30 Day OTP Challenge

Day 28: Doing Something Ridiculous

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Maybe a wholesome round of Cards Against Humanity wasn’t the best choice for game night. LaF and Perry are ruthless when it comes to embarrassing Carmilla. (loosely inspired by this comic)

dorkiangrey​ this is all your fault.

Check out my sideblog carmsagainsthumanity​ for instructions on how to play Carmilla Cards Against Humanity ;)

30 Day OTP Challenge

Day 18: Doing Something Together

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“Watching someone you think is a sweet cinnamon roll turn into a sinnamon roll when playing video games is extremely endearing.” – Kaitlyn Alexander (kbearluna)

Laura is that person who picks Rainbow Road and gets super intense about it. Carmilla is still getting accustomed to the whole video games thing. 

Thanks carmillasleatherpants and warriorprincess1698 for helping me come up with this one :)


I know that this is not today’s prompt: I have have noticed that I usually have the best ideas for prompts way ahead of time, and when I finally get to those prompts, I completely forgot what I wanted to draw. That’s why I may be jumping back and forth throughout this challenge. But other than that, I’ll try to complete it chronologically.

Complete challenge: http://leffie-draws-fanart.tumblr.com/30%20day%20otp%20challenge%20hiccstrid

30 Day OTP Challenge

Day 27: On One of their Birthdays

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Perry baked the cake, Laura just stuck 335 candles into it (plus one for good luck). LaF and JP borrowed the banner from the Zetas and modified it a little. Danny doesn’t trust Laura with matches so she did the honor of lighting the candles on fire.

Also halfway through drawing this I started to get feels because Carm has probably had so many lonely, miserable birthdays that she probably hates celebrating it and doesn’t make a big fuss about it and this may be the first time in centuries that she’s had friends who care enough to get her a cake and decorations and presents and don’t look at me i’m an emotional wreck

Complete challenge: http://leffie-draws-fanart.tumblr.com/30%20day%20otp%20challenge%20hiccstrid

I actually wanted to literally draw Hiccup and Astrid cosplaying Ron and Hermoine - but I guess that I slipped slightly more into a Harry Potter AU drawing - hope you don’t mind! :-)

Frisk: Hold hands!

Sans: Slow down there kid, you’re gonna scare him away.

Day 11 - Hanging out with friends

It’s been a long time since i last drew frisk, and by god did i miss them! they’re just adorable.

This comes from Ralunix’s FateTale.

When sans invites his “close friend” to hang out with frisk and him, the little shipper is gonna do there best to get them together by the end of the day, will they manage it?  i dunno, wish them luck.

Special thanks to Ralunix for allowing me to use their adorable AU!

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30 day OTP challenge
Day 29: Doing something sweet

Does breaking public property count as doing something sweet??? Sure why not

Yeah I definitely half-assed this while working on this about halfway through so if you notice the quality drop now you know why.

In case you’re wondering how Ghirahim won just by stepping on the thing; Ghirahim is really heavy. He’s quite strong on his own merit but he also weighs like a ton of bricks.

This sketch was supposed to be cute and adorable… I don’t know what happened