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If you’re concerned about your pets’ reactions to the sound of fireworks outside, or if you’re bothered by the sounds yourself, there’s an abundance of ASMR Youtube channels with hours-long videos of all kinds of music and ambient sounds you can use to drown it out.  These videos are also great for playing while doing yoga, meditating, studying, or trying to fall asleep.

I personally enjoy Celtic music and rain on tin roofs.


On this day in music history: April 9, 1939 - Opera contralto Marian Anderson performs on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. The famed opera singer is barred from performing a concert at Constitution Hall, owned by the Daughters Of The American Revolution (D.A.R.) because she is black. As a result of the furor this creates, thousands of D.A.R. members including First Lady Of The United States Eleanor Roosevelt resign from the organization in protest. Mrs. Roosevelt and Secretary Of The Interior Harold L. Ickes intervenes on Ms. Anderson’s behalf, arranging for her perform at the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall on Easter Sunday. Accompanied by pianist Kosti Vehanen, Anderson sings before an integrated audience of over 75,000 people at the memorial, with the concert also being broadcast live on radio across the United States to an audience of millions. The concert is regarded as an important event in American history in the fight against racial prejudice and discrimination. The event is captured on film for the documentary film “Marian Anderson: The Lincoln Memorial Concert”. In 2001, the film is selected for preservation by the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress, for its ongoing cultural and historic significance.

Dream A Little Dream

PARING: reader x steve rogers 

WORD COUNT: 785 words

WARNING: fluff 

Just a little drabble for you all, I’ve been listing to a lot of 30/40′s music and I’ve been singing this song all day, so I’d thought I’d write something quick to try and work out my writers block, so if it sucks just ignore this one lol. This is also the first time i’ve written in this style of person so that was fun too do :) 

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Steves POV

The familiar trumpet intro sang through (Y/N)’s apartment as I stepped through the thresh-hold, looking around I saw the haphazard array of (Y/N)’s possessions strewn about the place, looking over at the familiar figure swaying along kitchen I smiled. Softly setting my things down, luckily the blaring music hid the soft thud well, still in your oblivious bubble I watched as you started to hum along with the melody.

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Born on this day: May 8, 1911 - Iconic blues singer, songwriter and guitarist Robert Johnson (born Robert Leroy Johnson in Hazlehurst, MS). Happy Birthday to one of the most influential musicians of the twentieth century born one hundred six years ago today.

30’s InuKag - I had such a huge smile while drawing this

Lampblack Playlist

(By the way, here’s my Lampblack playlist! Electro-swing, actual 30′s music and modern music alike. I’m still moving some things around (it’s really hard to do with a youtube playlist jeezus) and there are a few songs at the end I’m still deciding on keeping, or adding, but yeah! Some of the songs are sorta character-specific, but like 99% of them are general, or a joke, or something I think you’d hear in Lampblack. So if you want The Lampblack Vibe, here ya go. These are many of the tunes that I tend to listen to when I draw Lampblack stuff. -HG)

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For the sheith prompts, how about Shiro and Keith slow dancing in front of the tv?

I haven’t posted much of my fanfiction before… so I hope you like it!

“Shiro,” Keith groaned from his relaxed position on the couch. “I don’t dance.”

Pidge had somehow found a way to tinker with the alien tech on the ship to get it to play music from Earth. He didn’t know how she did it, and if he were to be honest all he really cared about was Keith and the soft 30’s music playing in the background. The song was slow, and perfect to dance to.

Despite the obvious refusal the Shiro couldn’t help but gaze at the other man with a slight smile on his face at nothing but the disgruntled appearance Keith was sporting at the moment. It’s just how Keith affected him.

He also knew Keith well enough that he actually did want to dance, regardless of his denial. He’d been peering at Shiro from the corner of his eyes as some sensual female voice rose from the speakers while he hummed along softly. It was a request, and Shiro knew his significant other well enough to know so. The music also was from an era Shiro knew too well that Keith loved to listen to occasionally when it was just the two of them.

“Nobody’s around Keith,” Shiro reasoned, holding out a hand for Keith to take.

“Fine,” Keith said, a smile creeping on his face, not matching the irritability that clung to his tone. “But if I step on your feet you’d better not complain.”

Keith stepped on his feet twice. It didn’t really matter in the end when all they’d really wanted in the first place was to be close to each other.

レージー・ボーンズ - ミッヂ・ウィリアムス, Midge Williams - Lazy Bones ,1934・昭和9年, Japanese version

HOLY CRAP so I’m just sittin’ here listening to a 30′s music playlist while I work on some 30′s au fic, and this song comes on, and I’m like ‘…… wait that’s not English…. WHAT THE CRAP THAT”S JAPANESE!!!!’

This lady is my new hero. Midge William. Go look her up.

I was talking to this guy the other day and he used the sentences “Isn’t Taylor like, in her 30′s?” and “22 didn’t come out 5 years ago already!” within 5 minutes and I have so many questions…