30 Day Cartoon Challenge | day 06 - a cartoon that you watch ‘til nowadays

All of these

It’s more like “cartoons i’d watch ‘til nowadays”, because I don’t have the time to watch them. But they were so cool, so creative, so funny… I miss them. 


Day 5: Kissing. (continued from day 4)

Don’t worry, Kylo. Kissing in the rain is considered romantic by some. 

Part of my Kylux 30 Day OTP Challenge.

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Surprise sneak attack page! I’m leaving the country on holiday tomorrow and won’t be able to produce any art for ya’ll for a while, so I really wanted to get this out to you guys as soon as possible! 

((As usual: Please click the images open for a non-grainy view! I’ve yet to understand how to tumblr.)) 


F•R•I•E•N•D•S 30 Day Challenge | 6 | Favourite Rachel Moment(s):

I adore Rachel, so couldn’t just pick one, of course.

The One Where Rachel Has a Baby: After she gives birth to Emma, and during the whole pregnancy, she is just fantastic.

The One Where the Stripper Cries: When Rachel says bitchin’, it gets me every time.

The One With Barry and Mindy’s Wedding: That dress…

The One With The Football: When she makes that catch, I love it. 

The One With George Staphanopoulos: Rachel says she has magic beans. It’s just such a touching and beautiful moment.

The One With The Prom Video: That long walk over to Ross and she finally kisses him! It just makes me smile.

The One Where Ross Got High: Oh that trifle hahahaha beef and custard.

The One With Unagi: Ahhh salmon skin roll.

The One In Vegas: The whole episode; especially “I’m doin’ good baby how you doin’?”


30 Day Friends Challenge.

  • Day 30 →Favorite Younger Days/Flashback scene: I love the episodes that appear Flashbacks of them. But I kill myself laughing every time I see “The One With The Flashbacks”. It’s freakin’ awesome. haha