30 Day Teen Titans Challenge Day 30: What I miss most


Teen Titans had some of the deepest friendships of any show I’ve ever seen. All of the Titans would do anything to save one another, even go to Hell and back. There was everything from relatable (but not too cliché) crushes to creepy unusual hero-villain obsessive relationships. Most of the characters had profound character development and the main characters had their own story arcs (except for poor Starfire, which I’m still pretty sad about). The show had the perfect blend of humor, love and action, and I miss all of it.


30 Days of The Gotham Rogues Challenge!
Day 15: Favorite Gotham Non-Canon Pairing

“Every minute he’s on the streets… every criminal act Two-Face commits… it’s driving Harvey deeper and deeper into his own mind. I have to save him, Alfred. He’s my friend.

“If you only knew the battles I’ve fought in my head to keep you alive these last few years.”


30 Day Anime Challenge

Day 4- Favorite Female Anime Character

Riza Hawkeye!! (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Compared to the favorite male character choice, this one was a piece of cake. Riza is hands down my favorite because she is a badass woman who doesn’t need no man, but sticks beside her idiot colonel because he’s her idiot colonel dammit  I will go down with this ship.


30 Day Teen Titans Challenge

Day 3: What are your thoughts on Starfire and Robin?; RobStar

“My thoughts on this pairing is a lot of respect. Robin didn’t look at Starfire as a stranger from another planet when he saw her and he helped her instead. Starfire trusted Robin since day one because she realized he didn’t leave her alone even when she asked him to not get involved, he saved her.

I think they’re a strong couple because they never doubted one another and they always fought for each other. And the chemistry was there since the beginning.”

30-Day OTP Challenge!

Behold, a 30-day OTP challenge! There may or may not be more of these challenges in the future, but for now, have fun with this one.

Your challenge is to create pieces inspired by 30 prompts in this challenge, one every day if you can. Create drawings, write short stories, or do any other form of creation. The prompts/inspirations are below the cut. If you’re thinking about doing this, be sure to reblog and share it!

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