’t trust him, the sommelier detective was silent. “You aren’t talking much.”

“Because this isn’t possible!” Dento muttered still flabbergasted, “How can you just switch people like that…”

“With this.” He pulled out some blue gel. “This is from a Manaphy egg.”

“Manaphy?” Dento pulled out his computer and looked up the Pokemon. “Special ability is said to be Heart Swap…”

“Heart Swap?”

“Which can…switch bodies?!”

The psychic nodded, “Alakazam and I were working with this earlier. I’m a Pokemon Wizard. It was for a new spell I was trying.”

“Wizard?” Dento looked at him in surprise, “You aren’t serious.”

“I assure you I am. You’re a non believer aren’t you?”

“I knew he was a wizard!” Lostelle exclaimed. “And you were mad you lost and put a spell on Satoshi!”

“While I was mad I lost it wasn’t on purpose. Because I deal with spells all the time they don’t affect me like they do you normal folk.” He put a hand to his chin, “I’m guessing since Alakazam still had some left over and it transferred to Satoshi was it? And from there went to the person he touched.

“Which was Iris…” Dento mused, “It would have been Pikachu if she didn’t go over to hug him.”

“It’s not permanent by any means it should only last for a couple of hours. I wouldn’t worry too much about your friends. But you still don’t seem to believe me.”

“If it was a Manaphy it would make sense but you claim to make a spell using the liquid from a Manaphy egg?” He shook his head. “There’s no evidence wizards exist.”

“In that case.” He got out a vial with power, “Let me prove it to you.” He opened the vial and blew the power onto Dento who sneezed and felt really lightheaded. And different…

“Oh my gosh!” Lostelle pointed at him, “You look so cute!”

“Hmm? When did you get so tall?” He turned back to the Pokemon Wizard. “Did you shrink me to prove your point?”

“Better.” He pulled out a mirror and Dento looked like he was about to faint after looking into it.

“I’m a…a…” There staring into the mirror back at him was a Pansage.

“I wouldn’t worry this spell only lasts an hour, you should be back to normal before your friends change back even.”

Lostelle picked him up. “We should go tell Satoshi and Iris not to worry! Especially after they see you!”

“Y-yeah…” It was official, he was still asleep and having a very strange dream. That was really the only way to explain this taste.

30 Day OTP Challenge

Day 18: Doing Something Together

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“Watching someone you think is a sweet cinnamon roll turn into a sinnamon roll when playing video games is extremely endearing.” – Kaitlyn Alexander (kbearluna)

Laura is that person who picks Rainbow Road and gets super intense about it. Carmilla is still getting accustomed to the whole video games thing. 

Thanks carmillasleatherpants and warriorprincess1698 for helping me come up with this one :)


30 day OTP challenge
Day 29: Doing something sweet

Does breaking public property count as doing something sweet??? Sure why not

Yeah I definitely half-assed this while working on this about halfway through so if you notice the quality drop now you know why.

In case you’re wondering how Ghirahim won just by stepping on the thing; Ghirahim is really heavy. He’s quite strong on his own merit but he also weighs like a ton of bricks.

30 Day OTP Challenge

Day 1: Holding Hands


I’ve always wanted to do this so I thought I’d give it a shot:) I probably won’t post a drawing every day, but I want to try and do all 30 prompts by the end of summer.


Day 9 of the OTP Challenge: Hanging Out with Friends

errr… right, “friends”

drawing toby in tim’s jacket with a beanie on was probably the best idea i’ve had since kindergarten. what a cutie patootie

also here’s the text in the 3rd panel if you cant read it:

What the fuck did you just fucking say, you little bitch? Listen up, white ass motherfucker, you ever talk to my boy like that again I will choke you with your own nasty ass weave. I will stomp you into the goddamn dirt and set your ass on fire, mark my fucking words you pile of horse shit. You are so dead I SWEAR TO GOD you best keep your triflin self away from my CINNAMON BUN or you gonna get DECKED IN THE FACE.

Day 22. In battle, side-by-side

“Damn it, Portugal, I can’t see anything like this!”
‘Trust me, you’re better off not seeing it…’

NedPort. They got rudely interrupted while ~negotiating truce details~ and rushed outside, ready for a fight. But Port did not sign up for fights with sea monsters (he had enough of that in the 15th century, thanks), so he’ll guide Ned through a ‘strategic withdrawal’ by pulling on his hair like in Ratatouille