30 Day Celebrity Challenge. Day 1 First Celebrity Obsession

David Yost, aka, The Blue Ranger/Billy

I was a little too young to understand what a crush was in the prek days, but my favorite episodes of the Power Rangers were the ones that showcased the epic “nerd” Billy. Sure, those glasses were thick, but when he began taking them off in later episodes…like omg he had blue eyes. And the show began to suck for me when Billy lost his Power Ranger powers. I Googled him awhile back to see where he was at these days…and he’s officially out of the closet so to speak (so much for the dream of marrying the blue ranger). It actually made me kind of angry that he left because he was harrassed onset for being gay. Infuriating.

Having said all of that…I’d still go for him if he were in with the ladies.

30 Day Art Challenge

To celebrate the end of the semester my friend and I have decided to make our own 30 day art challenge. I’ve already suckered a few of my friends into doing it so I thought I’d upload it here in case anyone else wants to join. 

  1. Draw yourself as an RPG character 
  2. Favorite Color
  3. Mythical Creature
  4. Favorite childrens book/show
  5. Tattoo art style 
  6. Draw in a different style from your own
  7. Favorite Pokemon 
  8. Favorite Animal
  9. Draw an OC
  10. Greek God
  11. Zodiac sign 
  12. Draw something you got for christmas (or over the holiday season)
  13. Your pet(s) (or a pet you’d like to have)
  14. Whats in your bag
  15. You in your favorite outfit
  16. Character from a game
  17. Draw yourself pixalated 
  18. Draw an Element
  19. One of your best friends
  20. Things that inspire you
  21. Scenery
  22. Draw different emotions
  23. Draw a difficult pose
  24. An Object in Your room
  25. Retro inspired
  26. Favorite Quote
  27. Candy
  28. Last song you listened to
  29. Draw Whatever you want
  30. Congrats banner

brendon-effing-urie  asked:

Hey! I saw day one of the 30 day practice challenge and i was wondering what it was? Like what is each day because i kinda want to do it too and i cant really find it. Thank you!

Here you go! :D

A 30 Day Practice Challenge!

The # is #30 day practice challenge. I hope it helps you staying motivated to practice over the rest of summer!

Day 1: A photo of your instrument
Day 2: A photo of your practice space.
Day 3: Your favourite inspirational quote
Day 4: A photo of a piece you’re currently playing.
Day 5: A selfie/photo of you with your instrument.
Day 6: A photo showing how you relax while playing
Day 7: The best advice anyone has given you
Day 8: A photo of your to-do list
Day 9: A photo of your future goals.
Day 10: Who is your favourite teacher/professor and why?
Day 11: A photoset detailing your routine for the day
Day 12: Try mindmapping or thoroughly planning your practice session and photograph the result.
Day 13: A photo of your sheet music.
Day 14: Write an uplifting message for musicians in a slump.
Day 15: A photo of your writing in scores.
Day 16: A photo of what you do in practice breaks.
Day 17: Take a photo of a different practice spot than usual.
Day 18: A photo of a short piece you composed.
Day 19: A photo of how you warm up.
Day 20: Talk about your favourite composer
Day 21: Talk about your favorite piece.
Day 22: A photo of your dream school/university
Day 23: A photo of your favorite performer.
Day 24: Write the sentence “I can do anything as long as I put my mind to it.” in all of the languages that you speak and take a photo.
Day 25: A photo of the piece you’re most proud of
Day 26: A photo of your favourite practice snack
Day 27: A photo of your favourite score that you own.
Day 28: Try going for a walk in practice breaks today. Take a photo of it.
Day 29: Describe your practice technique.
Day 30: You made it! Take a photo and celebrate.

30 Day Bo Burnham Challenge

1. Favorite song.

2. Least favorite song.

3. Favorite YouTube originated song.

4. Least favorite YouTube originated song.

5. Favorite song/scene from the “Words, Words, Words” special.

6. Favorite song/scene from the “what.” special.

7. Favorite vine.

8. Favorite piano song.

9. Favorite keyboard song.

10. Favorite guitar song.

11. Favorite interview.

12. First song you heard by Bo Burnham.

13. How you discovered Bo Burnham.

14. Bo Burnham merchandise you own.

15. Favorite poem.

16. Favorite picture.

17. Funniest song.

18. Song(s) you know all the words to.

19. First impression of Bo. Was this impression accurate?

20. Jokes/songs by Bo that offend you, if any.

21. Your opinion on Bo fan fiction.

22. Have you written any Bo fan fiction?

23. Favorite episode of “Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous.”

24. Opinion on “Zach Stone” being cancelled after one season.

25. Have you seen Bo live?

26. Do you want to see Bo live?

27. 1-10 on the attractive scale.

28. Do any of your friends/family know or like Bo?

29. Favorite Bo Burnham fan tumblr.

30. Do you post/reblog Bo Burnham based posts on your blog? If so, do you have a certain tag for them?

30 Day NagiRin Challenge

in celebration of Free! TYM, I’m doing this to hype myself up (and also heal myself because I suspect NagiRin won’t have many scenes together). 

  1. First
  2. Lessons
  3. Imitation
  4. Touch
  5. Loyalty
  6. Fear
  7. Letters
  8. Family
  9. Games
  10. Outsider POV
  11. Alternate Universe- Canon Divergence
  12. Astronaut Nagisa / Cop Rin AU
  13. Soulmates AU
  14. Merman AU
  15. University AU
  16. Coffee Shop AU
  17. Supernatural Beings AU
  18. Superpower AU 
  19. Harry Potter AU 
  20. Fairytale AU 
  21. Flowershop/Tattoo AU 
  22. Royalty AU
  23. Other Sports AU
  24. Youtubers AU
  25. Heist AU 
  26. Magical Realism AU 
  27. Pacific Rim AU 
  28. Scifi AU 
  29. Celebrity AU 
  30. Future AU

Hello fellow artists!
Starting today, 28 june, Amydrawine and I are holding our own little 30 day challenge to celebrate the start of the holiday and to get some good creative vibes going! The prompts consist of random things we both came up with and we’ll be drawing them in the following order:

1. mythical creature
2. organs/ skeleton
3. dreams/sleeping
4. plants
5. original character
6. colour
7. emotions
8. child version
9. unusual media
10. animals
11. crime scene
12. tea/drink
13. spliced animals
14. weather
15. injuries
16. fictional characters
17. visually represented flavours
18. elements
19. nsfw
20. fruit/food
21. video games
22. self portrait
23. historical figures/landscapes
24. superpower/ heroes
25. bands/musicians
26. illegal
27. books
28. outfit
29. holiday
30. magic

Day 21 - A celebrity that’s way more talented than the work they’re getting: Jeffery Donovan

First person that comes to mind is Jeffery Donovan. He’s currently starring in Burn Notice alongside my pretend-adopted father, Bruce Campbell.

He has played many roles in television and maybe small roles in a couple of films, which is great, but I don’t understand how he hasn’t been approached to star in any sort of big-budget film as of yet. IMDB has him listed starring as Robert F. Kennedy in the upcoming film J. Edgar, so I suppose that’s a start.

Just watch a few episodes of Burn Notice and it becomes very clear how many different personas he can take on while making each of them believable. This man is incredibly multifaceted and Oscar worthy. Have at him, Hollywood!!!

30 Day Celebrity ChallengeBurn Notice bloopers!


30 Day Celebrity Challenge - Day 3: Favorite Celebrity Encounter.

15th of July 2011. Meeting Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie in Bellingham, WA - USA.
By FAR the best day of my life. I will never forget that evening for as long as I live and nor will I ever forget their kindness. They both treated me like royalty and instantly made me feel at ease, as if I was their equal in every way. Spending most of the evening with these men, chatting about everything and nothing. Giving Colin his British Smarties but then coming out of the show and into the party afterwards with Chocolate at the corners of his mouth! Stopping the bus before they drove away to say thank you to Ryan and all he’s done for me. Being cuddled by them both…! I cried that evening, standing alone at the side of the theatre, just after the first half and being invited back stage… but these weren’t tears of sadness - which they often are. But tears of unbridled happiness. I have never felt so happy before or since and I doubt I will again for a long time yet.