30 day crunch challenge

Day 1 - 20 crunches

Day 2 - 25 crunches

Day 3 - 30 crunches

Day 4 - REST

Day 5 - 40 crunches

Day 6 - 45 crunches

Day 7 - 50 crunches

Day 8 - REST

Day 9 - 60 crunches

Day 10 - 65 crunches

Day 11 - 70 crunches

Day 12 - REST

Day 13 - 80 crunches

Day 14 - 90 crunches

Day 15 - 95 crunches

Day 16 - REST

Day 17 - 100 crunches

Day 18 - 105 crunches

Day 19 - 110 crunches

Day 20 - REST

Day 21 - 115 crunches

Day 22 - 120 crunches

Day 23 - 125 crunches

Day 24 - REST

Day 25 - 130 crunches

Day 26 - 135 crunches

Day 27 - 140 crunches

Day 28 - REST

Day 29 - 145 crunches

Day 30 - 150 crunches


Day one: Starting the 30 day crunch and squat challenge. Cutting down on calories on monday.

I know I’m fat as fuck. 

But whatever, this tumblr is for me and no one else. I’m becoming thin for m y s e l f. I want to be able to walk around in public wearing whatever the fuck I want, without having to hide my body. I want collar bones and hip bones to show. I want a flat stomach and a nice ass.

And I want to be beautiful, for once in my fucking life.

1st August 2013

If You Don't Start, You Can't Achieve

Hey Hi Tumblrverse!

I’ve just decided that simply keeping everything private and to myself kinda sucks… where is the motivation in that? So I have made a dedicated tumblr blog to embarrass myself if I fail… but seriously, why would I even fail? I’m flawless. (Not really… lol)

Any ways, that being said I am going to start some 30 day challenges: 30 day squat, pushup, plank, crunch and jumping jack challenges because why not?

So there we have it. That is what I am going to do! For the jumping jacks I will be doing the green numbers (Unless I find that too easy). I’ll also be increasing the reps of some of these exercises because I already know I can do more than that amount (why do something that’s easy? It’s supposed to be a challenge!)

So on top of going to the gym to meet my goals (I WILL be posting the gym experience as well as the 30 day challenges) I get to do these awesome challenges! I may also blog about other things too. Just you know general awesomeness. 

Ok fellow tumblr-addicts, DFTBA! It’s time to become a badass! (Please follow so I can be inspired to not fail!! :D)

Day 2.
  • Stopped exercising for at least a week.
  • Gained weight
  • Stopped checking tumblr because I felt so ashamed of myself. 

But ONLY I can make the change. I should use tumblr as a motivation not shame on myself. 

Yesterday: Figurerobics Day 1

Today: 30 Day Squat Crunch Plank Craziness (Yes. I’m doing it again after stopping at the halfway point.) Let me pull through this time!!!


Day 13: squats are still killing me… x_X I can’t believe I’m still doing it… 250 at the end?.. Just… unreal! BUT my tummy is so much smaller, I need make my legs skinnier too. *3* And my arms! *_*

Got new sports bra from Shock Absorber! It’s pretty cool: support my ladies without squashing them, wide and adjustable straps, absorbs sweat, pretty looking. But I think it’s a little bit big for me - EUR Size 85E and I would take 80DD.