30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 2- Favorite Character(s)

Alright, no shocker here, most people that know me know my main fave character is Midna. She is sassy and rude but also helpful (In her own unique way) and strives to protect her kingdom. Sure she might piss off a lot of people, what with her constantly bugging Link on what to do or where to go or sometimes she won’t even be helpful at all, but honestly I love everything about her! She sacrifices herself for her people, and makes sure every Twili Realmer is protected and saved with the help of Link. Plus, come on, she is just too damn cute!


Alright well, aside from Midna, I couldn’t just pick one. I actually had these two men as a close second but I really just couldn’t figure out who I loved best so I chose both.

1) Honestly, Pipit is awesome. When Skyward sword came out, I thought knowing me I would love Fi more than anything, but than when I saw Pipit… I was done. Even if I am Lesbian, he is like the most awesome side character EVER! And let’s not forget *Cough* Pipit X Link *Cough* Yes I am very much into that pairing, very much into it. And seriously, when Pipit leans over as if he is suspicious of Link, you can’t say it doesn’t make you laugh every time.

2) Razputin Aquato, one of my most recent… well not THAT recent, favorite characters of all time. I actually came to know him from the Mystery Kids tag for Parapines and all that. I just kept looking at him like “Who the hell is this guy… and why do I want his goggles so much?” Well after actually researching him, I was happy to find out he had a game. So I went to a thrift store, bought it for a cheap price, and I was hooked for good. Raz is awesome and must be praised for his go to attitude towards everything!


30 Day Video Game Challenge
Day 17 - Favorite Antagonist

Haytham Kenway

It hurts me to call him an antagonist but I guess in the story of the game that’s what he is.

Now let me tell you, I am not a “bad guy” girl. In fact, bad guys are such a bore, so cliche, and huge turn offs. Great, what good is a bad guy? They’re BAD right?

And then in struts Haytham, stealing my heart and then going “LOL i’M THE ANTAGONIST”. 

But when you truly think deep down about it, he’s only an antagonist because the group he is a part of, not for who he is. 
And the group he is a part of was because he was basically kidnapped as a child and brainwashed into Templar-ism.

Haytham is one of the most complicated, deep characters I’ve ever seen… and the greatest thing about him is that he does not think what he is doing is evil. He thinks he’s being the good guy, just like he was conditioned to do… He’s not a bad guy to be a bad guy, he’s a bad guy in relation to the Assassins.

Plus he’s half of my OTP.

A+ to the best Antagonist ever created.


30 Day Video Game Challenge
Day 1: First video game ; Part II

Spyro The Dragon / Ripto’s Rage

Still, to this day, two of my favourite games. Back when nothing made sense and I still spent my entire summer indoors. I haven’t changed. I remember needing a lot of help for really simple things because being the absent minded toddler I was, I forgot what my objective was and spent most of my time swimming around in confusion. 


30 Day Video Game Challenge
Day 4: Game Character You Feel You Are Most Like

Ben Paul

Everyone seems to forget that Ben is just a kid. He was older than Clementine and Duck so everyone expected so much more out of him when he was already a nervous kid to begin with. He’s a fuck up, but he doesn’t mean to be. He never does anything with the intention of hurting someone else and tries to do what’s best for the group but it doesn’t always work out. He felt that he was a burden and that the group would not only be better off with him gone, but that they wanted him gone. That’s why I relate to him the most.


Day 15 – Funniest moment in a video game - Psychonauts - The entire game

This game is amazing. It’s so sad it didn’t do better then it did, because we could have an entire series of funny, interesting and well written platformers that are genuinely fun to play. I don’t think Tim Schaffer has done a game as good as this one since. You can get this in bargain bins, and on Steam dirt cheap. If you haven’t played it, go do so now.


Day 3 - A game that is underrated: Neverwinter Nights 2002

For me that would have to be Neverwinter Nights, not the Neverwinter MMO, but the original RPG. Another Bioware game, Neverwinter Nights was my next major step in my love of gaming. Nowadays it gets turned down because of its graphics and limited character customization, but it has always been a game that pulled at my emotions and let my imagination run wild. It introduced me to the Intellect Devourer, a monster that has since been one of my biggest gaming fears. In those old polygons, they managed to capture the wonder of adventure, and the fear of loss and fear itself for me in a way that not many games could.

Also mutha fuckin BALORS.

Day 2 - Your favorite character.

It took me a while to figure out just who my favorite character was. But after a lot of thinking I realized the only character that stuck in my mind the longest after I played and continues to pop up in my head and make me laugh, was GLaDOS.
She starts out as an innocent and binary digital voice that guides you through the beginning of the game, but it’s when she makes that first sarcastic remark, you realize there’s something slightly different about GLaDOS. While the puzzles were a lot of fun to solve, it was GLaDOS that made me want to return and continue to solve puzzles. I’d explain more, but I don’t want to spoil too much of what makes her so great.
Do yourself a favor and play Portal.

Day 7 - Favorite game couple

Tidus and Yuna from Final Fantasy X

So many characters to choose from here but the one that gave me feels what this one. Sure, there were some romances in past Final Fantasies but you had to read them and they werent that much interesting than the one on the PS2. Mario and Princess Peach… She has a being captured by a turtle fetish. And Link and Zelda. Every fucken time, get captured. What attracted me about this relationship? The characters finally talked. The engine was so crisp I couldn’t put the remote down. And they were so in love with each other by the end that… Tidus still died a virgin!? DAMNIT!

That doesn’t stop there. This is my gaming OTP. Final Fantasy X-2 picks up where they left off in the first one and I played it because I wanted to see where it would go. She’s still reeling over his death and its affecting her and now Yuna, Rikku, and a new girl named Paine are off to fight the good fight that is Final Fantasy… truth be told, I forgot the storyline. I mean I enjoyed it to the extent that this would be my guilty pleasure game. But in the end, I chose the wrong path on which monsters to fight.. needless to say I never finished this game. :( I still have it in my basement and I can easily re-start over but it took me forever to beat those boss monsters… so no way.

Tidus and Yuna is a love that will live on even years after his initial death.