1. Nymphe / Nymph
  2. Loup garou / Werewolf
  3. Yéti / Yeti
  4. Minotaure / Minotaur
  5. Gorgone / Gorgon
  6. Golem
  7. Selkie
  8. Sorcière / Witch
  9. Goule / Ghoul
  10. Faucheuse / Reaper
  11. Banshee
  12. Ménade / Maenad
  13. Sphinx
  14. Djinn / Jinn
  15. Feu follet / Will-o-wisp
  16. Gargouille / Gargoyle
  17. Tengu
  18. Troll
  19. Ogre
  20. vampire
  21. Croquemitaine / Bogeyman
  22. Lammasu
  23. Kami
  24. Lorialet / Lunatic
  25. Chimère / Chimera
  26. Momie / Mummy
  27. Phénix / Phoenix
  28. Gnome / Lutin / Goblin
  29. Une famille de Monster Girls ! / Monster Girls Family !
  30. Celebrate Monster Girls 2 !

Voilà une suite à la première liste, si des courageux veulent enchaîner un second mois de dessin. Liste créée en collaboration avec Coda Leia

My monster girl post #1 - Nymph

She’s all modern and likes to spend her days indoors now… with all her lush plants and woodland critters, of course. Some fine tunes, good books, and buck naked on the couch, why not?

Collaboration with my husband, Niccolo Balce robotnicc .. :) He did the colors. Go check out his blog!

Original challenge from http://caillouvaudou.tumblr.com/post/40780035590/30-day-monster-girl-challenge-2

30 Day Monster Girl Challenge 2 - Day 5 - Gorgon Many thanks to m'Jess, because I nearly forgot to post this, amongst all the cleaning and self-loathing and Unusual Suspects. Inspired by that wild Eddie Izzard bit about trying to sleep late when the snakes are already up. “Stick a video on for them. A video about mice…” Anyone for Angelina Ballerina?

Hello everybody!

Finally, here is the last drawing of the Monster Girls Challenge 2!

Lady Pheonix is telling stories about humain beings ! some of the girls didn’t know they existed.

Miss Maenad is laughing at the stories of her best friend, Yeti Girl is scared, Mademoiselle Lunatic is trying to reassure his bunnies and Banshee is bansheeing.

30 Day Monster Girl Challenge 2 - Day 3 - Yeti You never see those grainy photos anymore. The yetis were doing so well. Struggling back from near extinction, one family got as far as 9 members. Then came the freak. A yeti, yes, with their eyes and teeth, but bald. An abomination, a joke, Lilah was ground down and mistreated all her life. All because she didnt have fur. So okay, she thought, looking mildly around the faces of her laughing family, I’ll borrow some of yours. Lilah stood up and went deeper into the cave to sharpen her knives