30 day wrestling challenge

Day 29 - Favorite Wrestling Related Image: All deserving Champions in one photo from left to right starting from top row to bottom: Cody Rhodes as Intercontinental Champion, Daniel Bryan as World Heavyweight Cahmpion, CM Punk as WWE Champion, Zack Ryder as United States Champion, Kofi Kingston as one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, Beth Phoenix as the Divas Champion, and Evan Bourne as the other half of the WWE Tag Team Champions.

Mark'd Out - 30 Day Challenge

Day 01 – Favourite Wrestler While Growing Up
Day 02 – Favourite Female Wrestler
Day 03 – Favourite Male Wrestler
Day 04 – Favourite Theme Music
Day 05 – Favourite Promotion
Day 06 – Favourite Tag Team
Day 07 – Favourite Stable
Day 08 – Favourite Angle
Day 09 – Least Favourite Female Wrestler
Day 10 – Least Favourite Male Wrestler
Day 11 – Favourite Manager
Day 12 – Funniest Moment
Day 13 – Favourite Gimmick
Day 14 – Favourite Memory
Day 15 – Favourite PPV
Day 16 – Favourite Promo
Day 17 – First Wrestling Memory
Day 18 – Most Overrated Wrestler
Day 19 – Most Underrated Wrestler
Day 20 – Favourite Wrestling Move
Day 21 – Favourite Gimmick Match
Day 22 – Favourite Era in Wrestling
Day 23 – Most Improved Wrestler
Day 24 – Most Shocking Moment
Day 25 – Favourite Commentator or Announcer
Day 26 – Dream Match
Day 27 – A Wrestler You Want to See More Of
Day 28 – Favourite Rivalry
Day 29 – Favourite Wrestling Related Image
Day 30 – Why You Like Wrestling


thirty day wrestling challenge

day nine: favorite heel ⇢ Nikki Bella

“@thenikkibella: Words can’t describe how I feel right now. I could not do this without my #BellaArmy & #FearlessUniversitysupport! Your love & words make me a fearless person, train harder and be the absolute best Nikki Bella I can be! For all of you who didn’t turn your back on me, thank you! Thank you for all of your love and faith! And for the haters, when you refer to me in your blogs tonight… It’s THE NIKKI BELLA! Your NEW DIVAS CHAMPION!”