30's movie

In like manner, by the way in which I use my fingers, and gesticulate with my hands, I give the illusion of their being misshapen, extra large, or extra small—or whatever the part requires. And I consider it part of an actor’s art to be able to shorten or lengthen his body or change its very shape by the power of suggestion, without false paddings or other artificial aids.

- Bela Lugosi
(When talking about why he didn’t want to wear pounds of makeup for a movie)

Movie Asks
  • 1: Favourite movie(s)
  • 2: Favourite actor(s)
  • 3: Favourite genre(s)
  • 4: Favourite director(s)
  • 5: How often do you go see movies in theatres?
  • 6: Opinion on remakes
  • 7: Favourite era(s) of film
  • 8: Spell your first, middle, and last name out in movie titles
  • 9: Favourite film series
  • 10: Favourite remake(s)
  • 11: Favourite film character(s)
  • 12: Favourite movie(s) per genre
  • 13: Movie(s) you remember as part of your childhood
  • 14: Movie character(s) you identify with
  • 15: Prizes of your movie collection
  • 16: Blu-Ray, DVD, or VHS?
  • 17: Movie(s) you hate
  • 18: Actor(s) you hate
  • 19: Director(s) you hate
  • 20: Your pet peeve(s) in movies
  • 21: Movie character(s) you have a crush on
  • 22: Last movie you saw
  • 23: Favourite film adaptation of something from another medium
  • 24: Movies you think you probably should've seen but haven't for whatever reason.
  • 25: Worst experience you've ever had in a movie theatre
  • 26: People whose opinions on movies you value
  • 27: If you could make a movie, what would it be and why?
  • 28: If you could adapt something from another medium into film, what would it be and why?
  • 29: If you could remake any movie to improve what you felt was wrong about it the first time around, what would it be and why?
  • 30: Movie character(s) you find attractive