Into the night - Chapter 129

“Could you two…uhm give me a minute?” Jordan pulled the sheet a little tighter around her, indicating at Shannon to take Noah with him so she could get dressed, “oh..yeah..sure” a little blush crept around Shannon’s cheeks as he quickly grabbed Noah’s hand and guided him out of the room “come on buddy, let’s go see what’s for breakfast”. Jordan sighed and nervously ran her fingers through her hair as soon as the door closed behind them, she was so done with all these ridiculous fights, she was too tired for this and the worst was yet to come..Ever so slowly she pushed herself out of bed and quickly slipped on her dress and off she went to put out yet another fire, this rollercoaster ride needed to stop, it was too much, too fuckin’ much, the price was just too high for that one night of rosy memories. 

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