day nine and ten: favourite season and episode. 

i find this one so easy- season four. and this was the best episode. naley got their baby, leyton were together, brooke and peyton were friends again and everything was perfect, and the last episode rounded everything off perfectly <3


Day 12- Favourite Quote

Peyton 3x01

At this moment, there are 6 billion, 4 hundred, 71 million, 8 hundred, 18 thousand, 6 hundred, 71 people in the world. 

Some are running scared… some are coming home. Some tell lies to make it through the day… others are just now facing the truth.

Some are evil men at war with good, and some are good… struggling with evil. 

6 billion people in the world, 6 billion souls – and sometimes… all you need is 1


30 day OTH challenge

Day 4: Favorite female character ~ Haley James Scott

“Haley James Scott is a singer/songwriter and a former high school teacher who grew up and currently lives in Tree Hill. Haley is Lucas Scott’s best friend and sister-in-law, Nathan Scott’s wife, and the mother of James Lucas and Lydia Bob Scott. She has displayed extreme loyalty to the people she holds close to her, particularly Lucas, Nathan, Peyton and Brooke, but her first priority is always her family.”

30 day one tree hill challenge:

Day 12: Your Favorite friendship

Lucas and Haley

Haley: Did you ever pick out your porn name? 
Lucas: What are you talking about? 

Haley: Your porn name. Um, you know. You take the name of your first pet and your mother’s maiden name, you put them together. What was the name of your first pet?

Lucas: You know that. I had a dog named Rocket.

Haley: Oh, Rocket. I loved Rocket. So, your mother’s maiden name is Roe. Rocket Roe. Nice. 
Lucas: What’s yours? 
Haley: Oh, I had a bunny named Bunny. 
Lucas: You named the bunny Bunny. 
Haley: Yes, I did. And my mother’s maiden name is Beaugard. So… 

Lucas: Bunny Beaugard. 
Haley: Bunny Beaugard. Dawson’s Freaks, starring Rocket Roe and Bunny Beaugard.