I’m about to sound seriously annoying, I thought I should just put that out there.

The first photo is the man we all know and love, in Joshua Tree National Park in a crazy tie-dye ‘onesie’ - in reality, they’re long johns.
The second photo is the Mars Store deciding to sell onesies for exuberant amounts of money.
The third photo is Jared’s actual style of long johns for sale for considerably less.

This shows the poll that the Mars Store took on Twitter and then very clearly ignored.

I can only assume that they had already placed a bulk order for the cheapest wholesale tie-dye crazy onesies they could find and had hoped their outcome would be for onesies.

I’m seriously overthinking all of this, which is nothing new, but I just want to say that I am siding with the people who are saying that the Mars Store are not playing a wise sales game by selling something similar to something Jared wore just to make profit. I understand that businesses/celebrities/promoters do it all the time but here, I feel like their motives seem a little too clear. Money from the benefit of people wanting to match Jared. At least the people who votes onesie in the poll are in luck!

Oh also, as a side note, their onesies might be called ‘Mars’ onesies but their only association to Mars is that Jared wears something similar in a photo! They have no insignia, no labels, no branding, not even a sneaky triad.

[cheers to @kmp78 and @theabductionofpersephone for the long johns link]

[buy the mars onesie here] [buy the long johns here]

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My Daddy is a Rock Star (Update)


So it’s been forever, and I can only apologize for not finishing this story sooner. But, good news! I have managed to write a couple more chapters and I think that if there’s enough interest, then I might actually find the inspiration to finish it :)

Before I decide to dedicate lots of time to this fic again, though, I just wanted to see if people were still interested? (I know it’s been forever!)