30 Day Celebrity Challenge

Day 28: Favorite Under 20 Celebrity

Jacob Kogan.  I don’t like a lot of celebrities nowadays to be honest.  It seems no one earns their way anymore.  It’s like ‘I’m cute! Put me in a Disney show and see how totally awesome fabuloso I am!'  It might be the case with JK, I don’t know.  Mainly choosing him for his role in Star Trek and for the fact that he’s not super famous and on magazine covers.  He also seems like a grounded kid who hasn’t let fame get to him.

30 Day Celebrity Challenge

Day 1: First Celebrity Obsession

Michael Treanor (Rocky) and Max Elliott Slade (Colt) from 3 Ninjas

My dad used to take me, my brother, and my sister to watch this in theaters at least 30 times, no lie.  I was Rocky, my sister was Colt, and my brother was Tum Tum x]

Can I say that Max Elliott Slade grew up pretty nice.  Michael Treanor, not so much.

Let’s see how long I keep this challenge up.  Last challenge I did, I only lasted about 5 days.  Oh well.


30 DAY CELEBRITY CHALLENGE // DAY 15: A celebrity you wish would adopt you

Ever since we heard the first rumors about Adam Lambert dating our “homeland boy” Sauli Koskinen, me and one of my best friend have been shipping them. One day we came up with an awesome idea; Adam and Sauli could adopt us and we would move to California with them..since then we’ve been occasionally joking about our “dad’s”. I know that we can be pretty mature sometimes.