bristle//min yoongi

30 day writing challenge
005 : bristle
min yoongi // 372 words // implied sexual themes
a/n : im slowly getting back into being fake-deep… im doing it guys.. !!!! 


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Burying your fingers into the plush purple carpet covering Yoongi’s windowsill, you let out a prompt sigh upon seeing snowflakes trickle onto the ground, sometimes in clumps, sometimes single, and yeah, maybe this is just you being fake deep, but the sight, it reminds you of people. Everyone is unique, of course, but how many lose their specialty in an effort to shape themselves into the molds of others?

Maybe you’re just thinking too much, looking into things too deeply. Your mom always tells you how indecisive you are, how you’re too stuck on the ‘maybes’ to truly love. You’d like to tell her you never wanted to be this uptight, but she’s your mom, so you hold back.

“Get back into bed.” You hear Yoongi drawl, voice still heavy and studded from being asleep for so long.

“I’ll be right there.” By now, you’re sure he’s picked up that there’s something wrong. He’s Yoongi; being found out is inevitable.

Letting a breath leave his body, he props himself up on an elbow, collarbones coming into view along with his chest.

“What’s bugging you?”

You can’t hide anything from him, huh?

“Nothing, I’m just.. being me.” With a weak smile, you stand, starting to gather up your clothes.

It’s a game you play, Yoongi and you, this whole ‘feelings’ thing. Neither of you feel anything for each other-unless pity counts, that is. You’re both rejects, deviants who find solace in one another’s sadness.

That’s what you like to think, at least.

“What’s wrong, hm? Tell me.” He says, lips at the nape of your neck, intending to kiss the problems away, sip them like they’re honey or water or something that’ll quench his thirst for acceptance.

“I’m okay, Yoongi. Really…” Noses brushing, you close your eyes and let him smother you in between sheets, let him stroke you till you’re beyond perfection, let him drink away your worries so that you’re once again bare, once again ready for corruption.

“Stay the night.” He says, an arm around your waist. You should go, should leave before this becomes anything more than ‘this’.

But you don’t, and when he whispers those three dense words, you’re not sure whether you made a mistake or not.

Happy first day of March, everybody!

I’m trying out this minimalism challenge that I’ve seen floating around tumblr, but I’ve made a couple of changes to the original to add more of the ones that will give me real difficulty (Leave today unplanned). I know it’s not really a school- or study-related thing, but I know a lot of studyblrs do self-care things and this is definitely something I need!

So, the first day is no social media. I queued this post to post today, and after this I won’t be on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. etc. I’m not sure yet if I think of tumblr as social media (I know it probably is) so I guess we’ll see.

Let me know if anyone else is doing this! And may the new month bring amazing things.

30 day challenge - Unfuck Your Life

Hey lovelies. So yesterday, as I was just being my scroll-y little self, I came across this post  - and figured that was a goddamn good idea.

BUT. But my goals weren’t the same (they would’ve been fun, but not really what I need right now), and as such I’d need to adapt most of the items. 

Being also my lazy self, I just decided to start a new list from scratch. Feel free to use it, abuse it, do it, share it. But if you do start it, I’d love it if you told me how it works out for you! Tag me, PM me, I’m yours to do as you please.

Having said that, this is based off that post (hence the credit), but I’m starting my own 30 day challenge to UNFUCK MY LIFE.


Me neither.

(You know nothing, Jon Snow.)

Here we go.

  1. Get a journal. Open it. Write. Be it a line. Just your name. A sentence. A quote. Be it five pages and keep going. Doodle. Hate your hadwriting and then smile because it’s perfect for you.
  2. Make a study plan. A realistic study plan. Print it. Complete it.
  3. Don’t just sit around studying in your pajamas. I know it’s comfy, but get up, get dressed, shine that fucking awesomeness.
  4. Clean your room (Yes, even the pile of clothes hidden in the closet. And under the bed. And the ones forgotten in the bathroom.)
  5. Call old friends. Just say hi. Go from there.
  6. Go to bed early. Count sheep to fall asleep.
  7. Get up early too. Spring from bed and don’t look back.
  8. Go for a walk, with company if possible. Your Ipod counts too.
  9. Go to the library. Check out books you’ll like. Check out some you won’t either. Read them all.
  10. Watch the news. Talk about them. Discuss them. Accept different points of view.
  11. Cut your hair. Buy a new pair of shoes. Of pants. Eyeliner. Paint your nails. Look in the mirror and go “yeeeeeah, I’d hit that”. Even if you stay at home all day.
  12. Compliment your mom. Hug your dad. Thank your grandparents. Blow a kiss to your sister. Ruffle your brother’s hair. Squeeze your dog and rub his belly.
  13. Breathe. In. Out.
  14. Go out. Be happy. Show off your legs even if they’re short. Even if you have cellullite. Even if that means wearing a pair of tights because it’s cold out. Flip your hair and smile.
  15. Go out. Drive. Be scared. 
  16. Choose your outfit the day before. Even if you change your mind in the morning.
  17. Smile. Smile. 
  18. Meet up with your best friend. Be your sarcastic self, they love it.
  19. Update your playlist.
  20. Find a new TV show to watch. Make it a documentary.
  21. Say hello to people.
  22. Go downtown. Take pictures. Panoramic pictures, ugly pictures, blurred pictures, selfies. Don’t erase any. Not just yet.
  23. Go out to get coffee. Drink tea instead.
  24. Wear a skirt to college. Rock those hot boots too.
  25. Buy chewing gum. Offer it around, it’s okay if you’re totally ripped off.
  26. Surprise-visit someone.
  27. Have a meal with your mom.
  28. Go shopping. Don’t buy anything.
  29. Change your profile picture.
  30. Take a shower. Kiss the mirror and dance naked. If it jiggles, it’s because it’s there.
  31. Watch the sunrise. Watch the sunset. Feel small. (bonus)

30 Day Ship Meme
Day 1: What is your current favorite ship?

As of late, I’ve been obsessed with Hiccup x Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon. I really could write a good whopping chapter on why I like this couple, why I think they’re realistic, how they relate to my world, and why I don’t have a problem with Astrid. Instead, I will just satisfy with saying that I like this ship more than any other Hiccup ship.


30 Day Challenge - 6th Day - Your Fav Character Overall


Effy. Why her? Well, I’ll explain:

Unfortunately, I’m too much like her. With two differences: she’s stronger than me and she is pretty.

My parents discuss a lot. Like since ever… Since I can remember. IT make me weak because all i wanted was a close family. & now my family is broken. I have that kind of strange conection with fire. I’m always burning things and that makes me happy. I feel so alone sometimes. Most of my life. I always felt like that. Alone. Empty. Think about others. i don’t talk much as she in G1. I have a few friends but my paranoia tells me that they don’t love me, and so I end up losing them. Staying alone. always alone. with my paranoia and my panic and my sadness and all my mental disorders. My mom always tries to help me, but I don’t like to expose my feelings. i ending up with them inside me what makes me  feel very badly. Since I was a little girl I see and hear things. that’s why I’m so weird. & it makes me really scared. I’ve had a depression. At two/three years ago. I think I already got over it. Maybe or maybe not. Honestly I’m not sure if I’m okay and happy. All I feel is a huge void. I have many thoughts together which makes me feel confused. I never know if I’m happy, sad, angry… I’m always empty. Effy, you know… She wants to be strong for everyone, but she is so fragile and sensitive. She falls a little everyday. she is broken inside. she just want to act like evrything is fine when everything is just fucked up. And so am I, too. I also fuck everything. Always. I have that strange energy that makes things become a shit when I come or stuff. I feel like shit. I feel useless. I feel empty. I feel like I’m nothing. & Eff always help me to feel better. So, i love her.

connect//jeon jungkook

30 day writing challenge
004 : connect
jeon jungkook // 472 words
a/n : im sorry i can’t write lovey-dovey shit with jungkook. college!au


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Sometimes success comes in the form of failure, just like how up can turn out to be down, left can be right, and white and gold can be black and blue; it all depends on perception.

At least, that’s what your psychology teacher tells you.

Jeon Jungkook, your new lab partner, has successfully bumped himself up on your shit list, swiftly stealing the number-one position, a position previously upheld by your English professor.

If that doesn’t convey how irritating he is, you don’t know what will.

“Here, you bring this stuff,” Drawing a bold red line across the middle of the list, you press your index finger to the lower part.

“And I’ll bring the rest.” Removing your goggles, you set them to the side, careful not to knock anything over, though you’d love to mess up his shirt the same way he messed up your grade.

“By tomorrow?” He says, like he’s the only person in the world with problems. Narrowing your eyes, you try to look as threatening as possible while nodding tranquilly.

By tomorrow.”

Biting his lip, Jungkook runs a hand through his hair, an annoying habit of his you’ve noticed lately as you’re forced to interact with him. Rolling your eyes, you sigh and stand up, definitely not about to let him off this time around.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, then. With the materials.”

For a second, you meet his gaze, and yeah, you hate the guy, but he’s still handsome in a horrible way, so you do what a normal girl your age would do and turn around before you start to ogle.

“Bye,___.” You hear him say behind you, and you lift a passive hand in response.

You’re not going to tear down your own walls, especially not for a guy like Jeon Jungkook.


“Just my fucking luck.”

Trekking back to your assigned seat, you grumble audibly when you see Jungkook sitting at the table, though he’s not alone. Of course he’s not alone. He’s Jungkook, the golden boy of every campus he sets foot on.

“Excuse me.” You huff, slipping into your chair and your own little void.

“It’s really storming out there, isn’t it?” Jungkook says, the first to acknowledge you. Peering at him once, you mumble a quick ‘yeah’, abruptly returning your attention to your phone screen.

“Is this the girl you like, Jungkook?” Taehyung, a cute boy with glasses, pipes up, oblivious and obvious. You think you’d probably crush on him if he wasn’t too innocent for his own-

Wait, did he just-

“She’s pretty.” Another boy, with eyes that seem more like diamonds than biographical substances, smiles at you.

Jungkook, as one may have guessed, sits in place, wide-eyed and frozen, just like you, mumbling several ‘fucks’ while rethinking his circle of friends.

You’ve got that in common, at least.