ppmint_b Thoght there was an intruder. Turns out Marceline just doesn’t like PB’s clock

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vampire-queen your clock is ridiculous @bb-gum

bb-gum You are ridiculous. You scared me to death

bb-gum Peps why did you post this photo?

finnthehumann you guys had a slumber party? #mathematical



vampire-queen LOL

Day 3: grumpy morning heads

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30 Day OTP Challenge Day 7: Cosplay

Space Ranger Partners? 

(Lance as Captain Kirk and Keith as Spock)


Lance: The ears look good. We are gonna have to do something about your hair though. 

Keith: You’re not touching my hair.

Lance: We should cut it. It would make you look authentic.

Keith: You are definitely not cutting my hair.

Lance; It’s hair. It will grow back.

Keith: No.

Lance: Sigh, a true Vulcan would not have such an emotional attachment to a mullet.

Keith: Hey Lance,

It’s not a mullet. It’s a shag. 

* you put that hand down or i’m gonna yell “gaster is a buttmunch” at every echo flower in here.

✡⚐🕆 🕈⚐🕆☹👎 ☠⚐❄ 👎✌☼☜📬 🕈✌✋❄📬 ✌👍❄🕆✌☹☹✡ ✡☜💧📪 ✡⚐🕆 🕈⚐🕆☹👎📬

Soooo there’s this 30 Day OTP Challenge, and I am complete Sanster trash, and so is my buddy wrexwas :3 We’ll be splitting days on this, and I’m on odd numbers, so I’m passing off these goobers for Day 2.

Day: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 (Coming Soon!)

Here’s what’s coming up~