30 Day Celebrity Challenge

Day 28: Favorite Under 20 Celebrity

Jacob Kogan.  I don’t like a lot of celebrities nowadays to be honest.  It seems no one earns their way anymore.  It’s like ‘I’m cute! Put me in a Disney show and see how totally awesome fabuloso I am!'  It might be the case with JK, I don’t know.  Mainly choosing him for his role in Star Trek and for the fact that he’s not super famous and on magazine covers.  He also seems like a grounded kid who hasn’t let fame get to him.

30 Day Celebrity Challenge

Day 1: First Celebrity Obsession

Michael Treanor (Rocky) and Max Elliott Slade (Colt) from 3 Ninjas

My dad used to take me, my brother, and my sister to watch this in theaters at least 30 times, no lie.  I was Rocky, my sister was Colt, and my brother was Tum Tum x]

Can I say that Max Elliott Slade grew up pretty nice.  Michael Treanor, not so much.

Let’s see how long I keep this challenge up.  Last challenge I did, I only lasted about 5 days.  Oh well.