007 / 101 kisses

007; truth, dare or drink
♡ optional bias (second person)
♡ best friend!au
xwhen your kisses aren’t supposed to mean anything but eventually do

it started when your roommate came home from work with a bag filled with colorful sticky notes she had swiped from the office and your best friend coming over with his roommates with cases and cases of beer.

with a snapback filled with clever, immature and probably inappropriate questions and dares, you and your friends were set for a night filled with laughter and alcohol.

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if infinite write on wikihow
  • Sunggyu : how to be the leader of 6 idiots
  • Dongwoo : how to laugh anytime even if it's not funny
  • Woohyun : how to make hearts and be a serial killer
  • Howon : how to do the scorpion dance when you are 80
  • Sungyeol : how to love dragon ball
  • Myungsoo : how to see life in black & black
  • Sungjong : how to be a zombie

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0phYjjM5ug)

170219 Infinite Only Show In Taipei - Sunggyu Solo

cr LittleSmall Chang on youtube