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How did you decide on Rupert Graves as Alec Scudder?

James Ivory: I always thought he’d be good. He’s such a free soul, a free spirit, if you know him personally. His Freddy Honeychurch in A Room With A View is a more restrained version of himself. He’s very fun-loving and down to earth. He was surprised that we’d chosen him, because he doesn’t usually play types like that. … He liked playing Alec.

He was wonderful in [A] Room With A View, but when I heard he was playing Alec I couldn’t quite picture it. But he’s terrific. And the material with Alec really catches fire in the movie.

Ivory: I feel it has a lot to do with Rupert.

– James Ivory & Ismail Merchant interviewed by Chris Bram, New York Native, 21 Sep 1987


My gifs, from The Story of Maurice documentary (2004)

30 Days of Writing Nonsense


 1. Start a story with the sentence, “The Cheshire Cat never left me alone.”

2. Start a story with the ending. 

3. Write about a mundane day in someone’s life. 

4. Start a story in a coffee shop. 

5. Write from the point of view of an inanimate object. 

6. Write a story where versions of you and/or your friends are the main characters. 

7. Use your favorite song lyric or line of a poem in your story. 

8. Write about a dream. It doesn’t have to be yours. 

9. Create a new character and insert them into a fantasy world that already exists in a book. 

10. Write a story with only dialogue. 

11. Write something funny. 

12. Write a text message story. 

13. Write a devastating break-up scene. 

14. Write an awkward “morning after” scene (with the same characters from day 13). 

15. Create an outsider looking in and narrate a story from their perspective (i.e. the narrator in The Book Thief is death). 

16. Halfway there! Write a six-word story (not including the title). 

17. Write a scene starting with a death. 

18. Write a scene ending with the main character’s death. 

19. Write a scene in a barbershop. 

20. Write a scene using the characters from a TV show. 

21. Write a mystery. 

22. Write a spy scene. 

23. Create an epic superhero to save the world. And make them mess up. 

24. Almost there! Write a story involving a typewriter, an urn, and a stuffed moose toy. 

25. Break day! Write a short poem. 

26. Write a journal-ish thing with two narrators fighting over the voice. (i.e. The Kane Chronicles). 

27. Write the most descriptive scene ever.

28. Write prose about your love interest. (Or make one up.) 

29. Re-write one of the earlier prompts. (Pick a prompt and do it again.) 

30. You made it!!! Pick one of your shorts and/or poems and make it even longer and better. Go for a good length short story or start a novel. Congrats!


YUZU DAYS Translations:

I decided to organise all my translations of Yuzuru’s interviews/articles in P&G website in one post.  (please do not use nor repost without my permission)

Aug 2015, Path of Growth Part 1 [childhood to junior]

Sept 2015, Path of Growth Part 2 [senior debut]

Oct 2015, Path of Growth Part 3 [Canada to now]

Nov 2015, Doing the laundry

Dec 2015, That Moment– Japan Junior Championships 

Jan 2016, “Washing the dishes is my feeling of gratitude”

Feb 2016, That Moment - Sochi Olympics

March 2016, That Moment - 2014 GP series

April 2016, What figure skating taught me ~“About Life”

May 2016,  My shampoo

June 2016, What figure skating taught me ~“Bonds of Family"

July 2016,  What figure skating taught me ~“the Stage called The World”

Oct/Nov 2016, Fans’ Requests/Questions for Yuzu: Part 1, Part 2

Oct 2016, Fans’ “Message to Yuzu”

Nov 2016,  Washing dishes (video)

Dec’16/Jan 2017,  Doing the laundry (video)

Feb 2017, Reason for evolution~ “the strength to aim for

March 2017, Reason for evolution~ “heading for greater heights

April 2017, Smells & scents

May 2017, Scent of laundry softener

June 2017, My electric toothbrush

July/Aug 2017, Life in Toronto Part 1 and Part 2  [thanks to Gladi]

Sept 2017, Doing the laundry and ironing (video)

Oct 2017, Pantene shampoo

Nov 2017, Gratitude to my mother and ‘Thank you, Mum’ CM and making-of

Nov 2017, Febreze + Lenor Happiness (pics+video)

Dec 2017, Thoughts towards skating 

Dec 2017, Lenor Happiness- video and Yuzu-stickers

Dec 2017, Febreze collaboration- Yuzu’s bottle design

Feb 2018, Yuzuru talks about ‘Expression’  [thanks to Gladi]

March 2018, Behind YUZU DAYS (off-shot photos and making-of video)

April 2018, Gillette/shaving and the future “cool ojiisan” 

May 2018, Olympics support project and Yuzuru’s message of thanks

June 2018, Special project: ‘Thank you, Yuzu’

Oct 2018, Talking about PyeongChang Winter Olympics

Oct 2018, From Hanyu to readers, Gratitude of 4 years

(new links are added when there are new posts/translations of Yuzu Days.) (original articles: P&G’s myrepi.com)

The Answer

Originally posted by fukkoff

Summary: James finally gives an answer.

Pairing: James March X Reader

Warnings: A lil’ steamy, not too bad though

Word Count: 1,480

A/N: I was out so sorry this took too long. I just didn’t want to upload this on the app.

The Question (Prequel)



It had been ten years since you you had become James’ property. Your official title was “Mrs. James March” now. You were James’ link to the outside world. You carried out his official business, you studied his apprentice and took care of other matters outside of the Cortez. However, the real work was done inside the hotel.

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anonymous asked:

We had a 366-day calendar of TG. How many illustration become real in the plot? I hope you can understand my ask @@

quite a few!

  • the Quinx writing their ambitions for the year, especially Mutsuki’s “change” which .. obviously he went through quite a change [x]
  • Ui throwing away the traditional porridge that wards off bad vibes and now look what happened. He’s got all the bad vibes [x]
  • Furuta’s birthday illustration with the Sun and the Crayfish from the Moon tarot card indicating his large role in this stage of the Fool’s journey [x]
  • Yamori received a “God” neck tie for his birthday which Shikorae (Rio) was wearing later in the series [x]
  • Probably the biggest “spoiler” page, Takizawa and Tatara depicted on Betrayal Day and Takizawa soon being the one to kill Tatara on Rushima Island [x]
  • Touka depicted as a moth (although this wasn’t the first time she was shown with a moth/butterfly) and then the moth/butterfly showing up when Eto was on TV and in chapter 125, etc. [x]
  • Naki and Miza on Lover’s Day and later we found out Miza had romantic feelings for Naki *sobs* [x]
  • Arima and Kaneki with the Little Prince quotes, which were in the calendar on the day the chapter that Arima died was released [x] [x]
  • Saiko’s manga with Hulk Urie foreshadowing that he’d frame out [x]
  • Gasmask Kaneki which is happening in recent chapters (although that’s probably just cause gas masks look cool rather than foreshadowing) [x]
  • Matsuri scribbling out his wife’s face on their wedding photo. Later we found out that it was an arranged marriage and Matsuri is gay [x]
  • Mountain Day with Hide on a literal cliffhanger which would continue for the rest of the year and then some [x]
  • Tatara on Clean Coal Day when he can literally turn into a kakuja furnace and breathe fire (I’m still mad we missed that…. his name is furnace. he wears clothes with flame patterns on them. the fuq) [x]
  • Eto watering plants on Noro’s head when it’s been hinted that she extended his “life” by implanting her kagune [x]
  • Yoshitoki saying to Tsuneyoshi “live long” … but he died [x]
  • Hairu’s birthday illustration with a crack in the wall behind her that looks like an Ukaku wing and the possibility that this new Owl is Hairu (the one wing could also simply be foreshadowing that she was a half ghoul as a child from the Sunlit Garden) [x]
  • Hasn’t been confirmed yet but if the Witch’s Servant theory from the play is true, Eto was a Witch on a broomstick for Halloween [x]
  • Arima on anti-ageing day when we know he was actually ageing prematurely ISHIDA HOW RUDE [x]
  • Mutsuki birthday illustration with the 12 (The Hanged Man tarot card) written in blood foreshadowing how he would go on a self destructive path similar to Kaneki after receiving the Hanged Man in TG [x]
  • Also later the palindrome “Mutsuki in pain, piling up the corpses” sums up his recent actions [x]
  • Kijima’s birthday where the letters highlighted in red spell out “Furuta is a ghoul agent” giving a giant hint at him being a half ghoul Washuu aligned with the Clowns [x]
  • Not really an explicit hint but it’s something that made me suspicious seeing it. Touka on Christmas Day which is a holiday for couples in Japan. Since she’s the love interest, looking back it seems only logical [x]
  • There was also a NishiKimi wedding page but of course we won’t know if that’s foreshadowing for some time yet [x]
  • Yomo calling Touka his niece [x]

I think those are the main “foreshadowing” pages but among the calendar are a heap of references to literature or flower meanings or references to past events. I adore Ishida for giving us the calendar, it was amazing.

Arab-Jewish Galilee Youth Circus, Israel, June 30, 2016

Haifa, Israel, June 30, 2016

“Baby Mama War”: TMZ live transcript, 30 June 2016

Harvey: So, Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. This is a fascinating story, about young love (Charles laughs), baby-making, and jealousy. You know, he had a baby five months ago –

Charles: Yes. The jealousy of which you speak is, according to Louis’s people, with the baby mama, Briana Jungwirth.

Harvey: By the way, they got along extremely well –

Charles: Everything was great after they had the baby.

Harvey: Five months old now, Freddie, and [Louis] was seeing the baby, when the baby was born, almost every day, Louis was there. He hooked [Briana] up with a house in Calabasas, a million-dollar house.

Charles: It was the smoothest thing, we were like, “Wow, this is how it should go.” No fighting, there was no custody war…

Harvey: I think I said to you, back then, he should get something in writing.

Charles: You did.

Harvey: “Something always happens.” And something happened.

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Panic! at the Disco's Career-Best Pray for the Wicked Tour Approaches $50 Million Mark

Panic! at the Disco tops the Hot Tours recap dated March 30, 2019, as the Brendon Urie-led act adds $10.4 million to its Pray for the Wicked Tour gross.

According to figures reported to Billboard Boxscore, Panic has totaled $49 million since launching the trek on July 11, 2018, at the Target Center in Minneapolis. Its career-high mark includes grosses from two separate North American legs, plus a week of dates in Australia.

The act had never grossed $1 million in one night as a headliner prior to embarking on its 2018-19 trek but has crossed the seven-figure threshold six times since, highlighted by its Jan. 16 show at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. That show is the highest of the act’s eight entries on this week’s Boxscore chart, with a gross of $1.053 million and 14,983 tickets sold.

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