Day 9- Only Got Each Other

“You both ought to be more careful from now on,” Impa said. “You’re lucky I was nearby amidst that commotion. I’ll deal with those boys whom attacked you both.”
“I’m sorry…” Zelda murmured, her voice nearly inaudible.
“I understand, Lady Impa…” Link leaned against the tree, resisting a sigh. He was glad his arm wasn’t broken, but only sprained…he wasn’t sure if he’d have been able to use it again if it actually had.

So, uh…Day 9 is SUPPOSED to be “hanging with friends.”
…They don’t…really HAVE any friends. Link came from an isolated wasteland from being forced to serve Ganondorf, and naturally, people besides Zelda and Impa are still wary as hell.
Zelda lacks friends for a few reasons, one major factor being her little…screw-up a few years earlier. By the time FMN starts, they…really only have each other as friends. (YES, despite also being a couple. Gotta be friends with your partner, man!)

Impa is perhaps Zelda’s only friend, and an almost mother-figure on top of being her bodyguard. So that’s the closest Link will have outside of Zelda.

Gee, this got angsty fast.