30 Days of Prince of Tennis - Day 18

Your favorite episode/part of the story that doesn’t involve a tennis match

The New Prince of Tennis Specials Episode 1

We got some Atobe sky diving to school

On a Sunday

A day in the Sanada home wherein Sanada trains his concentration

We also meet Genichirou’s nephew, Sasuke.

Who manages to piss his uncle off within ten seconds.

The Oshitari cousins trying their luck at this raffle game.

Tezuka showing his appreciation for the gifts he gets by using them.

The Shitenhouji team bowling while suspecting that Shiraishi has a girlfriend.

But really he just got himself a pet beetle, Kaburiel.

But then Yukari comes in and tells Shiraishi something he should know about his beetle.


Yukimura implementing some new rules

Kirihara and Sanada following like the good teammates they are.

But I guess there are better ways to do that.

30 Days of Tenipuri

Day 7: Your favorite pairing

Tezuka Kunimitsu & Fuji Shuusuke.

Fuji and Tezuka were both characters I knew I was going to like from their first appearrances. When the story progressed it slowly became apparent that they had also slowly grown unexpectedly meaningful and important to each other as well.

It’s still hard for me to draw the line where Tezuka and Fuji are similar or different in the end. Obviously Tezuka is not the openly friendly or joking type, but Fuji is not prone to let others really close either. While Fuji guards his emotions with a smile, Tezuka does the same with a frown.

In canon Fuji comments on their sameness himself, saying he used to think they had a similar mindset about tennis, only to find out Tezuka was recklessly serious about it where he himself was having difficulties getting motivated. This difference is later diminished, when Fuji begins to seek victory for itself after some meaningful matches.

It seems like both of them make exceptions when it comes to each other. Fuji will occasionally show weakness and worry in front of Tezuka, and Tezuka will express happiness and closeness.

Most of the time Fuji and Tezuka are portrayed just quietly standing side by side, watching a match together. For a long time they peacefully keep doing what they do – go to same class in 2nd year, attend the same club, win their matches against other people. All this time they both knew they had unresolved issues that they would have to face some day. They must have spent a lot of time thinking about it, waiting for the right moment to find out how things were between them.

I think that especially for Fuji, the matches between them are never just about tennis. For Fuji it’s a wider thing about self-image and a moment of change for him as a person, making it something very powerful and scary yet still desireable. It’s about starting to want things like victory even when that makes him vulnerable and more transparent than what he’s used to.

For Tezuka, Fuji is obviously something special. It’s Fuji who gets his company, his attention as a rival in tennis, and sometimes his time outside the courts and his smiles. Still, I can’t help thinking Tezuka is the one whose priorities are elsewhere. While Fuji has his family, the friends he easily makes both in Seigaku and other teams and other meaningful interests outside tennis, it seems like it’s always Fuji who is left behind, looking at Tezuka’s back and actually crying not being able to reach him.

Still, even if at times Tezuka and Fuji seem to not be quite on the same place in their lives, it’s plain to see they have both made a big impact in each other’s lives. They have achieved something great together with their team, and that memory is undoubtedly precious for them.

Until this point in the story Tezuka and Fuji have always found the time and the place to share things together. What will happen between them when Tezuka leaves again? Will Fuji keep trying to reach him? Will he reach him, and if so, how would that change them? Will either of them ever accept letting the other one win? I know I am willing to wait as long as it takes to find out.


30 Days of Prince of Tennis - Day 23

A character you’d love to have as your sibling


Reasons why:

  1. He’s such a dork that I literally just want to hold him forever and take care of him because I know he can’t do that on his own. Maybe even embarrass the hell out of him at school because of how protective I could get but he’d still love me because I’m his sister
  2. He likes video games, yakiniku and manga so that’s going to be our bonding time and I’m going to be the really clingy sister towards him.
  3. I want to have his family’s metabolic rate. He mentioned having a sister in GakuPuri and that she was extremely thin despite eating as much as he did.

Let me just point out that he has a tag on my blog called “PRECIOUS PRECIOUS DEVIL CHILD”


30 Days of TeniPuri

Day 28 - The doubles pair that has the most questionable sexuality

Dirty Pair, Oshitari Yuushi and Mukahi Gakuto

You had me at my best. You had me at my worst. Your eyes are shut. Your mind drifts to elsewhere. Your heart is closed. Still, you accepted me with open arms.

30 Days of Prince of Tennis
Day 20: Your pick of seven players that you'd love to be on a team together

My team would go like this:

  • Singles 1- Tezuka
  • Singles 2- Yukimura
  • Singles 3- Niou
  • Doubles 1- Atobe and Sanada
  • Doubles 2- Fuji and Shiraishi

If any of these players fail, which I highly doubt, I have the super rookies as my reserves. HAHAHAHA. And yes, if anyone notice, I did put all the best players, with all intents and purposes, in one team. I’m clever that way. :P Hax? Broken and Deus Ex Machina players? I have them all! XD 

30 Days of Prince of Tennis - Day 29

A character whose backstory you want to know more about

Watanabe Osamu

How exactly were you able to afford a pure gold gauntlet? Did he know that Shiraishi existed before acquiring that gauntlet or did he get it waaaay back when? HOW AND WHERE DO YOU LIVE IF YOU USED ALL OF YOUR MONEY TO BUY A GOLDEN GAUNTLET?

Atobe Keigo

From what I’ve read, Atobe wasn’t always that arrogant so how did that happen? What exactly is your father’s company about that you practically own half of Japan? Does he have his own business already? Does the entire Atobe family have a thing for calling themselves “Kings” or is that just him? Many questions I want to be answered

Day 1: Your favorite team and/or character;

Favorite Team is definitely Shintenhouji, I just love how they are like the “happily dysfunctional” family, they are all a bunch of beautiful dorks, and I just can’t with them.

Favorite Character has to be the awesome Kaidoh, I just love tsunderes characters and he is just so nice, I love how he hissed and the faces he makes makes me wanna hug him, I just don’t know why y love him but then again I just aghhh!!!!! Love him.

30 Days of Prince of Tennis - Day #01

#01 - Your favorite team and/or character

It’s really hard to choose since I basically love EVERY team (except Higa, I’m not very fond of them), but in the end it’s probably a tie between Seigaku, Shitenhouji and Rokkaku.

My favorite character, on the other hand, is the same ever since episode 2 and that will remain unchanged!

Momoshiro Takeshi, our baby Momo-chan

30 Days of TeniPuri

19. A match that should have happened, but didn’t

I was totally rooting for a captain vs captain match in the Nationals Finals. It didn’t happened, much to my chagrin. Rawr! 

But then again, I’m still thankful that that didn’t happened because. Because dammit! Tezuka vs Yukimura!?!?!?!?! Oh how on earth can I take sides!?!?! HAHAHAHA. No, of course not. I don’t often really take sides. I swear. I can’t actually remember the last time I take sides. It’s so hard to do that especially because I love them all. Okey, I’m being off-topic now beh!

Anyway, yes, a Tezuka vs Yukimura match. These two are, IMHO, the top two best PoT players. Look. God-given talent? Check. Hospital bills? Check! Flawless techniques? Check. Gorgeous faces? Check! Hardwork? Check! 

This started after that chapter with Sanada revealing how Tezuka ruthlessly it’s ruthless really, Sanada lost 6-1/6-0 oh gooodie, no wonder Sanada was so into redeeming himself beat him and then Yukimura came and asked Tezuka for a match. Konomi didn’t showed what happened there, unfortunately. And until now, I’m still making theories what did really happen in that match. 

The theory I have is that they had an unfinished business. The match was not finished…somebody might have stopped them or whatever. I just know that that match was stopped. And I have these lines  from Pair Puri to solidify my theory:

These three years in middle school, I strangely have not had a match with Tezuka. Next time, let’s have a serious match with the world as our stage.

Yanagi: One day, I will have to settle my match with Tezuka, is what Yukimura will say.

See? :)))) 

Seiichi would’t have these thoughts from nothing. One day…one day, I will get to see that match. I know. I just know. 

30 Days of Prince of Tennis - Day 30

A series that you think would make for a great crossover with TeniPuri

Kuroko No Basuke

Imagine Teiko!Kiseki no Sedai just having interactions with the Prince of Tennis guys, it would be beyond entertaining. For example I feel like Atobe and Akashi could either be really good friends or intense rivals, Niou and Kise would understand each other’s skill but at the same time Niou wouldn’t like Kise so much because he attracts crowds, and I guess Shiraishi and Midorima would be good friends too! 

Yakitate Japan

Probably going to be an insanely interesting filler episode, if you think about it. Plus let’s be honest, the tennis moves in the New Prince of Tennis are almost as out of this world as the reactions from Yakitate Japan.

On a side note, It’d probably be funny with someone of the guys having the same As so how would that go? hahaha