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Day Fourteen: Favourite older female character

Sakae Jinnouchi, Summer Wars

Summer Wars was the last actual anime movie we watched as part of our school’s anime club. I really admired Sakae’s determination and how she could keep the family together whilst at an old age. Not to mention, she’s pretty hardcore.

“On your feet and die like a man.”

Challenge by demarches.

30 Days of Female Awesome.
Day One | Favorite lead female character


❝ I want the pain. It’s how I learn. I was instrumental in the destruction of humanity, but at the same time I learned, because…because I fell in love…with a human man, and he was mortal and fallible. And he had this incredible pride in himself. He thought he knew everything there was to know. And I loved him, with my whole heart. And then one day, I realized I wouldn’t have him forever. I understood what I’d done. How I betrayed him and humanity. And that pain taught me to understand death. Baltar could die. And I loved him. Baltar’s heart was ephemeral. Baltar’s body was fragile in my hands. ❞

DAY TWENTY-ONE - Favorite Female Character Screwed Over by Canon: Barbara Minerva

Let’s climb into the wayback machine and travel to a distant era two decades past, when George Perez was tasked with rebooting the Wonder Woman franchise for the post-Crisis era. Generally, memorable superheroes have memorable archenemies, so Perez also rebooted Diana’s most prominent foe, the Cheetah. He discarded most of the trappings of the pre-Crisis Cheetah (who was a perfectly mundane woman in a cat suit and thus perhaps not a demigod’s greatest challenge), and attached the name to a new character, Professor Barbara Minerva, doctor of archaeology.

From the very beginning, this new character was custom-tailored to be the perfect enemy for Wonder Woman. The best summation of her character might be “evil Indiana Jones”; as a clever, curious, adventurous relic hunter, Minerva was in a position to deal constantly with powerful divine artifacts and amazon relics, very in keeping with the Wonder Woman theme of gods and monsters. As a brilliant doctor of the sciences, Minerva had a wide knowledge base and a scheming mind, capable of twice outwitting even Diana’s vaunted Wisdom of Athena. As the victim of a terrible divine curse, Minerva had the speed and strength of a god, and every time they physically fought, Diana was saved from certain death only by the assistance of a third party.

And then Perez left the book, and Minerva has steadily become more and more of a clusterfuck with every successive writer. Robbed of her intelligence, her resources, her allies, her dignity, and even the very power that is the only thing she’s still known for, she’s gone from the intellectual equal of Lex Luthor and physical equal of Superman to the intellectual equal of Bizarro and the physical equal of Toyman. Greg Rucka, who was the best thing to happen to the Wondy franchise since the damn Perez reboot, turned this cold standoffish misanthrope into a literal fucking sex kitten who went belly-up about three punches into a fight. Gail Simone, who’s known to many fans primarily for turning abused, pathetic joke characters like Catman into title-carrying badasses, made her the chumped patsy of another villain, who was actually faster to take down than she was under Rucka’s pen and who cringed and whined fearfully in defeat. When even writers like those two manage to make it worse, I think it is fair to say that a character is pretty poorly done by.

But you know what? I still remember the Perez Minerva. I still remember the scheming, victorious Jimenez Minerva, and the brilliant, driven Byrne Minerva, and the deadly, semi-redeemed WML Minerva, and that is a fucking fantastic character. And I don’t care how many times she gets jobbed to Catwoman or pimped out to Snapper Fucking Carr, I will never stop loving that character, and never stop wanting her back.

Day Twenty-Two: Favorite female character you love but everyone else hates

Even now, I see a lot of comments about liking Stephanie now. About how much better her character is. About how she’s finally compelling and competent.

Well, I loved Stephanie as Spoiler, and I loved her as Robin. A part of me will always, always lament the brevity of that role and wish she could have kept it.

Stephanie was a wonderful contrast to Bruce, and I believe that’s what Robin should be. She was resourceful and determined and passionate.

She didn’t entirely agree with his principles.

“That monster almost killed me! He was killing you! He murdered two people today, and, like, a hundred others before today, and you blame me for trying to stop him?”

She didn’t understand why she had to go out of her way not to use lethal force on a brutal serial killer. That’s not the mark of a bad Robin; that’s the mark of an interesting dynamic.

She had her own reasons for fighting crime, beyond a need for adventure and acceptance.

“I remember the first time my father was arrested. I didn’t know who to hate most - Dad or the cops…or the whole damn world for letting it happen. When’s it going to stop, Cass? What’s it going to take to get people like the Penguin out of our lives? Out of her life?”

She had a jubilant resilience reminiscent of Dick, a brutal compassion reminiscent of Jason,  and a vibrant distinctness far beyond being the only female Robin.

She saved Batman from Zsazs. She helped Cass take down the Penguin. She figured out how to defeat Tiger Moth.

She wore the colours briefly, but she wore them damn well.

30 Days of Female Awesome


Day fourteen: Favourite older female character

Minerva McGonagall 

This woman - this witch - is the most badass motherfucker in the entire wizarding world. She doesn’t need force to control her students, no, because they respect her, because she deserves respect. Which can be seen many times throughout the Harry Potter-series, like when Harry jumps out from under the invisibility cloak simply because she was disrespected. She’s incredible. And one of my favourite moments in the films is when she enchants the giant armored statues at Hogwarts and goes - with so much glee: “I always wanted to used that spell!” 

That’s McGonagall for you; so kind and caring and full of love, yet still so fucking badass and the bravest fighter with a wand.


30 Days of Female Awesome [insp.]

Day 19 → Favorite Non-Human Female Character

Kara Danvers (Supergirl)

“My name is Kara Zor-El. 24 years ago, my planet, Krypton, was in serious peril. My cousin, Kal-El, was sent to a planet called Earth for his own safety and protection. You may know his story. The story you don’t know is that I was sent to protect him.”


30 Days of Female Awesome [insp.]

Day 8 → Favorite Female Character in a Comedy Show

Lily Aldrin (How I Met Your Mother)

“Okay, yes, it’s a mistake. I know it’s a mistake. But there are certain things in life where you know it’s a mistake but you don’t really know it’s a mistake because the only way to really know it’s a mistake is to make the mistake, and look back, and say, ‘Yep. That was a mistake.’ So, really, the bigger mistake would be to not make the mistake, because then you go your whole life not really knowing if something is a mistake or not.”