30-Day Monster Art Challenge

Every day for 30 days, draw/sketch/paint/etc a monster based on the prompt of the day. If you want, use the tag #horrificmonsterchallenge so that everyone can find your work! Some of the prompts are pretty vague, so let your creativity run wild!

Day 1: Big, sharp teeth.
Day 2: Insect
Day 3: Many limbs
Day 4: No eyes
Day 5: Many eyes
Day 6: Faceless
Day 7: Skeletal
Day 8: Deadly sin
Day 9: Twins
Day 10: Humanoid
Day 11: Hairy
Day 12: Slithering
Day 13: Alien
Day 14: Colorful
Day 15: Winged
Day 16: Claws
Day 17: Alluring
Day 18: Animal
Day 19: Cursed
Day 20: Undead
Day 21: Cannibalistic
Day 22: Arachnid
Day 23: Giant
Day 24: Mythological
Day 25: Aquatic
Day 26: Mechanical
Day 27: Ancient
Day 28: Ghostly
Day 29: Godly
Day 30: Monstrous self portrait

30 OC Art Challenge!

1. New clothes!!!
2. New underwear is better though :)
3. Checking self out in a mirror
4. Sleeping position
5. Waking up after a long nap
6. With siblings (if they have none, with a friend they’d consider a sibling)
7. The “I’m too lazy to go get a haircut” look
8. Attempting something they suck at
9. Standing/Doing something with altered-gender self
10. Spotting someone really attractive
11. Reacting to a spider near by
12. Sick day in
13. On their way to school/work
14. Picture from when they were younger
15. A day at the beach
16. Snow day!!!
17. Battle stance!
18. Formal wear B)
19. Super embarrassed over something
20. Showing off new/first tattoo
21. Relaxing in their favorite way
22. As a different species
23. In a different art style
24. A glimpse into their future appearance
25. In their favorite outfit
26. Watching a scary movie
27. Playing a sport
28. Playing an instrument
29. Painting their nails/doing makeup/prettying up somehow
30. “But first, lemme take a selfie”

Reattempting the 30 day monstergirl challenge for February, except this time I’m doing dudes B) (maybe IDK might change it up)

His name is Benny and hes some sort of race-harpy

The Love Yourself Art Challenge!

Day 1: Draw yourself in street clothes!

Day 2: Draw yourself in fancy clothes!

Day 3: Draw yourself in pajamas!

Day 4: Draw yourself with your family!

Day 5: Draw yourself with your friends!

Day 6: Draw yourself with your pet! (Psst: If you don’t have a pet, draw yourself with your friend’s pet, or your dream pet!)

Day 7: Draw yourself as a mermaid/merman!

Day 8: Draw yourself as a Hogwarts student! (Psst: Don’t forget your wand!)

Day 9: Draw yourself as a camper at Camp Half-Blood! (Psst: Don’t forget your camp necklace and and to clue us in as to what cabin your from)

Day 10: Draw yourself as a bender (or non-bender)!

Day 11: Draw yourself as your favorite animal! (Psst: This one has to be a real animal)

Day 12: Draw yourself as your favorite mythical creature!

Day 13: Draw yourself as a hobbit, dwarf, wizard, or elf!

Day 14: Draw yourself as a magical girl!

Day 15: Draw yourself as a monster!

Day 16: Draw yourself as a Muppet!

Day 17: Draw yourself as a Jedi Knight or a Sith Lord!

Day 18: Draw yourself as a cowboy!

Day 19: Draw yourself as an alien!

Day 20: Draw yourself as a toy!

Day 21: Draw yourself as a sea creature!

Day 22: Draw yourself as a bird!

Day 23: Draw yourself as a piece of furniture!

Day 24: Draw yourself as a super hero! (Psst: Don’t forget your sidekicks and or trusty butler!)

Day 25: Draw yourself as a super villain! (Psst: A Villain is only as good as their henchmen!)

Day 26: Draw yourself as a Pokemon trainer! (Psst: Remember to draw your team!)

Day 27: Draw yourself like your in the Zombie Apocalypse! 

Day 28: Draw yourself as a robot! (Or just a cyborg, whatevs you feel like doing!)

Day 29: Draw yourself with someone your love! (Psst: It doesn’t have to be a romantic love, you just have to care for them a lot!)

Day 30: Ask 3 people to describe you as best they can, and then draw yourself based on those descriptions!

I MADE AN ART CHALLENGE (under my former username)!! I was sick of challenges that ALWAYS started with “Draw yourself, favorite food, favorite animal” before it got fun so I made one for myself and anyone else who may want something cool.

Feel free to share this post as many times as you would like and partake in the challenge. If you do decide to do these challenges, please tag #kats30day so I can see your work!


30 day art challenge : Voltron

1. Favorite Paladin

2. Favorite Character

3. Favorite Hunk moment

4. Favorite background character

5. Favorite relationship

6. Favorite Lance moment

7. Alien encounter

8. Favorite ship

9. Favorite fight scene

10. Favorite Pidge moment

11. Yourself as a paladin (I’m sure its okay to choose different colors right?)

12. Yourself with your bayard (and I’m sure you can change what yours would be as well?)

13. Yourself with your lion

14. Yourself with your own crew (like your friends and such)

15. Yourself with the main crew

16. Yourself in your lion and where you would be in Voltron

17. Favorite Keith moment

18. Favorite known family member (of the main characters)

19. Favorite villain

20. An embarrassing moment

21. Favorite headcanon

22. Favorite Princess Allura moment

23. Any character in their regular clothes

24. An angsty moment (headcanon or anything)

25. Favorite Coran moment

26. Any paladin in their armor

27. A happy moment

28. Favorite Shiro moment

29. Favorite team moment

30. Group picture (if u want include yourself go ahead!)

30 Day Fan Art Challenge

1. A character you’ve always wanted to draw

2. A villainous character

3. A nonhuman character

4. A famous pair

5. A character becoming very, very angry

6. Characters playing a video game

7. Two characters in a fight

8. A character with an animal

9. Two characters from opposite sides (of a civil war, a ship war, an intergalactic war)

10. A character as a superhero

11. A big tough character posing for a selfie.

12. Friends eating together

13. Enemies eating together

14. The child of two characters

15. A character as a pretty princess

16. A genderbent version of a hypermasculine/feminine character

17. 3 or more characters on holiday

18. Characters raising money for charity

19. A character freezing in the middle of winter

20. A character melting in midsummer heat

21. Two characters in bed together

22. Redraw a famous album cover as fan art

23. Characters all done up for Halloween!

24. An animated/comics character in a realistic style

25. A real character in a cartoonish style

26. A character with a deep love of technology/machines

27. Characters dancing

28. Characters working together.

29. A blossoming, cross-fandom romance - in an AU

30.  Multi-Fandom Party!

Inspired by the truly queenly residentbunburyist, who was lamenting the lack of a good multifandom challenge.  Tag "motel fan art”, I wanna see em!

I’m totally gonna take a 30 day OC art challenge.

I particularly like this one…

Day 01 – Sad/Crying/Upset
Day 02 – Draw with glasses (If they have glasses, draw without)
Day 03 – In water.
Day 04 – Cosplaying another character.
Day 05 – Gender swap.
Day 06 – Yourself in favorite show’s style.
Day 07 – Crossover with another fandom/artist’s char (ask them first please!)
Day 08 – Draw the character as an adult (if adult draw them as a child)
Day 09 – Try drawing in another style. (Like drawing Aladdin in Adventure Time Style)
Day 10 – Chubby (or is the char is already chubby make them thin)
Day 11 – Alone time.
Day 12 – Drunk/high/OR if you’re not into that draw them saying no to drugs/alcohol.
Day 13 – Playing an instrument/singing/in a band 
Day 14 – It’s a bad day, what do this character look like?
Day 15 – At the park.
Day 16 – They’ve been broken up with, what do they do?
Day 17 – Draw their best friend.
Day 18 – Sleeping.
Day 19 – Draw your first character listening to music.
Day 20 – Draw your second character smoking.
Day 21 – Eating food/drinking something.
Day 22 – With a pet.
Day 23 – Angel/Demon/Zombie/Vampire or other Supernatural being.
Day 24 – Trapped.
Day 25 – As an animal.
Day 26 – Doing what the love the most.
Day 27 – Draw them famous or if famous as a “normal” person.
Day 28 – Draw them with a different hairstyle or color.
Day 29 – Laughing.
Day 30 – Awesome job, you completed the challenge! This is a free for all! Thanks for taking the time to do this!

this starts tomorrow! LET’S GET ME SOME PRACTICE IN [yosh!]

30 Day Monster Boy Challenge

-(If someone knows who made this tell me so I can give credit)

1. Harpy

2. Centaur

3. Slime

4. Naga

5. Mermaid

6. Spider boy

7. Plant boy

8. Octomaid

9. Demon

10. Succubus

11. True Monster

12. Zombie

13. Insect boy

14. Dullahan

15. Dragon/Reptile boy

16. Ghost

17. Robot

18. Alien

19. Cyclops

20. Satyr

21. Canine boy

22. Feline boy

23. Yōkai

24. Multiple Limbs

25. Favorite Monster boy

26. Favorite Monster boy Character

27. A Truly Gruesome boy

28. A Group of Monster boy Together

29. A Monster boy and His Significant Other

30. Celebrate Monster boy!

A 20 Day Art Challenge...About Mermaids!?

I really need to start drawing more to trying an develop a style so I picked a subject that I really like and Im making a challenge out of it!

1. Simple Mermaid

2. Mermaid With Attitude

3. A MerMAN

4. Naked Mermaid

5. Mermaid With Incredibly Long Hair

6. Mermaid In A Fight

7. Mermaid Version of Your Favorite Character

8. Mermaid With All of Her Treasure 

9. Mermaid On The Beach

10. Mermaid & Her Family

11. Muscular Mermaid

12. Crying Mermaid

13. Mermaid With Your Favorite Marine Animal

14. Child Mermaid

15. Mermaid Couple

16. Arctic Mermaid 17. MerSHARK 18. Dancing Mermaid 19. Mermaid In The Freak Show 20. Mermaid Sinking A Ship