Hello everybody!

Finally, here is the last drawing of the Monster Girls Challenge 2!

Lady Pheonix is telling stories about humain beings ! some of the girls didn’t know they existed.

Miss Maenad is laughing at the stories of her best friend, Yeti Girl is scared, Mademoiselle Lunatic is trying to reassure his bunnies and Banshee is bansheeing.

My monster girl post #1 - Nymph

She’s all modern and likes to spend her days indoors now… with all her lush plants and woodland critters, of course. Some fine tunes, good books, and buck naked on the couch, why not?

Collaboration with my husband, Niccolo Balce robotnicc .. :) He did the colors. Go check out his blog!

Original challenge from http://caillouvaudou.tumblr.com/post/40780035590/30-day-monster-girl-challenge-2

30 Day Monster Girl Challenge 2 - Day 5 - Gorgon Many thanks to m'Jess, because I nearly forgot to post this, amongst all the cleaning and self-loathing and Unusual Suspects. Inspired by that wild Eddie Izzard bit about trying to sleep late when the snakes are already up. “Stick a video on for them. A video about mice…” Anyone for Angelina Ballerina?