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I was in the bus heading home after work when a random individual stood at the aisle and started preaching. And this happens often in busses that are headed to provinces. And I’m usually all ears when it comes to listening to anyone’s ideological beliefs and keep an open heart absorbing their emotional sermons. It brings me great comfort to witness how God is in their thoughts no matter what religion they follow.

But this time was different. A man who’s probably his early 30’s, dressed like a corporate employee, seems to come from the lower-middle class holding a briefcase close to his chest then started talking about Marawi City and the current predicament that the people of Marawi are enduring. He opens up about how prayers are powerful and that prayer can and will bring safety to those who need it. But then it shifted into how “lacking faith” (most likely pertaining to not following Christianity) will bring chaos and mislead a society into “oblivion” and used Muslims and Muslim majority cities as examples. He talked about how the teachings of Islam are works of satan and how it is so evident in today’s society. Talked about how God condemns the faith’s purpose. And went as far as talking about Islam as well. (Wrong bus, bud.)

Statements like these are nothing new, of course. I hear similar statements from believers of many faiths, including mine. Let’s not kid ourselves. But personally, I have never seen anyone attempts doing so very publicly. And no one was paying attention to this man and were just ignoring him by minding their own business. Except for me. I look at him straight in the eyes and making sure that he knows I’m listening. His voice got louder, more confident, as if he was only speaking to me by this time. I did not look at him in anger or disappointment, but in utter curiosity on how strongly he feels about my people. When he was done preaching, he stood next to my seat and said that God has blessed me because I cared and was the only one listening and caring about His teachings. I just smiled with a heavy heart. If only he knew who I was or what I was and what I believed in. That I was one of the people he condemns. But I could not bring myself to explain myself. Kept contemplating if it was necessary. I thought about how maybe, just maybe, it would alter his stance on the matter if I said that I will pray that he would follow the teachings of Jesus by loving his neighbors as required of us as Christians and Muslims. But I didn’t. Not sure if it was right. But it hit me hard realizing that your own reality is not the same as others’. I felt like my world was merging with his and how fragile peace was thinking about what would happen if I countered his notion.

Perhaps it’s best just knowing that man found comfort in a person like me who is from the same society that he condemns. But I can agree with him on one thing, prayers are great. I pray that he will eventually learn how similar we really are in wanting to seek our Lord and how love is also a great form of worship.

Why am I even sharing this? why. PS: I’m half Malaysian. My Father is a Muslim, My Mom is a Christian. I grow between two separate countries and always caught between two religion, Islam and Christianity.

I’m a Christian and a Muslim. I believe in God.

Seventeen Scenario: Move On (Seungkwan)

a/n: hi everyone! requested by a shy cloud for a seungkwan angst that becomes fluff but um?? i think it’s more angst than fluff?? lol ): i hope you like it! since it’s jeju’s prince’s birthday in a few days i thought i’d do this! aLSO THERE ARE BARELY ANY LONG FICS OF HIM SO I THOUGHT I’D STRETCH THIS. enjoy~
- Admin Mochi ✨

warning: death, drinking mention.

The sun was up before you, golden light spilling through the window panes and drenching your bedroom in lazy shades of topaz and peachy undertones. The beams were like ocean waves on the white sand that was your bed; slowly washing up on your silk sheets until they touched up on your eyelids, gently pulling you out of your slumber.

You blinked a few times, letting the sun soak your face for a bit before you rolled over to pick up the phone lying next to your pillow. Clicking it open, you saw that there was a notification, the kind for important events on your phone’s calendar, that read:

seungkwan day 🍰🎉

Out of habit of a friendship that lasted seventeen years, you immediately unlocked your phone and went straight to your text messages. You stared at the screen groggily as you thumbed out your best friend’s name and pulled up the chat box. But suddenly, in the middle of writing happy birthday!, the cogs in your brain finally kicked in and you stopped.

A continuous sound of taps resounded off the walls as you deleted the words. You turned off the device, throwing it aside with a disheartened thump. With a sinking spirit, you sat up and pushed your back against the headboard, pushing your bangs away from your eyes.

Across you is the French doors that led to your little balcony. The Jeju sky was the light pink of early spring mornings, cotton clouds colored like peaches or……tangerines.


No. Don’t think about him yet.

Heaving the bedsheets off of your lap, you began moving before your mind could get too far. A shiver ran up your body when your feet landed on the freezing floorboards, the wood made chilly from the morning air. Gritting your teeth, you shoved your soles into a pair of warm house slippers next to your bedside table and made your way to the bathroom.

You silently opened the mirrored cabinet above the tiny sink and reached in for your toothbrush. There was yours, colored blue and light green, and then another brush that hadn’t been used for a year. It was white and purple and the bristles were worn out but you couldn’t bear to throw it out. It wasn’t yours, of course, it was his.

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By Your Side

Request: The Reader gets taken by the UnSub and rescued but Hotch freaks out and doesn’t want her to work for the BAU anymore. (I kinda tweaked it a little. Hope it’s still something along the lines of what you wanted!)

Rating: T 

Word Count: 2000

Notes: Sorry it’s taken so long. I’ve been so busy with real life stuff. I hope the requester (and all the rest of you who follow me) enjoy this! Tell me what you thought!! I love hearing from you guys!

Trigger warning: Description of violence against the reader

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Strictly Professional [Part 11]

[Business!Dean x Reader AU Series]

You thought you had everything you wanted in life. You were the boss of a well-established company, you had great friends and family around you and you were engaged to your dream man. Everything in your life felt like it was going amazingly. Until, one night you answer an unexpected phone call which completely changes everything. After that, things just seem to go from bad to worse- will you get another shot at happiness?

Part 11 Summary: You and Dean attend Meg’s wedding and you finally act upon your feelings for each other.

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3756

Warnings: none 

A/N: Is it weird that the more I write of this, the more I actually ship Dean x Reader?😅 This part is pretty much all fluff, feels and flirting- I promise, all the smut is in the next part ;) Anyways, hope you like it!

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Part 1- Part 2- Part 3- Part 4- Part 5- Part 6- Part 7- Part 8- Part 9- Part 10- Part 12

You woke up Sunday morning, a flurry of different emotions running through you. You were excited your Cousin was getting married, she was obviously really happy with Benny- and you agreed they made an amazing couple. You were excited for her to become a wife to him and you knew it’d always been a dream of hers to have an extravagant themed wedding. Which, hers definitely was. But, the venue definitely looked amazing and you felt some pride in being a part of setting it up.

Despite your excitement, you were also a little nervous. You knew being at a wedding would spark conversation with your extended family members about your own engagement, many of them didn’t know you’d split from Cameron- so, it was definitely set to be an interesting day.

Then, there was the fact Dean was accompanying you. You were happy he was coming with you, spending the extra time with him outside of work had been enjoyable. What didn’t help were the lingering feelings and attractiveness you felt towards him.

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I love suits!

This is the first one I ever owned, borrowed from my father as I was about 17-18 years old (I’m now in my mid 30’s) to dress up as “private investigator”, together with a white shirt, matching tie and a trenchcoat, he never got it back - obviously ^^ 

Well, he got the coat back, but only because I got my own tailor-made one shortly after, but putting that suit on felt so … right in many ways, and after I’ve worn it for one night, I never wanted to take it off again, so I kept it and started wearing it in every day life, too. Didn’t really feel like dressing up anyways.

I already got my clothes from the men’s department as well before, just because I felt like it, without really being able to find words for that feeling. But the suit was something very special.

Well, I just was about to clean up my wardrobe a bit and felt like trying it on again after so many years. I’ve got my own made-to-measure suits now, of course, but this is a very meaningful piece of clothing for me - and it happens to be my dad’s wedding suit ;)