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Would you rather date Levi or L?

for a sec i thought that this was incomplete and i was like “who is L?” and then i remembered it’s a dude from death note, but since i’ve never seen death note i wikipedia’d him and he’s reminding me of me: a shriveled, antisocial asshole that doesn’t like to talk but really likes sweets

but they’re both so…… old. too old for me. but assuming they’re just two emo teenagers in front of me i’d pick L because the emo tsuntsun levi isn’t really my gig despite how great toilet jokes are.


On this day in music history: April 9, 1939 - Opera contralto Marian Anderson performs on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. The famed opera singer is barred from performing a concert at Constitution Hall, owned by the Daughters Of The American Revolution (D.A.R.) because she is black. As a result of the furor this creates, thousands of D.A.R. members including First Lady Of The United States Eleanor Roosevelt resign from the organization in protest. Mrs. Roosevelt and Secretary Of The Interior Harold L. Ickes intervenes on Ms. Anderson’s behalf, arranging for her perform at the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall on Easter Sunday. Accompanied by pianist Kosti Vehanen, Anderson sings before an integrated audience of over 75,000 people at the memorial, with the concert also being broadcast live on radio across the United States to an audience of millions. The concert is regarded as an important event in American history in the fight against racial prejudice and discrimination. The event is captured on film for the documentary film “Marian Anderson: The Lincoln Memorial Concert”. In 2001, the film is selected for preservation by the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress, for its ongoing cultural and historic significance.

Dream A Little Dream

PARING: reader x steve rogers 

WORD COUNT: 785 words

WARNING: fluff 

Just a little drabble for you all, I’ve been listing to a lot of 30/40′s music and I’ve been singing this song all day, so I’d thought I’d write something quick to try and work out my writers block, so if it sucks just ignore this one lol. This is also the first time i’ve written in this style of person so that was fun too do :) 

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Steves POV

The familiar trumpet intro sang through (Y/N)’s apartment as I stepped through the thresh-hold, looking around I saw the haphazard array of (Y/N)’s possessions strewn about the place, looking over at the familiar figure swaying along kitchen I smiled. Softly setting my things down, luckily the blaring music hid the soft thud well, still in your oblivious bubble I watched as you started to hum along with the melody.

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Born on this day: May 8, 1911 - Iconic blues singer, songwriter and guitarist Robert Johnson (born Robert Leroy Johnson in Hazlehurst, MS). Happy Birthday to one of the most influential musicians of the twentieth century born one hundred six years ago today.

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For the sheith prompts, how about Shiro and Keith slow dancing in front of the tv?

I haven’t posted much of my fanfiction before… so I hope you like it!

“Shiro,” Keith groaned from his relaxed position on the couch. “I don’t dance.”

Pidge had somehow found a way to tinker with the alien tech on the ship to get it to play music from Earth. He didn’t know how she did it, and if he were to be honest all he really cared about was Keith and the soft 30’s music playing in the background. The song was slow, and perfect to dance to.

Despite the obvious refusal the Shiro couldn’t help but gaze at the other man with a slight smile on his face at nothing but the disgruntled appearance Keith was sporting at the moment. It’s just how Keith affected him.

He also knew Keith well enough that he actually did want to dance, regardless of his denial. He’d been peering at Shiro from the corner of his eyes as some sensual female voice rose from the speakers while he hummed along softly. It was a request, and Shiro knew his significant other well enough to know so. The music also was from an era Shiro knew too well that Keith loved to listen to occasionally when it was just the two of them.

“Nobody’s around Keith,” Shiro reasoned, holding out a hand for Keith to take.

“Fine,” Keith said, a smile creeping on his face, not matching the irritability that clung to his tone. “But if I step on your feet you’d better not complain.”

Keith stepped on his feet twice. It didn’t really matter in the end when all they’d really wanted in the first place was to be close to each other.

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I played Harry's album to my Uncle, both my Aunts, and my grandma last Saturday. They all said they loved the album, it reminded them of the music they listened to when they were younger. Even my Grandma said she loved it, and she's hard to please (she really only listens to 30's and 40's music). My uncle and both my aunts bought the album on there phones before I left to go back home. It makes me really happy that they love the album 😍😍

Yaaaay! That’s so amazing. 

My dad has been really loving Sign Of The Times recently. xx

Day 18: Pendueles to Villahormes

Date: June 5, 2017 (Monday)
Starting Point: Pendueles (Asturias)
Ending Point: Villahormes (Asturias)
Distance: 23.7 kilometers
Time: 7 hr 45 min
Difficulty Level: 4/10

Exactly at 6:30, Maria’s soothing music began playing throughout the Albergue and we knew it was time to wake up. She and Javi had laid out a wonderful breakfast, and they gave us all hugs before sending us on our way. Miraculously, the sky was clear! We could finally see the beautiful Picos de Europa in their full glory. Rather than taking the official Camino, we followed the GR E-9 trail out of Pendueles because it is more scenic and not too difficult. This route was absolutely GORGEOUS and my pictures practically took themselves. We passed through seaside campgrounds (with lots of lingering smoke from the night before; coughing ensued) and into eucalyptus forests, always with great views of the mountains. The sounds of crashing water let us know we’d arrived at the Bufones de Arenillas. These natural cracks in the earth cause water to spew meters into the air, but thankfully it was low tide and we didn’t see any mile-high geysers this morning! The trail then ventured away from the coast to Andrín, a tiny village. From there we climbed up to a high point with amazing views of Llanes and the beaches below. We stuck to the road and arrived in Llanes soon after. While I tried to find the elusive church (is there one?), I ended up getting a second breakfast in the center of town and continuing onwards. The road out was flat and we passed through Poo (yes, another town named Poo), where some school children were waiting to interview us! The teacher told us they were doing it for English class, and each of them asked us questions about the Way (in perfect English). How cool! We then reached an intersection with conflicting arrows, and I ignored them because the road looked shorter. However, traffic on this stretch was awful and the margins were overgrown, so we had to walk in the middle of the road at times. A dirt track appeared and we gratefully took it all the way to Celorio. We walked along two beautiful beaches filled with more school kids (must be fun to live around here) and passed a bar, where Joe from San Diego happened to be sitting! We shared what had happened over the past few days, and he introduced us to two pilgrims he’d been walking with recently. The Way passed a picturesque church before heading up along a hillside into Niembro. Here the waymarks became obscure, and somehow we got lost and ended up on the other side of the A-8 superhighway! A sketchy looking tunnel brought us back to the right side, but then we were forced to climb a steep dirt track to return to the Way. Tears were shed. But who else was there to greet us at the top but Joe (and a breathtaking view of the snow capped Picos)! A few encouraging words later, we descended to the ruined Monastery of San Antolin and the beach once more. A nice woman was there handing out free water and shower sandals! Ready for the day to end, we trudged on through Naves and finally into Villahormes, our stopping place for the evening. The Albergue is a bit overpriced and not super clean, but at least we’re the only ones here. Our only problem was finding food: the bar in Villahormes looked grim, so we walked backwards to Naves hoping to eat at the sidrería there. However, it was CLOSED (despite locals saying it opens at 6, it wasn’t). So we returned back to the first bar and ordered jamón and cheese bocadillos, which were adequate and filled our stomachs. All told, I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and hit the trail out of here!

From Villahormes, Spain on June 5, 2017

A story:
In 2000 Kenneth Branagh made a movie of Love’s Labour’s Lost in the style of a 30’s movie musical for some goddamn reason. So occasionally a character will start or end a monologue or scene with a song and dance. It’s….a concept.

Anyways, sometime around 2009 I got the flu. I don’t get sick much, but when I do it hits me like a freight train. So I missed a few days of school and by day 3 I was out of both stuff to watch and contents in my stomach. I was channel surfing and clutching a bucket, incredibly light headed. I come across this ridiculous movie on IFC but didn’t know what I was watching.

But I switched to it right as Costard, played by Nathan Lane, starts singing “There’s No Business Like Show Business”, you know, the way The Bard wrote it. And my lucid ass took this as a goddamn sign from the universe that I should spend my life doing theatre.

So, blame that event for my life in theatre.


Remembering Jazz vocal legend Billie Holiday (born Eleanora Fagan in Baltimore, MD) - April 7, 1915 – July 17, 1959